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    Why different colour pens for different people?

    You may find it funny but I am trying to get the answer to this question when I was in ninth standard but nobody could give me a satisfactory answer. So I thought I should share it here may be I could get a better reply.

    Many a times I noticed that only a particular colour of pen is being used by a particular category of people. For students are advised to use blue coloured pens, red colour is given to teachers for checking the copies of students. Principal of a particular school is advised to use green coloured pen. Chairman and other chair persons often use black coloured pens.

    I wonder why this particular distinction is created for different category people. Is there any particular reason for this or some myths or something like that related to this?

    Can you people provide me with a better explanation for this.
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    Blue color is a sign of vastness of the sky. Young students have boundless dreams and they give answer to exams or scribble something on their notebooks without any limits or restriction. They are wide in imagination and are boundless.

    Red is a sign of reflection/retrospection. It is a sign to indicate the time to reflect and assess the progress. The student may be wild in imagination but it is duty of guru to assess if he/she learns it right. So the corrections are made in red pen. This will help the student to reflect and retrospect his learning and take subsequent steps for improvement

    Green is sign of pleasant authority. It approves that you can go further and the efforts of the school and its purpose are in right direction. Even in traffic signal, green is go forward.

    This is just my interpretation of the different color pens. Hope you like it.

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    Good question raised by the author. Students are asked to use blue pen because, blue color is easily and clearly legible and there cannot be any complain about its dull look or not understanding the words. Red colors are used by the teacher for corrections , because red will rectify the mistakes of the students and the marks given in red cannot be changed by students. Thirdly the green color pen are used by Managers, gazetted officers, Judges and big people. Green testifies the high position and no one can question the authenticity when signed by the green color. And normally I have seen the black color pens are used by the drawing persons to highlight their specific mentions and thus those who are making caricatures, images or illustrations, they extensively use the black color pens.
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    The basic colors of pen inks are blue, black, red and green only, though a number of variants of colors were available and used also.
    Blue-black color was also a commonly used color.
    There were different reasons for different people using different colors.
    The black ink color was used to put signature and in writing documents of permanent nature requiring longer shelf life because of the chemistry of the ink.
    In certain countries blue color or blue-black color ink was used to put signature on photocopies of the original documents to distinguish the same from original documents.
    In US Navy there was a long tradition of prescribed ink colors for officers - blue color for officers, black color for departmental heads, green color for Executive officers and red color for commanding officers.
    Red color is often used for grading system or evaluating answers by teachers. It has bee found by a research study that the teachers equipped with red color ink pen are likely to give lower marks compared to other color inks.
    Brown color ink was used to sign death warrants in Germany and red color ink was used for same purpose in Pakistan.
    In olden days, in accounting system, black color was used for making debit entries and red color was used for credit entries and in the medical profession - red by nurses, green by pharmacists, and blue/black by physicians. Generally green color ink was used by the auditors.
    In Portugal - writing someone with red ink is treated as an insult.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do not know why these are vested this way but I feel just to make distinction and easily recognizable, these are gone this way.
    Above information given by other members is new to my knowledge. Thank you.

    Chitra Rana

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    I think whatever said above by the senior members justifies it all .. Perhaps its made only to distinction between students, teachers and management.
    And in competitive exams , we are advised to use black or blue pens.

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    Generally for putting signatures on various types of application forms, it is recommended to use black ink pen only because while scanning or photocopying the document better image can be captured in such cases.
    Similarly in objective types of tests where answer sheets are evaluated by optical scoring machines, use of dark color pencil is recommended for similar reasons.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    My observation is:
    Blue/black/blue-black - For ordinary and common people's use
    Red - Superior Authority
    Green - Extraordinarlily Superior and powerful Authority

    Now my question is about the colourful signature of authorities:
    1. What is the colour of ink used by President of India?
    2. What is the colour of ink used by Prime Minister of India and Chief Minister of Indian states?
    3. What is the colour of ink used by cabinet Ministers?

    Please let us know if you know.

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