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    Date extended to 4th June -Introducing another double & triple reward program on study abroad topics

    Hello everyone,

    We are introducing another double & triple reward program.

    You may have noticed we have added some new sections for study abroad related topics. ISC is going to give a lot of focus on overseas education for Indian students. We will be introducing overseas education guidance and admission guidance through ISC. In order to promote these activities, we are introducing a double/triple reward program.

    As part of this program, we will offer double cash rewards for all articles related to 'study abroad' and 'overseas education' until May 31, 2016.

    Your articles related to study abroad topics will be reviewed and edited by editors as usual. Normal cash credits will be assigned to those articles by the editors.

    Sample topics:

    How to get a student visa to study in Germany?
    How to get a student visa to study in Sweden?
    Best courses to study in Switzerland
    Best courses to study in Singapore
    How to get a job in Canada after studying in student visa
    How to study medicine in Italy
    How to get the best scholarship to study for free in <country>
    Education system in <country>
    Education loans to study in <country>

    You may replace the country name in above topics with any other suitable country name. Also, you may come up with your own topics related to overseas education.

    When you post such articles, please submit a response below and mention a clickable link to such articles. At the end of the contest period, we will check each of the links submitted below and we will add equivalent cash credits directly to your profile. If you are posting multiple articles, try to include all of those links in a single response below.

    In addition to the double rewards, we will select the top 3 contributors and offer an extra 100% cash credits for their relevant posts. This will make it triple cash for the content posted by the winners.

    Program starts today!
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    The responses made here have been deleted. Members are requested not to put general comments to any contest announcement. Only submit queries related to the contest and links to your entries.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Here is my entry

    Study Game Designing course in the MAGES institute of Singapore

    Study Graphic design course abroad in Budapest, Hungary
    Study Journalism and Mass Communication course abroad
    Career scope of studying undergraduate courses in nursing abroad in USA
    Reasons to study abroad
    Study land conservation management abroad
    Study engineering courses in USA with funding by IIEabroad
    Global Excellence Scholarship for studying undergraduate courses in USA
    How to avail the student scholarship from the University of Maine of North America
    Study a complete course on culinary sciences in Europe
    How to prepare yourself when to study in any university abroad
    Apply for Federal Loans in the University of Maine, USA
    Study in the US with money borrowed from International Student Loans

    Live life Kingsize!

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    Can we add personal experiences to these articles?

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    Here is my entry-
    1. How to get a student visa to study in Sweden?
    2. Microsoft Research Women's Fellowship Program- For Women education in USA
    3. How to get Student Visa for Germany
    4. Why to study in Australia?
    5. Which are the top courses to study in Australia?
    6. What is DAAD and how it is helpful for study in Germany?
    7. "Australia Endeavour Scholarships" to study in Australia
    8. Study in United Arab Emirates
    9. Student Visa details for UAE
    10. Top scholarships for Indian students to study in UAE
    11. List of top Universities to study in United Arab Emirates
    12. Why it is important to go abroad for studies


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    My entry:
    1. What are the study abroad options after 12th Grade
    2. Top Study Abroad Destinations for Indian Students
    3. How to make money while studying abroad?
    4. Top universities in California for Indian students
    5. What to pack while going abroad for studies
    6. General list of documents for study abroad application process

    Thanks & Regards

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    I think yes you can submit your personal study abroad experience, however, let me it get it confirmed from our WM.

