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    Gardening is still popular despite space crunch

    In earlier days, gardening was a very popular hobby. People used to utilize the spaces available with their houses for this purpose. During my childhood, I used to live in south Calcutta. In all the houses, there were small flower gardens and some trees which used to give fruits (mainly mango, jack-fruit, guava and coconut). Some residents used to develop small kitchen gardens also. With the space crunch and rapidly increasing real estate business, those beautiful gardens started to disappear.

    Now, I am staying in a Government colony in Delhi. Here there are many trees (mainly mango and neem) planted by the Government authorities. Moreover, there are still lots of space in this locality. I am pleasantly surprised that residents are utilizing the available space for gardening (mainly flowers). The terraces are also being utilized as roof gardens. During autumn and spring, the locality becomes spectacularly beautiful.

    It is really heartening that gardening is still very popular in Delhi.
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    The gardens are said to be the lungs of any residential area and rightly so. The plants inhale/consume carbon dioxide exhaled by human beings and exhale/produce oxygen for inhalation by humans. There used to be many gardens in all old cities including Delhi. In my city Lucknow, there were many gardens like Kaisar Bagh, Lal bagh, Benarasi Bagh, Dilkusha Garden etc. In the Gomti Nagar area also there are many parks like Ambedkar Park, Janeshwar Mishra Park and Ram Manohar Lohia Park. Now there is concrete jungle only in the form of high rise apartment buildings. Neither there is space nor time to nurture the plants and trees. The old Government colonies still have comparatively more open space but only apartments are possible to be constructed for the Government servants also nowadays.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Who doesn't love gardening? It is still a beautiful and popular hobby even in our busy life. But most of the times, people get scared because of the menace of monkeys and roaming of snakes in the garden. After hearing the news about contamination of different food items, we will certainly think that we should grow the vegetables on our own in an organic way.
    People are of the opinion that since there is no sufficient space, they are not able to do gardening. But there are many hybrid varieties of vegetables, which can be grown in a pot or planter. The seeds for such hybrid vegetables are sold online. Instead of throwing in the garbage bin, we can use our kitchen waste as the main manure for growing the vegetables organically. So this also make us to participate in the "Swachch Bharat" mission indirectly.

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    Good to see that people are more concerned about greenery and opting for planting trees and having plants even on the terrace. One of our esteemed member Sukhdev Singh who was not active now, used to share his garden on the terrace and that was the perfect example of utilizing the space with purpose. He has shared with us various flower plants, fruit plants and vegetable plants. It seems he would never go for shopping vegetables, flowers and fruits as he gets them at his terrace garden itself. By the way I am very much impressed with your observation and that makes sense. We should inculcate the habit of maintaining green to the children especially the school going children so that they may do the sampling work at the school or at their home. In fact on every marriage or function one must present a sampling to the bride or groom to go for a plant.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We lived in Madurai a city house among row house of 14 in numbers. There in the year 1968, I and my brother grow vegetable plants in our terrace by having sand in broken buckets and the yield was very good. This is only possible when the self interest is there. We should try for the terrace/roof planting habit in our available place.Thereby we can save money from buying vegetables from outside and satisfy by offering others also.

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