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    BJP's role(stars) in south Indian state elections.

    The ruling party in central always try to rule in states too and hence this time BJP is taking all sorts of interests in state elections like TN, Kerala. In TN the two regional parties and other parties which have come from these regional parties are taking their role very tough competition, BJP is also playing here but not aggressively. But in Kerala I feel this time they are keeping much eye and announced the actor Suresh Gopi as member in parliament and also the cricketer Srisanth is contesting the election from BJP.

    Members please share your views and inputs in this direction.
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    Generally the central leaders don't take much interest in the state politics. Certain leaders in respective states who aspire for becoming the Chief Minister of the state in future play active rule in state politics with the blessings and support of central leadership. The reasons are obvious as the stakes are much higher in central leadership compared to the state level politics. However since for the purpose of coming to power at the center, number of MP's are required from various regions of the country, they try to make all possible efforts to achieve whatever is within their reach. Therefore the national parties like BJP etc. don't dissipate their much energy in regions where regional parties dominate and there is almost nil scope like in the state of Tamil Nadu.
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    I just cannot understand as to why the BJP wont take serious about elections in South and probably have the fear that regional parties always have the say and they cannot penetrate in to their vote banks. What I feel that in all the South Indian states, the BJP must have strong leader as the President and must have frequent interaction with the people. The BJP must instill confidence that if voted to power , then can also run a state government with clean and efficiency. Such kind of committed leaders not to be seen in BJP. Though one or two strong candidates are now facing the elections in Kerala, the voters are not that fool to forget the past misdeeds of Srisanth. Those who are having black mark in their life, should not be given ticket and thus the party would get bad name in future. PM Modi must concentrate on four southern states which can tilt the National politics if won.
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    Though BJP is having majority in Lok Sabha, it is not able to bring bills as per its manifesto and not able to carry on with its development agenda, because it does not have the needed majority in Rajya Sabha. So it needs as much seats possible from those states now going for election, even though they may not get the majority to form governments.
    In the four southern states, BJP could form government only in Karnataka. Now even that is not there. So BJP is mainly seen as a North based party and mainly in the central North comprising a few states.
    A foray into Kerala will not only boost its morale and image across the nation, but will also make people believe that a viable alternative has arrived to choose away from the same old LDF and UDF. That can place the party in its winning bid in the next chance. Just like TN, in Kerala the rule is alternated between the two formations UDF and LDF. So, people have to necessarily choose one. Till now BJP did not show any semblance of its readiness and equip to be eligible to give a credible challenge. But the last Lok Sabha elections threw indications that if BJP can show good,efficient leaders and a well oiled party machinery, then they can come very close to victory and can become second in many constituencies pushing the LDF or UDF behind them. Even a symbolic victory of one seat or coming second in at least 50 constituencies will catapult them to victory in the next chance. That only can make people repose trust in them as a probable winner. That is why BJP takes it very serious now, as now or never.

    The appeasement politics and corruption and nepotism has disheartened the people, especially the youth. But they do not have another trustable horse to bet on. That is what BJP is now trying to become. How far they will be successful can be known only in the third week of May.

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    Keralites are intelligent and clever. They won't get attracted by the charismatic star (actor/player) politicians . They always look and vote for true and best politicians. They ensure to have either the Congress (UDF)or the Communists(LDF)rule their state.

    Tamils don't even look at BJP during assembly election. Same is the case with Andhra and Telengana. Karnataka is little different than the other sister states.

    In Tamilnadu, the politicians are already a star. CM is a shining star. Kalaignar is an old star. Captain Vijayakanth is a shivering star. Sarathkumar is a shifting star. Karuna's is a comedy star. Kushboo is a glamorous congress star. Karthik is a special one man star. There are few star campaigner like Heroine Vindhya, and comedian Aarthi for ADMK. Mr Vishu is the only BJP star campaigner.

    Unlike north, south prefers star politicians except Kerala.

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    Previously Atal Bihari Vajpai and Advani were the star campaigners for BJP and now Modi is its champion. Thus BJP is also not an exception as it is also dependant on one man only just as Congress and other regional parties. Except in Karnataka, the BJP has not any strong base in the other Southern states. But it has influenced the vote share in Andhra because of it alliance with TDP. Unlike other parties, Communists work under a collective leadership and away from the dynastic or one man army orientation. Thus people of Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura are influenced by the Left parties and chances of BJP to flourish in these states are grim. Moreover, BJP has its strong base only in the states of UP and MP to form Government on its own but in other Northern states also it has to join hands with other parties.

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    BJP, as a political party, has long roads to travel. It is not business as Modi or Amit Shah consider. They may find supporters in other parts of India by raising the Hindutva agenda, but will surely fail in doing so in the south. Unlike UP or Bihar (please do not misunderstand), people in the south are more politically conscious except for the adoration of Amma in Tamil Nadu.

    Saroja, the very fact that Sreesanth had to be roped in by BJP against veterans in Thiruvananthapuram and Suresh Gopi (who acts in real life as well) being nominated to Rajya Sabha is an indication to the poor following the party has in Kerala. Modi and team cannot fool people. They need to deliver!

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    As far as result deliverance is concerned, perhaps no Government formed by any political party will be able to do so because of many odds in India- both natural and man made. All Governments have to just navigate somehow to complete their tenure by befooling the gullible voters.
    Major man made challenges are reservation policy, subsidy culture and appeasement policies. The natural challenges are well known like water scarcity, famine, tsunami, earthquake, floods, epidemics etc.
    The mother of all problems is the exponentially growing population.

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    Thanks members for the update on the given topic. The members from Kerala must have more data than others relating to this time election in Kerala and BJP's role there. As told by them, though the leaders of BJP has a keen eye on southern states, I feel the people in regional level could not reach to that level and hence the problem in deep route level. I strongly feel they should be more serious in regional level politics and have a deep study on field levels.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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