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    Two divisions in uttrakhand

    From the time the new state Uttrakhand was formed on 9 Nov 2000 there was two main divisions kumoun and garwal which are not only on the land but also within the various pollatical parties.
    And whenever a chief minister was chosen in the past the conflicts between polltical leaders to become chief minister used to become visible.
    But this time this ego war of the pollatical leaders of kumaon and garwal went far away and made the state to reach at the point where presidential rule has been imposed.
    Even After almost 16 years of formation.Uttrakhand has seen 7 chief minister and only N.D tiwari was the chief minister who completed his tenure of complete 5 years, other then him all other chief minister lasted only for 1-2 years.
    No one openly talks about it but when you ask a common man of uttrakhand he will tell you that the root cause behind this pollatical unstablity is the conflicts between the kumouni and garwali leaders and there ego wars.
    One such example we have seen recently is a ego war between former chief minister Vijay bahuguna and Harish rawat, and one of the minister Harak singh rawat who played the role of "vibhisana" for congress party to go against Harish rawat to support Vijay bahuguna.
    The way Harish rawat was working was really liked and appriciated by the public ,but all of sudeen every thing changed because of another such conflicts of thoughts took place within the the congress party ,and the explanation given by all the members of congress party who back out from party doesn't give a satisfactory justification for there decision when everything was going fine.
    But in all these polltical fight of power the only person suffering is common man of Uttrakhand.
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    I can understand the voters aspiration to have the stable government for whole five years. And from the write up of the author it is quite clear that ego problems between the leaders is not allowing the selected CM to complete the full term. If the administration is not strong and with frequent change of CM , the state would suffer from development and thus frustration among the voters would be seen in next elections. Normally a bifurcated state must concentrate on development and not on petty politics. So Uttarakhand leaders must learn from their past. Next time when the election comes, the common man should ask the leaders as to why they keep on quarreling on petty issues and not governing the state. Vote for those parties which can give stability and good governance.
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    The author has raised a good topic in the form of this thread. However she has to take care of the spellings. The whole beauty of the topic got distorted by incorrect spelling of the word 'pollatical' which should be 'political'. Generally while typing, red curvy lines appear below the words in case the spellings are not correct. Spellings of such words should be corrected immediately and red curvy lines should never be ignored.
    I appreciate her efforts made in writing a full paragraph. Generally new authors are not able to write more than one or two sentences. ISC helps in improving English. Almost all of us are learning a thing or two on daily basis. Some of the other glaring mistakes are as follows -
    1. First letters of the names of the divisions 'kumoun and garwal' should have been a capital letter.
    2. A space should always be left after full stop, before starting a new sentence.
    3. First letters of 'uttarakhand', 'tiwari' , 'rawat' and 'bahuguna' should have been a capital letter. Generally 'chief minister' is also written as 'Chief Minister'.
    Regarding the core issue of the thread, there is a long history of infighting among ambitious individuals in all states.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Author raise a good controversial point of Uttrakhand. Kumaun and Grahwal Mandal are vital part of Integral Uttrakhand which not only create controversy but also raise competition within the state of their status.
    Garhwal Mandal was always been deprived part of very leader till today. This is long back story may be started hundreds of year back. British ruler widen the gap of development between Kumaon and Garhwal Mandal.
    Wherever they stayed in Garhwal Mandal that part is leading today but unluckily they occupied the maximum region of Kumaon and Garhwal mandal under the rule of kings Garhwal went into dilapidated condition.
    Tehri region join Independence India on 1949,
    If anyone visit Tehri you can see their is no major development except in the area of district Head Quarters.
    All main stream line centers either situated in Dehradun or in Kumaon mandal.
    No political party took this issue seriously even though they did many activity within the party but it was just for their own mean.
    Political leaders of Uttrakhand are just feeding their near dear nothing else.
    They are really not bother about any situation of Uttrakhand state.

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    A good post by Ms. Neelam Joshi.The development of Uttarakhand is suffering because of the ego problems of the leaders. No leader is really interested in the development. Everybody wanted their self development only. So nobody talks about development here.

    The ego problems or war between castes are there in many of the Indian states. Ego problems always destabilise the parties. Same caste big leaders can't go together in the same party because of their ego.

    For all their misdeeds the voters are at the receiving end. No development, no job potential and people has to suffer for livelihood. I feel no leader from Uttarakhand have any urge for the development of their state. They concentrate on their self growth.

    always confident

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