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    I really enjoyed these political cartoons.

    During election time, it is very natural that media will come with different cartoons and this time even regional elections have been highlighted much in national medias. This cartoon perhaps she has been talked in media at par with PM candidate of 2014 and regional medias always had this caption Modi or Lady.

    This time for this state election I have seen this animated video in one of the national channels I really enjoyed.

    When the leaders of DMK go round for election campaign, if they are tired and wanted to have anything from shops, they see around only Amma Water, Amma Unavagam(food), Amma Marunthagam(Medical shop) and after ignoring these things when the went to a shelter to take rest, the running of Amma Fan really made them frustrated.

    Another image cartoon I enjoyed in a magazine when one of DMDK leader said the police academy is giving training with a case studies of Vijaykanth Police movies. The reply, yes we should learn how not to behave with ours from his film.

    Members you can also come with such political funny things you enjoy during these election time.
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    Yes, I saw and enjoyed tthat one you are discussing here. Seedhi bat comes with good cartoon be on politics, sports or any current major news.
    I to like their creativity.
    I also like RJ Naved audios, those are not political but are pranks or calls made on social issues. I liked the latest one named as "Save a life".
    He has very impressive style of telling things to people.
    On twitter too there is a person who makes cartoons(no animation) like we had "Laxman, the common man" He is also impressive in his work.

    Chitra Rana

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    See my attachment to enjoy the recent development in Tamilnadu election politics
    No life without Sun

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    Saroja I have also raised a thread on same video animation which was lovely and enjoyable. But how come you have missed that thread. Any way during election time Amul Butter also comes with good cartoons.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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