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    Another Google product -- Excellent

    Hi All,

    Visit this URL. Another excellent product from Google!!!

    Type any Malayalam/Tamil/regional language word in English (same way as we pronounce it) and press "SPACE bar"...
    It gets translated to that regional language. That too, it is very accurate !!!!!

    Hatsoff to GOOGLE ...

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    Thanks! That is a neat application.

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    we expect more from you

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    very good.

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    Thanks for information...
    Best Regards,

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    thanks 4 ur responses ..

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    Thanks for information
    Bharath Sudar

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    Really Excellent.

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    thank you ..

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    i want to share another google product which is adding good value for the people having interest towards movies.

    where one can see the total list of all the movies of all the cities or places more that 5 lacks people.


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    Thanks for posting this information. Now let me show you how to make money from internet !

    You posted this information with the title "Another Google product -- Excellent". Now go to Google and search for "Another Google product -- Excellent" (remember to put them in doubel quotes or click here)

    You can see that ISC comes up in the top of the search results. (I am seeing it as No1 in search results in USA, you may see a different result).

    But do you think anyone will every search for "Another Google product -- Excellent" ? The answer is NO. Nobody will search for such a term.

    But..... there will be 1000s of people searching for the terms like "Malayalam keyboard", "type in Tamil", "How to convert English to Hindi" etc etc etc etc.

    Think of how can you take advantage of such search terms. All you have to do is, go to resources section and post 4 or 5 different resources with different titles like "Tamil keyboard", "Type in malayalam" etc. The title has to be a term that people usually search. Within the content, you give lot of other details too.

    This way, you get the advantage of search engine traffic.

    You may not make 100s of $$$ by just doing this. But by making this a practice, over a period of time (years), you may have 1000s of such resources in your name and you make 100s of $$.

    - Tony

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Thnaks Tony... you are right .. I will add more resources with names you mentioned and in future I will use the words in a way such that it always try to hit the bulls eye ..

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    Hi Tony

    Whatever you said above is really true. We never thought of such a thing. You gave a very helpful information to all of us.

    Thanks for this and keep guiding us in future.

    Thanks again.


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    thank you for the information

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    ow good

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    that is nice.
    Bharath Sudar

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    thanks 4 all ur responses

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    but do you know anything about telugu ?

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    Hi Tulasi... thanks for your response ...
    pls check the above link you can see all other languages including telugu

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    Thats good.

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    Thanks Amigo

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    good information

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