    I have confirmed with our WM and yes you can post your study abroad experiences and also testimonials in Articles >> Education >> Study Abroad and submit the clickable link of your articles as an entry for this ongoing double / triple benefit program.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Here are the first of my entries:
    1. Best Study Abroad Options besides UK and USA
    2. Funding Higher Education at a Foreign University
    3. Top Canadian Scholarships for Indian Students of All Levels
    4. Top Scholarships for Indian Students in Australia
    5. How to write a brilliant scholarship essay
    6. Top US Scholarships for Indians Studying Abroad
    7. Applying to a Business School abroad? Things you should know
    8. Should you do an MBA or Masters from a foreign university
    9. How to prepare for your student visa interview
    10. How to crack the Australian Visa Interview
    11. How to navigate the UK Visa interview
    12. What you need to know about the Italian Education System
    13. Top Italian scholarships to finance your education abroad
    14. Working in Canada after graduation
    15. Top 5 courses to study in Singapore
    16. What you should know about studying in Singapore
    17. Top 5 courses to study in Malaysia
    18. Working while you study in Australia
    19. Top International Government Scholarships to fund your studies abroad
    20. Which is better on-campus or off-campus accomodation abroad
    21. Study in Dubai guide for international students
    22. Working while you study in the UK
    23. Scholarships to finance your study in Singapore
    24. Study in Canada University of Toronto vs. McGill University
    25. Where to study fashion designing abroad
    26. Study fitness courses in Australia
    27. Are you waitlisted for MBA abroad
    28. Medical study in Nepal
    29. New Zealand Commonwealth Program for Postgraduate Courses
    30. Scholarships to fund your education in Germany
    31. Fund your bachelors or masters with study in Sweden scholarships
    32. Stay away from overseas education scholarship scams
    33. Scholarships to fund your Ireland education
    34. US Scholarships for courses in Medicine
    35. Choosing Between MEM and MBA after Engineering
    36. Scholarships to fund your Economics & Finance studies abroad
    37. Study baking and pastry making in France
    38. The Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships in Arts and Humanities
    39. Applying for MBA overseas with a low GPA
    40. Free Masters in International Health Molecular Medicine in Norway
    41. Study MBBS (MD) for Free in Germany!
    42. Why study in Ireland
    43. How to take up overseas PhD after Bachelors in the US
    44. KC Mahindra Scholarships
    45. Applying for a PhD in the UK
    46. All about studying in New Zealand
    47. Top courses in New Zealand for overseas students
    48. How to choose between Harvard and Yale
    49. Study Tech in the USA: MIT or Caltech?
    50. Study in London: UCL or Imperial College?
    51. Top short term courses to study in Australia
    52. Mistakes to avoid when applying to US colleges
    53. Top scholarships for your medical studies abroad
    54. Special non-university grants to study abroad
    55. Differences in medical degrees across world regions
    56. Protect yourself from scams targeting international students
    57. Why study in South Korea
    58. An overview of SAARC Scholarships for Indian students
    59. Best courses to study in Australia
    60. Applying for programs in medicine in Ukraine
    61. Approaching the Stanford GSB MBA essay
    62. Develop leadership skills in top business schools
    63. Best business schools in the UK
    64. Top UK universities recognized by the Bar Council of India
    65. USA & Canada Universities recognized by the Bar Council of India
    66. UK's top EMBA programs
    67. Top programs to study abroad in Sydney
    68. Top US Executive MBA programs
    69. The UK Tier 4 Student Visa
    70. Part time work in the US as a student
    71. Healthcare for overseas students in the US
    72. Entry requirements at UK universities for Indian students
    73. Health surcharge for Indian students to the UK
    74. TB testing for UK student visa application
    75. Top MBA specialization in overseas B schools
    76. How to pack for a student program in the UK
    77. Study at the Xian Jiaotong Liverpool University
    78. Settling in before your UK study abroad
    79. Study abroad at Deakin University Australia
    80. Study Fashion Abroad in Offbeat Locations
    81. Where to study fashion in New York and London
    82. Funding for your New Zealand education
    83. How to prepare your MBA interview story
    84. How to Ace Behavioral Event Based Interviews
    85. Questions to ask after your MBA interview
    86. How to prepare for a video essay
    87. How to create impact with your video essay
    88. How to ace an MBA interview despite a bad answer
    89. All you need for a student visa to New Zealand
    90. Top MBA specializations in overseas B-schools
    91. Scholarships to study art abroad
    92. The German student visa process
    93. Top scholarships to study fashion design abroad

