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    Should there be no interviews for Government services of lower cadre?

    It was announced by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in his 'Man Ki Bat' program today, that there will be no interviews for selection of candidates for Group D, C, and B non-gazetted posts in Central government w.e.f. January 1, 2016. Here my point of discussion is not about Government policy or decision. Generally personal interviews are conducted for recruitment by almost all employers. It is said that it helps in evaluating suitability of the candidates as his/her personality attributes are known only during interviews. What is the importance and relevance of personal interviews in recruitment process?
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    I support Mr. Modi's decision of not having interview for lower cadre Government employees. Instead I recommend negative marks in the written test for these posts. Though interview process look attractive for evaluating personality attributes, it also attracts corruption while recruitment. If corruption prevails in the recruitment, how can we expect a suitable and genuine person being recruited for the job. So, the interview process is making the recruitment subjective. Anyhow, the lower cadre won't have any decision making powers and their work is to follow Government orders. So, nothing can be extracted from an interview for these type of jobs.

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    I support and welcome the good decision taken by Mr. Modi and his government. I always felt that they never really required to go through an interview process. They will get the job based on their eligibility on papers and process will come out as clean and less corrupted.

    Many of those with whom I discussed regarding the same expressed that this may help to lower down corruption to some extent.

    As Mr. Nalla has also stated in his response above, that their work is to follow the given orders with the given plans and regulations. In the end they just have to follow the same. An interview process may not do any wonders here, hence not so much required.

    Ank Arya

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    Even without personal interview, candidates having only better personality attributes are likely to be selected as it will be based on relative academic performance. Candidates having higher scores are likely to have better personality traits. However more vigilance may be required in conducting written examinations.
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    It is good decision by the center to do away with interviews for selection to group D, C and B non-gazetted posts in central government establishments. But it is the rationale behind such a decision that amuses me.

    The reason given by Mr Modi is that they want to erase corruption in this area and that they want to do away with middlemen who exploit the job seekers. Though it can be said to be one of the grounds, saying that corruption is the only issue that led to such a decision makes one think whether the government has not gone into the details to assess the necessity or otherwise of such interviews.

    Interviews to such posts are generally conducted to verify the details given by the individuals, their qualification and to have an interaction to make an overall assessment. It is never a psychological test or a mission to gauge the ability of a person.

    The decision is as such progressive and hence welcome, but the rationale is not so convincing.

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    As far as corruption is concerned, it is said that during the process of interviews only, exchange of money takes place and results are finalized accordingly. The weightage given during interview process becomes more difficult to challenge.
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    This is an excellent decision taken by the present Government and most job-seekers would welcome it with open hands. The system of interview causes various types of corruption and many young men and women get cheated by middle-men, especially during recruitment in Railways and in para-military forces.
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    I am against the idea of Modi government not to have interviews for the lower grade government job. Now English has become necessity in every job and without personal interview to know that knowledge , it will be waste to recruit people who have nil knowledge of English. Moreover by personal interview, the government officials can come to know the actual candidate, his ability, his testimonials and above all his behavior suitable for the job. If the interview part is discarded , then there are every chance of benamy candidates entering the jobs. That means applied person might be some one, the job acquired person may be someone by cheating.
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