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    Police atrocities on non-Kashmiri students at NIT Srinagar

    The nationalist students of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Srinagar have been brutally thrashed by Jammu & Kashmir police in NIT campus on 5th April, 2016. The students were sitting on a silent protest against administration and demanding protection. Students were raising allegations that staff of NIT Srinagar have been treating them very poorly as they hoisted Tricolour in campus on 1st April. At day time they were peacefully sitting on dharna and demanding to meet the the Director of the institution. All of a sudden Jammu & Kashmir police asked the protesting students to leave the place. Students refused to move from there until they were provided proper security and are allowed to speak to media about the atrocities happening on them from the day they raised Tricolour. Thereafter the brutality and merciless beating started.

    No media have reported the incidence so far. The information along with the pictures bearing the evidence of police brutality can be seen at popular social media sites. Compare the situation with the February incidence at JNU campus.

    Nothing more is required to be said!
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    The news definitely has got something to do with the newly formed PDP-BJP Government in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
    It is said that some elements among the non-local students want the NIT to be shifted from Kashmir and instigating students against the Kashmir administration. The story is entirely different from JNU saga and is totally unrelated.
    We the self acclaimed pseudo-intellectuals while sitting in the confines of our respective houses whip up passion against the Government authorities by posting contents as that is the easiest path to befool ourselves that we have a conscientious and are a responsible citizen and care for our country.
    It is said that the trouble in the NIT, Srinagar campus started over India's defeat in the T20 World Cup semi-final against West Indies.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #559845: "The story is entirely different from JNU saga and is totally unrelated."-The issues may be different in these two cases. But can the police beat the students entering the campus? Moreover, why the media are silent about the action of police in this case? They were earlier shouting against police entering JNU campus. Why this double standard by the 'sickular' media?
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Media is not silent. Instead it is abuzz with the issue. Just be googling one can find a number of resources discussing the issue. The print media has also now switched over to electronic/internet media where it is possible to give hourly or even 'minute by minute' updates. The limitation of print media is that, it gets chance only once in 24 hours to update about the developments.
    As far as television media is concerned, they are selective and pick up only such stories which increases their TRP.
    In case the audience is fed up with certain issue and likely to change the channel on seeing the story repeated again and again, then they will stop broadcasting the story and pick up something new.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Students in NIT have been brutally beaten up for flying the National Flag and shouting 'Bharat Mata ki Jai'. It was amazing the see the deafening silence of some vociferous sections of Indian media who had gone hoarse over the attack on Comerade Kanhaiya and his right to chant slogans for 'Bharat Ki Barbadi'. The J&K Police which stands idly when Pak and ISIS flags are unfurled in J&K. The Members of ISC must watch the viciousness with which they thrashed students carrying Indian Flags. Four students have broken bones and over ten are in hospital. The Flags have been confiscated by the police. I would like to know how the policeman who snatched that National Flag treated that object of reverence. Has the J&K Police followed the correct procedure to treat the National Flag?
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Very sad as the peaceful protesting students of non Kashmiris are being brutally attacked by the police and this is one more testimony that Kashmir issue must be solved once for the all because we cannot see people living and expressing their views in democratic way. Is the Indian government, or the state government or any other parallel government running there. Some of the issues must be dealt immediately by the center and give the state real freedom. No can speak, no one can travel freely and no can live there in peace. Once it was said that Kashmir was the heaven. Where that heaven has gone. When our PM Modi is capable of settling International issues, why not he take initiative and settle the Kashmir issue once for the all. Because those who wanted to live in democratic way with peaceful means are being suppressed and punished for no fault of them.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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