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    My entries -
    1. Higher education in US - Glossary of important words and phrases.
    2. How to plan for doing MS in US universities while studying in B.Tech.?
    3. United Nations University (UNU) as a study abroad option.
    4. How to select an university for pursuing higher studies in US.
    5. How to submit application for Fulbright Nehru Masters Fellowships?
    6. How to submit application for Fulbright Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships?
    7. How to submit application for Fulbright Nehru Postdoctoral Research Fellowships?
    8. How to submit application for Fulbright Kalam Climate Fellowship?
    9. Know about President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Postgraduate Fellowship for studies at USF, USA.
    10. Do you know about scholarships offered by foreign countries to Indian students for study abroad?
    11. Japanese Government Monbukagakusho (MEXT) scholarships for Indian students for study in Japan.
    12. How to submit application for Japanese Government scholarships for research students
    13. How to submit application for Japanese Government scholarships for undergraduate students
    14. How to submit application for Japanese Government scholarships for 'college of technology students'
    15. Do you know about Japanese Government scholarships for 'Specialized Training College Students'

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    My entries :
    1. How to get a student visa to study in Malaysia
    2. Admission and visa procedure for study in Ireland
    3. Top destinations to study medicine abroad
    4. Best film making institutes in USA
    5. How to study medicine in Nepal
    6. Top Scholarships for Indian students in Germany
    7. "Padho Pardesh" government scheme for Overseas studies for Indian minorities
    8. Student visa and entry procedure in Spain
    9. Why study in Hong Kong
    10. Best Universities in Singapore for Hotel Management courses
    11. Why study in the Netherlands
    12. Things to know before you plan to study in Switzerland
    13. Things to understand before you plan to study in Poland
    14. Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) supports scholarships for studying abroad
    15. Why to study in Brazil
    16. Things to know before you plan to study abroad in the UAE
    17. Various Scholarship options to fund your education in the UAE
    18. Study abroad guide to Canada
    19. Student Partner Program (SPP) for Indian students in Canada
    20. Best courses and universities to study in Mauritius
    21. Higher studies in Thailand

    [Be happy. Spread joy. Be ISCian]

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    My articles:
    1. Study abroad at University of Southampton UK with Goa Education Trust Scholarship 2016

    2. Study MSc. Big Data course abroad at Staffordshire University, UK

    3. List of 6 important international entrance exams and tests for studying abroad

    4. IIHMR University MPH program with international scholarship course at Johns Hopkins University, USA

    5. Study MA Community Radio programme abroad at University of Lincoln, UK

    6. Corporation Bank Vidya scheme education loans for studies in India and abroad

    7. Study M.Sc. in Audiology programme abroad at University of Southampton, UK

    8. How to apply for TOEFL scholarships to study abroad

    9. List of bank education loans for Indian students to study abroad

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    iam new to this site can i post my article here or in articles column??

  • #562960
    My entry

    5 Things to Consider in An Undergraduate College Application Essay

  • #563254
    Here are my entries
    1. Ten good reasons to study in Canada
    2. Seven reasons why you should study in New Zealand
    3. Study at a world class university in New Zealand
    4. Study abroad at Dublin City University in Ireland
    5. Studying engineering in Russia made easy
    6. Tips for Indian students planning to study medicine abroad in Russia
    7. International Education Fair 2016 for study abroad programs
    8. Getting loans made easy through International Student Loan
    9. Get loans for your US education through Global Student Loan Corporation
    10. Study abroad in a university in Latvia

    I have one query. How to add a article footer or a signature? Someone knowledgeable, please advice.

    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #563256

    For the article footer you have to go to the same page as the Forum Footer via your Dashboard page. There is a separate box for the article footer. Keep it short and simple.

    Please refer: Learn about the unique features of

    You are also requested henceforth to submit only your article entries here or queries related to the program as such. Other queries should be posted in a fresh thread.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

  • #563316
    You have to post your articles here in Articles >> Education >> Study Abroad.

