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    Ayurveda ways for permanent birth contract

    Take castor seed break it you wilk see a white seed inside. Consume whole seed(without the hull). Take 7 such seeds starting from first day of your period to seventh day. You will become permanently sterilised.
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    Most of the Ayurvedic concoctions were evolved empirically by trial and error method painstakingly over a long period of time. Nowadays scientific research is being carried out to test the efficacy of such herbal prescriptions. The most important factor is to know about possible side effects, if any. Use of castor seeds as a contraceptive has been tested and found effective. There are many more such natural birth control methods.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Monika warm welcome to this site and you have started a very good helpful thread for the information of members. Yes Ayurveda has been helping us since ages and our ignorance on certain methods or usage keeps us away from the age old tradition. Likewise now a days people are coming across itching sensation in the thigh areas due to over sweating or wearing the wet cloths. The best way to get rid of itching is to apply Neem oil which shall give immediate relief from that nagging itching, To get rid of odor from the body, applying sandal paste can retain the freshness in the body for the whole day. Likewise turmeric plays important role in removing pimples and maintaining right glow and give the radiance look for the face. But unfortunately the modern day girls are not using the turmeric at all. Following desi ways will surely keep us hale and health.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Have you tried it?...LOL

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    Mala's question is relevant. If it is from first-hand experience then it is authentic to that extent. The risk with many tips and remedies for medications seen in internet is many times just copy paste or simple reproduction from another source.

    If the author knows that it is prevalent and commonly used in his/her proximity and place then that can be said. If it is available from accepted treatment systems either as readymade medicines or as to be home made preparations then that can be noted. However one should not rush into trial straight without confirming from qualified or experienced medical practitioners of accepted systems.

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    Thanks for the heads up. Yes I have tried it and so far its successful. I have read in detail about this in a study conducted in US but I lost the link for that. Its a whole journal which talks about it. I will try to find it again and paste the content here.

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    Such remedies are available all over internet but their efficacies is doubtful. No method is 100% guaranteed and there is always some amount of failure even with allopathic drugs.

    I think these kind of home remedies shouldn't be shared on forum because it can be dangerous. We know everyone is different and it is possible that this might not work with another person.

    A drug is launched in the market after clinical trials and these home remedies are promoted on internet as if they have passed all the clinical trials. We should refrain from promoting such remedies on net.


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    Monika, you have used the word 'permanent'. Is it then irreversible? That means it cannot be used for temporary spacing or control.!

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