To lead cultural Parade in Chennai as a proud teacher.

On 26th January 2016 morning 5.00 a.m at jogging ground.

Good morning Jas(me)! Surprised to see you here today. I thought you would have gone to Rajpath.

Jas: Yes Shan. I usually enjoy to be in the crowd who watch our pride signature celebration of the event which is Republic day parade in our Capital and also the Beating the retreat ceremony on 29th of January. But this time I got another pride that our School has been selected one among five schools to take part in cultural parade going to be held in Chennai.

Shan: Oh that is really interesting. Can you tell me more details how your school has been selected for this parade? Any thing to apply for the same so that I can do it next time for our school.

Jas: No Shan, Apart from band and traditional march fast, these school children will be putting up cultural dances like folk dance and classical dances for which five schools were selected. We are practicing for the past three weeks of a classical group dance to be performed in the parade and for that purpose we had few rehearsals in Marina Beach and we are equally stressed that we should perform better along with band and march fast today. Our students had already reached to take their positions appropriately along with other school students. Also apart from these five schools to perform culturals by education department, six more schools have been selected by Department of Public instruction.

Shan: Very interesting, please tell me the procedure for selection.
Jas: The selection is not based on our application but based on our performance during our other functions of school conducted from time to time like School day, annual day, sports day etc., and it is usually watched by department of education authorities and they chose accordingly and asked our wish to participate in that year's ceremony. I doubt, who will refuse if the automatic selection by education department? Also they will reimburse the amount we spent for consumes and props.

Shan: Thank you for your information.

Jas: Ok. Jas, I am going to the venue as time is fast approaching and I may have to watch the function as I am in charge for cultural this time and so I have to lead and tell about the event. I will highlight you after my return, but sure you would be watching it so closely as it is going to telecast live on TVs. I am really feel proud to be in the field for the first time in my life career as I used to watch from the crowd at capital.

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