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    Is it possible to meet Managing Editor of ISC in person after taking prior appointment?

    ISC is a virtual world, though it is real in the sense that it has a Managing Editor besides other editors and three Webmasters. I don't know, if any member has ever met ME in person so far. In case any member has met ME or other editors in person so far, I would request them to share their relevant experiences in the forum section. Suppose I want to pay a courtesy visit to ME of ISC, then is it possible? I will take prior appointment for the purpose. Since ME is the head of the editorial team and managing day to day affairs of the ISC, I as a member of ISC wish to meet her in person in case I happen to visit the place from where she works.
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    Well I can understand the curiosity of the author to meet the top brass of this site, but I feel it should be a futile exercise. Please note that Vandana is the member first and ME next and also has the responsibility of family chorus and office work. Given all this engagements in a day, I fear she might not have the time to meet anybody. Being a ME of this site, she might not have met even our webmasters because, everything is being done on line there is no need for personal interaction. However you can send a personal message to Web masters and other top brass of this site to seek personal meeting appointment. If you get the same, please share your experience. Even I would like to meet members of this site when ever they are coming to Hyderabad. Your interest to meet other members is genuine.
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    This depends on the agreement of the ME. You must contact ME first. Nothing is impossible.

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    Before taking an appointment to meet someone, one should know where to go and meet that individual. If you wish to meet the ISC Web Masters , you can plan to visit Kochi(Kerala). To meet Mohan, you need to plan your visit to Hyderabad(AP). To meet Kailash I should plan to visit UP(Lucknow). To meet me, you should plan to visit TN(Tirunelveli). Most importantly, do you know where to go and meet the person you wish to meet with prior appointment? Let us know.

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    kailash Kumar, though it is not impossible for one to meet the ME or for that matter anyone who is part of this family, I don't understand the necessity of doing so. We have been connected through this virtual medium and are quite unaware of our personal details. It would indeed be a pleasure to meet someone who is a member of ISC by chance but to make a specific attempt does not appear to be appealing. It is better to remain strangers in the real world!
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    Sun- Once it is settled that it is possible to meet, then further details like address etc. can be worked out. But the basic issue is whether it is possible or not. I will not claim any TA/DA also from ISC and bear my own expenses.

    Saji - Meeting people in person to pay regards etc. is a normal practice as per Indian customs and traditions. Personally I am not convinced with the last sentence of your post #548942.

    I respect the professional qualities of ME and want to pay a courtesy visit which is not an unusual or unnatural wish.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I support Saji, we all have met a platform where there is no need of meeting any member. Any kind of regards can be paid/expressed in form of words via private message, email or on social connect.
    I do not feel any requirement of this, till anything officially organised by ISC, where all members are invited. I too admire few members of ISC and would love to meet those in any function organised by ISC someday. Personally it is tough and even not really required to meet different members at different places.

    Note: View expressed are my candid opinion, others may feel different.

    Chitra Rana

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    Kailash Sir,
    It is nice of you to express your wish to meet me. Other members have also done so in the past, but as I stated to them, it is my wish to remain mysterious & unknown!

    By the way, I do not think this is really an appropriate thread for the forum since per se as it is not a topic for discussion.

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    ME of ISC is something related to ISC. ME of ISC being mysterious, unknown and enigmatic is also a peculiar feature of ISC. Since forum thread is meant for discussing anything to India (including ISC), I raised this thread.
    Anyway, thank you Vandana, ME for responding and making the position clear.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Mr. Kailash,
    I too wish to meet our good Managing editor in person and exchange our views about ISC and personal details. Though it is impossible to meet ME as she wishes to be mysterious and unknown to ISCians, I feel myself as one of the fortunate member of ISC who could talk to her telephonically, when I once died and resurrected for fun in the year 2012.

    I hope ISC would conduct a real meeting (not virtual in forum) someday somewhere for us to meet the mysterious and unknown Managing Editor and other members whom we like to meet.

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    Just to make it more clear: I wish to remain mysterious for 2 reasons. The first is to so that ISCians who have some pre-conceived notions & mental perception of me not becoming sorely disappointed with the reality clashing badly with that perception. The second is I simply feel a little diffident to meet anybody from the virtual world.

    By the way, the possibility of an actual ISCian meet is remote, not to mention my being present for such a meet for the reasons mentioned. However, if you see my trademark red cap bobbing around somewhere in your city, you can always approach me - no need for an appointment!

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I guess, except one silver member, all the members who have responded to this thread are already aware that the "person behind the red cap" wishes to remain mysterious and unknown. Earlier, he was Mr. Sun and now Mr. Kailash has shown the interest in meeting Ms. Vandana.

    I wonder, why Mr. Kailash showed no interest in meeting Mr. Tony John who is the high command or the head of ISC staff.

    Anyways, I am just responding to this thread because I had been present even when an interest to meet the ME was shown by another member. It seems the curiosity to meet ME has increased among some members since she has revealed that she is not really as old as she is taken (as mother/grandmother) at ISC and also since she had talked a little about the mysterious red cap hiding her real life identity, a few months ago.

    Kudos to the last sentence (second paragraph) of ME Vandana #549166 which creates some good humor in this thread. I respect her privacy and decision to be Ms. India (Anil Kapoor was Mr. India).

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    An ISC meet is not possible without the presence of Managing Editor. Also, Let us not go behind all the ladies( young or old)/girls wearing a Red cap in our city. We might get booked in eve-teasing cases by the city police. So, it would be dangerous to look at Red cap ladies. In my city, there are no modern ladies. No lady wears a cap and walk, but an umbrella to protect from sun or rain.

    I dropped the idea of having a meeting with our good lady ME. Let she be mysterious and unknown forever.

    @ All the red cap ladies may not be ME, and ME may not be the owner of all the red caps. So let us not waste our good time to look for Red cap ladies.

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    In Central Government, the senior-most bureaucrats are the Cabinet Secretary and the Principal Secretary to the PM. The second level is Secretary. Even when a Secretary wants to meet the Cabinet Secretary or the Principal Secretary, he/she has to take prior appointment. Similarly, in ISC, Ms. Vandana is the top-most Member. So, it is quite natural that other Members would have to seek her appointment to meet her. But in the virtual world of ISC, is it really necessary to meet the Managing Editor in person?
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    After a good thought, I wanted to have a good look at the Trade mark Red cap . But when I had a deep look at it, I could see a red cap over a face that has a white mustache and a white beard, the person wearing a muffler around the neck. I am confused with the photograph. Is that my look differs with my recent cataract surgery. I want to have the clear picture of the photograph. Can I?
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