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    How do you celeberate your birthday?

    Question is simple! Few have tradition of cutting cakes, few just have a feast together or have an outing What is your way to celebrate your birthday?
    In my family there was no tradition of cutting cakes however after joining college our friends started brining cakes and organizing cake cutting for us. While in my in laws family on every happy occasion they bring cake and celebrate it but in presence of family members only.
    How it was and how it is celebrated in your family?
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    Well we the four members of our family namely myself, my wife and two children celebrate our birthdays differently. We do not spend on cakes and decorations. Instead go to a goshala and feed the cows with grass and vegetables. It gives immense pleasure to feed the cow with different kinds of leafy vegetables. It is said that by feeding the cow we get lots of Punya. Our children too never insist for cake and outings. We do get them the new dress but celebration wise my children also gives bread and plantains to the poor on the roads. It gives good feeling when the poor takes the food and eat in front of us. I am totally against the cake cutting culture as it is imported from the west. Instead we can go for the temple and seek God's blessing for the trouble free ahead in the new year. If some has good money, they can even organize poor feeding on grand scale.
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    Thank you for posting a nice topic for discussion. I love to answer this.

    Every birthday, I have to and my parents made sure I get fresh early, go to temple and come home, bow to my parents and grandparents. They believe its good to celebrate birthdays with blessings. Mother gifts me 200Rs pocket money every single year even when i'm still working. Mother prepares delicacies from my favorites and It's always special to me. Father never forgets to buy me a new dress or a saree. Among my younger sisters we have had this tradition of designing a nice handmade greeting card with nice words written on them. Sometimes we even manage to present small gifts like stoles, earrings, bracelets, etc from each others pocket money. So basically even if not with cake cuttings and parties, this one day everyone makes sure to make the birthday baby special.


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    I do not celebrate my birthday. Till I was staying at home with parents, my mother used to make a sweet and make some offerings at the nearby temple. Ever since I was about 15 or so, I showed my disinclination in such celebrations.
    After marriage, my wife did similar things like my mother and convinced of my disinterest on that, she also discontinued. We both do not celebrate our birthday.
    But we just make some offering to the nearby temple on our son's birthday if we have holiday or convenience. This time the birthday(as per birth star) coincided with a special day. Hence we took it as an occasion to prepare some Payasam/Kheer and shared with a few of our local friends.

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    During my childhood, my mother used to make 'payas' (kheer in Hindi) on our (my siblings and myself) birthdays. Besides, we used to have a grand feast in our home on our birthdays. Inviting friends/relatives or organising a birthday party was unthinkable (not only in our family but also in rich families).
    Nowadays, I don't feel like celebrating my birthday because I don't get 'payas' made by my mother, but even today my parents send money to my wife to prepare 'payas' for myself and my daughter. However, on my birthday, a birthday party is organised because my daughter's birthday also falls on the same date (same date-same day- almost same time- same blood group-only the place of birth is different).

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    Nowadays, my son, daughter-in-law and daughter (they are working in US) call to wish us happy birthday. They schedule delivery of bouquet and generally some gifts also. We receive many happy birthday messages on Facebook, WhatsApp and through emails/SMS on phone from family members, relatives and friends. We receive e-greetings through emails. We reciprocate similarly on their birthdays. Though generally they visit us every year, but their visits don't coincide with our birthdays. Usually something special is cooked on such days and sometimes we go out also for dining. In case of my newly born grand daughter, we celebrate her birth date every month by exchanging notes about the new things she learnt in the previous month and sharing some special photographs. We used to celebrate birthdays of our children with much fanfare - the usual cake, decoration, party, dining out, new dresses, gifts etc.
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    By the way we celebrate our birthday or not, the social sites are having the data base of our birthday and they send the best wishes immediately. Friends on whatsapp and Facebook send whole lots of greetings that really satisfies the heart. Even by bankers are having the birthday dates and they send the greetings. But no greeting is better than the first complement given by the daughter at the wee hours on the birth date. My daughter make it sure that she would wish me the happy birthday by preparing a greeting card on her own and that is surely a big complement.
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