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    Daily Life according to Ayurveda

    The daily life of 24 hours is divided into six segments according to ayurveda.
    Time Slog between 6 am and 10 am, the Kapha naadi is prevailing and during that time one has to wake up in the first two hours of to slowly ease into the day calmly and slowly.
    Time slog between 10am to 12 noon, the pitta naadi is prevailing and during that time one has to eat his/her largest meal of the day as digestion strongest, active time of greatest productivity, so work or exercise well.
    Time slog between 12 noon to 6 pm, the vaata naadi is prevailing so that one should feel most alert, creative and good time for tackling problems, designing, constructing projects well.
    Time slog between 6 pm and 10 pm, kapha naadi is prevailing so that one should get to bed before 10 pm to peacefully falling asleep.
    Time slog between 10 pm and 2 am Pitta naadi is prevailing so that not to eat anything, as the time reserved for organ healing and restoration.
    Time slog between 2 am and 6.00 am important time of active dreaming ,meditation, brain activities when the brain can express the creativity since the vaata naadi prevails during that time.
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    Very good information shared by the author and the list clearly indicates as to how we must carry out the day with time schedule so that health wont effect us. I am fully agreeing to the fact instead of having snacks or tiffin in the morning, it is better to have full meals so that the entire day will be free from hungry and we can concentrate on the work with more interest. If we eat break fast, surely we want to eat the lunch in the afternoon. For some getting time to eat in the afternoon is impossible and there fore they end up eating late or skip the lunch there by giving problem to the health. So maintaining the food habit is very important and I am also against the people eating full dinner mid night which has the cascading effect on the next day and that is very taxing with stomach upset. Too much spicy food during dinner must be avoided.
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    Irrespective of the theories and principles of the Ayurveda, getting up early is beneficial as it gives enough time to individuals to do physical exercise and yoga/pranayam/meditation in the morning and get ready for working for a longer period of time. In ancient times when there was no electricity or other cheaper forms of producing artificial light to work, people used to finish most of their work during day light. In villages, dinner was completed before night fall and people used to get up before sun rise to derive the benefit of sun light. The lifestyle has changed because of availability of ways and means to create artificial light. Nowadays in cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities, you will always find some one travelling on the roads due to one reason or the other.
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    This is contrary to the modern idea that breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. From the above information it appears that lunch should be the heaviest meal of the day, which I think is correct. When I eat a heavy breakfast first thing after getting up in the morning, I get indigestion and a heavy feeling. Whereas if I have a glass of juice only in the morning and then have a heavy lunch at noon, my body feels better, I eat dinner early in the evening and go to bed early. Ayurveda also advocates eating fruits on an empty stomach in the morning as breakfast as they are light and provide all the required nutrients to the body.

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