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    Why not Gulabi, Neela or Laal, why “Gerua” used in a Bollywood song?

    The song from the recent movie Dilwale, "Dhup se nikal ke…rang tu mohe Gerua" become a hit song. Indeed the singer Arijit and Antara sung so well. However, what attracts me in this song is the word "Gerua". Since then I am puzzling that what make the song writer to use such word. Why not he used Gulabi (pink), Neela (blue) or Laal (Red)? Obviously, he used the word to match the song's lyric but then he could have used other similar words too.

    So, I searched in the internet and found the reason. The Gerua color is used by saint or the person who want to leave everything for what they actually looking for. Here, both are looking for the love, leaving everything behind them. Thus, the word "Gerua" has meaning to this particular song.

    What you say about it. According to you what match the word "Gerua" in this particular song?
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    I think the signature word of the lyric is 'duaa' and 'gerua' is perhaps the only common color which rhymes with the word 'duaa'. Inlaying name of any other romantic color in the lyric would have required the author to abandon the word 'duaa'. The lyricist has made compromise in embedding the word 'gerua' in the lyric at the cost of not sacrificing the signature word 'duaa'. Ironically enough the color 'gerua' symbolizes 'sanyas' also, an apt antonym of romance or love.
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    Wow! Is that so? Really a very beautiful tune which touched my heart in the recent times and I'm fascinated to know this information. Seems like the lyricist has done some great thinking on his part.

    It is good to notice that the lyricist has not used the word carelessly just as a filler to match the word 'duaa' but also added some lines that would justify how he links this colour to the feel of the song. The song itself opens talking about sunlight and then gives a hint about how pure and committed his love is towards her (like a saint in search of God).

    Thanks to you for sharing this information with us.

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    #553505 Kailash, if we go with the words "rang de tu mohe", its kind of regional language which is used in mostly nort part of India. In that sense "Gerua" fit with "Duaa" but what if it would have been used "Gulabia" (pinkish) or "Piyaria" (yellowish)?. So, it is not just to keep the matching word for "Duaa" the word Gerua used. I am sure the meaning would be deeper.

    #553524 Poojita, yes the lyrics and singers also meaning of this song is too good.

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    I think to make memorable and sound different from common words they have used "Gerua". No other meaning like you found is real intention of the lyricist.
    Or may be what you wrote might be right as complete lyrics shows that person is detached from world and all its relation.

    Chitra Rana

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    Jeets - Incidentally the lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya belong to Lucknow. Music of the song is composed by Pritam Chakraborty. Amitabh Bhattacharya himself is a playback singer too. Generally people presume that the Bollywood songs are created in conventional manner i.e. first it is written by some lyricist and then it is handed over to the music composer to compose it as a song followed by rendition by the playback singer. It may not be so mechanical practically. Many a times a soul touching music gets composed first followed by composition of a lyric to fit in the same like literal putting words in the mouth.
    The multi talented duo of Amitabh Bhattacharya and Pritam Chakraborty might have worked as a team to create this song by going beyond the conventional methodology. I believe that they had no better option left to them than to fit in 'gerua' as it would have been like a sacrilege to even touch the word 'duaa'. The word 'duaa' was so precious to them that for accommodating the word 'gerua', they might have brushed the lyric by touching here and there to justify its existence.

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    #553528 Chitra, yes you may be right what I gave the explanation might not have the intention of the song writer.

    #553529 Yes Kailash, there are lots of actor and actress, musician and lyricist are belong to different part of the country. However, they all earn their name and fame in Mumbai. Also, spent their maximum time in this city.

    A song writer is a magical man and I too respect the way Amitabh Bhattacharya write any song. Again, there came a situation where they were about to remove the word "Gerua" because SRK was not very confident about this word. Later, after much talk and discussion they kept this word. A song writer can mould any song and words as per the situations.

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    In the recently concluded Stardust awards function, Shah Rukh Khan has appreciated the word Gheruva in his song and thus complemented with the visuals presentation of the cameraman.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I remember the first time i heard this song. It had caught my attention for the very word Gerua. I searched for the meaning and found its a meaning for Salmon Pink color. I had the very thought in the beginning. Why not some other common color? Never gave it a thought until I encountered the question again in this post.

    One reason maybe the lyricist wanted it to be catchy since the song was the highlighted song in the movie. Or maybe the word was used to rhyme with the lyrics. Another reason might be hidden in the meaning of the lyrics. Pink usually symbolizes love and romance, tenderness and acceptance. So maybe the color "Gerua" has a real importance in the song.


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