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    Compare Indian army vs China army?

    Both armies are big and doing huge expansion. One side Indian army is big in numbers on the other side china army have to control even bigger state like china. How do you compare which army is better or superior.
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    Comparison between Indian Army and PLA of China should be done on two counts:-
    a) Strategic b) Tactical
    Strategic point of view:-
    China is clearly ahead of India because strategic aspect takes into consideration the materialistic strength. China has higher number of ready men. It has higher number of tanks, ships, aircraft, greater industrial support, etc. In case of economy, China is on the same ground with India.
    Tactical point of view:-
    We cannot determine tactical advantages of a country unless these two countries are pitted against each other, as tactical ability counts for the quality of officers, logistical advantages,morale of the soldiers, battle strategy and how available resources are utilized.
    At the same time, in case of war or confrontation between these two Armies, international ramifications and ready supply weaponry are also to be kept in mind.
    In a nutshell, PLA of China is superior to Indian Army but this superiority is not sufficient for a decisive victory of China in case of full-fledged war between two countries.

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