    Thanks & Regards

  • #563622
    Here are my entries:-
    1. Best tips and formalities to follow to study abroad in America
    2. How to apply for Japan's Government scholarship for Master's Degree and Research Programs
    3. Things to know before you plan to study MBBS course abroad
    4. Know more about Sweden education system and admission process

  • #563664
    My article-

    What are the International Scholarship for Indian student to study anywhere in the world.

    Change is the only constant.

  • #563669
    Here is my entry:

    1. Free education system in abroad
    2. Top 5 things to consider for SOP
    3. Tips to crack SAT
    4. Visa-techniques-Do's-and-Don'ts
    5. How to crack TOFELiBT
    6. How to study for free in Europe
    7. Top 6 exams to study in abroad
    8. High demand hot job careers in abroad
    9. steps to follow in USA

    Material life is the Vehicle to Spirituality

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    Dear Webmaster,
    I have one query. Can the articles published more than six months ago be re-published for submitting as an entry to the contest? Also what is the procedure and requirements of re-publishing?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • #563833
    #563830 - Articles published in the past cannot be tweaked and resubmitted for a contest. Many members have raised similar questions in the past and the request has always been turned down. Only fresh articles can be submitted for contests.

  • #563835
    Kailash sir,

    You should not submit the article as an entry which has already posted before this contest announcement (for any contest). Instead you can use that article URL as a link in the article which you have made for an entry here.

    However, you can republish any article as you wish so that it can be updated and it will be kept in the queue for the review process. While updating/editing the article you need to mention in the message box regarding number of words (before and after submission). So that it will be easy for an editor to review it easily, whether the article length was increased or decreased.

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  • #563841
    Jyothirmayi - Thank you for your prompt response. However my specific query still remained unanswered.
    'Can an author re-publish a previously published article which was not submitted in any other contest, to make it current/updated and then submit the re-published article as a contest entry in the current ongoing contest.' My point is that after re-publication, the article will be revamped and made updated.
    In case it is not permissible, then perhaps the author can go for writing a fresh article on same/similar title and instead of re-publishing the previous one, post the newly authored article as a new one.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • #563882
    My articles:

    1. Higher studies in Singapore
    2. Studying medicine in Bangladesh
    3. Studying medicine in Ukraine
    4. Studying medicine in Georgia
    5. Higher studies in Japan
    6. Studying medicine in Belarus
    7. Procedure to get student visa for Belgium
    8. How to get Student visa for Bangladesh
    9. A guide for Indian students to get Student's Pass for Singapore
    10. M.Sc. (Advanced Master) in International and Development Economics from University of Namur, Belgium
    11. Higher studies in Belgium

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    How to get student visa to study in Canada?

  • #564108
    Kailash Kumar,

    You can republish old articles but that cannot be submitted as an entry for the current or future contests.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

  • #564294
    Participants in this reward program are requested to please put serial numbers to your entries. This will make it easier for us when we do the calculations later to credit the cash amount as we can then check precisely the number of articles too & ensure none are left out.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

  • #564355
    My entry:
    1. Know about Canada - It's education,
    culture, reputed universities and

    2. Know About Japan - Land of Rising

  • #564394
    My entries
    1. International Postgraduate Scholarships for Indian Students in Australia
    2. Post-Graduation Work Permit for International Students to Stay in Canada After Graduation

    No time is wrong to do right things

  • #564795
    Due to posting restrictions applicable to Gold-level Members of ISC, I am unable to post more articles. Editors may kindly advise what should I do at this stage.
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  • #565178
    You can keep your articles ready in a word doc. Once your submitted articles are approved, you can easily copy paste the content from word doc. The only thing you need to do here is to use html tags.

    Thanks & Regards

  • #565894

    Please note that on appealing to Tony Sir, the last date has been extended to 4th June. This is to give those facing the restriction on articles' posting limits a chance to submit more entries. Remember - this is not a contest as such, but a reward program. So everybody wins!

    We will also try our best to increase the speed of reviewing articles to avoid authors getting frustrated at delays.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

  • #566274
    Here is my entry :
    1. QS World University Rankings for Study Abroad
    2. Learning flying in New Zeapand

    Autograph your work with excellence!

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