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    Are you in favor of online voting ?

    Today there are so many advertisements (by different social organization)posting on hoardings
    If you do not cast your vote or if you sell your vote your are equal to a dead man . There are
    people who do not come to pooling booth because of various reasons like old people thy can not move or some people are out of station e.t.c . So for this purpose western countries had another method of voting called online voting by using a website they can cast their vote , Do you think online voting will increase the voting percentage . Is there need of constitutional amendment ?. Do you think transparency and security is a concern ? what your say folks ?
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    Voting is voting only , whether it is online or off line and also whether it is ballot paper voting or electronic machine voting, as by uttering the word voting, invariably the word 'rigging' comes to mind like the word gold reminds of lusture. There is a plethora of brilliant and genius software engineers in India, who can offer solutions, both for making the online voting process 'secure' as well as for 'hacking' the same.
    Though online voting systems need not have 'muscle power' as they function on 'brain power', but 'money power' works there also. A nerd can always be hired for cracking any system on payment basis, who despite being totally aloof to the caste or religious polarization, can always provide a solution to win the election.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    If the online voting system is tested well in the western countries, there is no harm in introducing it in India. In India, more educated people are hesitating to go to the polling booth to cast their vote. The reasons may be many. Online voting will definitely increase the voting percentage as these people can cast their vote easily.
    I don't think there will be any Constitutional amendment required for this. When we moved from ballot paper voting system to electronic voting system, there was no such requirement of Constitutional amendment. Utmost security measures need to be taken while introducing online voting system because sometimes our politicians allege that even electronic voting machines are tampered.

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    Yes with increased new technology at the disposal even Indian election commission must evolve new methods to register the votes in big way. For example in normal circumstances the Indian polling is around 50 to 60 percent. That means nearly half of the people does not vote and yet enjoy the benefits given to all. By having online voting, people can chose their choice from the home and that shall be fool proof. If a person goes to vote personally at the booth, there are every chance of influencing or terrorizing the voters by ruling and opposition party candidates. More over greasing palm has become the contagious issue in Indian elections and if we opt for online voting, the candidates do not dare to visit homes and influence us. Hope the Chief Election Commissioner must think this possibility to increase the voting percentage in future elections.

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, I am. Most of the time I am out of my home town during elections and thus I could not able to cast my vote. I feel sad sometime and helpless too. If such system would made, it will help only but yes with proper identifications which is not very tough to do.

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    If done with proper security it will be the good options. As there are many jobs where many people get voter id card from one place and later transferred to another place. They get three four id cards which is wastage of money and illegal also.
    If there will be option of online voting this will be good for many. I think these steps can be really helpful in doing so,
    1. Few centers should be made to provide online voting facility like on voting booth itself. Only they can open the site by cross checking voter id card in personal.
    2. This will also increase voting percentage and easy to count.
    3. Helpful to soldiers etc those who stay away from hometown.
    4. Youngster will also get attracted as any new technology attract youth.
    Surely it will be welcoming step if taken with proper arrangement.

    Chitra Rana

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