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    Do you think Referendum will strengthens the Democratic system of Nation or Not ? Discuss

    In a Democratic system Voting system plays a Pivotal role to tell us which party will form the Government . There are mainly three types of direct Elections they are General election throughout India we call as Loksabha Elections, the second is Assembly Elections which we called as State Elections ,and other was By-election it may be of many reasons these elections are conducted after that Political Parties who came into power will take decisions we need to obey for that, some times they take very crucial or critical decision which will effect many people. The political party who are in power may not have any idea what the people voice on that particular issue (or) political parties may not come to a conclusion of that particular issue for this reason the western countries do have another way of elections that elections are based on certain issue that is called Referendum. Recently a part of the United Kingdom wants a separate Nation they use the Referendum that is nothing but people's verdict through the ballot box on that particular issue.

    can Referendum will strengthen the democratic system or not ? what are the draw backs that a nation faced Referendum on a particular issue or subject ? Do you think any constitution
    amendment should be done if this need to take place in India. Lets discuss

    Your views and ideas will help to write an article in this.
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    India is a Republic, having a system of Government elected by people as enshrined in our holy constitution. The Indian Constitution is the largest documented constitution of the world and a galaxy of legal and other luminaries had finalized it after much deliberation and consultation of almost all available Constitutions and such other related/relevant documents of other countries. Though I will equally participate in any discussion/debate or active GD on the subject matter (for earning points, cash credits or prizes) , but I have a very transparent and clear understanding that introduction of referendum system in India will not add any value. I trust and have full faith in the some of greatest personalities of India who had not chosen referendum system as a component of our Constitution.
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    Well the main highlight of Indian politics is the prevalence and importance regional parties at National level and the so called National parties cannot form the government on their own without taking the help regional parties. Be it Congress or BJP, both the National parties are heavily depending on the local parties of respective states which has the considerable vote share. So given this set up, having referendum and deciding the popularity of the party does not arise. Our way of holding elections through voting cast through electronic voting machine is fool proof and has the definite result for the prospective candidate. There cannot be any misdeeds in the polling booths as everything is recorded live in the cameras. Even the local elections to Municipality of Hyderabad which is going to be held on 2nd Feb is held on democratic way.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    @Mohan sir,

    You know when Telangana state formation political parties with in the party are deviated from their party stand. If they put a referendum on Hyderabad definitely it will not go to Telangana. Because lots of people in Hyderabad are from Andhra. G.H.M.C are not fully democratic elections they are semi direct elections. where M.L.A and M.L.C votes are so crucial to decide a corp-orator .

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    We are not used to the Referendum kind of politics but purely depend on the voting patterns of the people and that is the final say. In case of Telangana, it was the Congress which raked up the issue and gave the final touches to happening and thus faced total rout in the AP. People as such wont like partition of states as they were living in peace and prosperity. Even now I am having good friends from Andhra region and they keep contacting me and visit Hyderabad. What I mean to say that politicians create a divide and not the people. When ever curfew imposed in Hyderabad old city people used to say that Hindus must come out that area, but on contrary I hear from them that they are very safe as the neighbors were tolerant and no issues with them. So it is the politicians who are dividing the society and therefore issues are created by them.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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