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    Suggestion to ensure 100 percent voting by the public during elections.

    Whenever elections are conducted to our Parliament or Assembly, we see a very low percentage of voters turning up to vote. It is between 50 and 75 percent only. How to ensure that all our voters exercise their franchise during elections? Give me your suggestion to ensure 100 percent voting during elections.

    My good suggestion

    Our Centre/state Government should allot a large fund to the Election Commission or the Election Cmmission should collect this sum from the candidates/party contesting the elections. Each voter should be paid a good sum (Say Rs. 100 ) after registering their votes. This will attract each and every voter of our country to go to the polling booth to vote for the candidate of their choice. Even if there is no choice candidate, they would vote for NOTA.

    Any comments on my suggestion? What is your good suggestion?
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    I wont agree with the author that bribing be made to the citizens for casting their valuable vote. In fact it is the fundamental rights of every citizen to vote whether he is rich or poor. What I suggest that rich and affluent people who are virtually manning this government are not voting and they are enjoying the fruits of the government once their supported party comes to the power. We seldom see the noted Industrialists of this country going to booths and casting their votes. Government must make it compulsory for every citizen to vote other wise their basic facilities will be stopped. For example If rich and affluent people are not coming out to vote, the government must stop their water and drainage facilities and even cut the electricity supplies to their homes and offices. Then only they will know the importance of voting and surely the EC will register 100 percent voting in every booth. Hope EC will take stringent measures in this regard.
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    I am totally against the suggestion put forth by the author of the thread. Where is the need to pay to do something that is treated as the most sacred act in democracy? Instead of ribing them, I would suggest taking stringent actions against anyone who does not vote.
    Government declares the day as hoilday - in fact, a paid holiday - both for organised and unorganised sectors. It has been a pity that some of our countrymen treat the election day as picnic day. Government needs to introduce certain stringent penal measures to contain the ill habit of deciding not to vote. They should either be fined, or their basic facilities need to be withdrawn as suggested by the previous response.

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    It doesn't tantamount to bribe. It is only a fee paid to the public by the government to cast their votes. While the government collects some sum from the public, this is the only a rare event where the government pays some fees to the individual public to do a thing. Bribing is something that is given to do some thing that is not legal or proper. Also it is given in the open, not under the drawers. Hence, it is not a bribe at all.

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    When police are after the politicians stashing and distributing money during the election process, how can the same money be used to bring and induce new voters to the booth. That amounts to bribing only.
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    Having poll stations nearby, enabling scare free atmosphere to cast vote freely and without fear, and making it totally secret (by total mixing of all booth votes) can ensure near total voting.

    Now the candidates (parties) get to know booth wise votes in each candidates favour. This is used to single out and 'punish' those who have not voted in their favour. This can be done by any of the parties. Such booth segments do not get care from the elected representatives as 'punishment'.

    Sometimes certain outfits call to boycott election. It is only out of fear for life that people follow that. They know that security will be available only for the day of election. After that they are vulnerable.

    So to encourage and ensure near cent percent voting, it should be ensured that all eligible voters are enrolled, given the details of their voting booths and booths arranged very near to them, arrangement to compensate the absence from work for voting, and most important, ensuring fear free, totally secret voting.

    We can see there is continuing progress in all the points except the last two.(at least in few states or few places in many states)

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    Voting should be considered as a work performed to earn some cash. It cannot be a bribe, but payment for the work done for the government to choose a new government.

    Can you give the approximate total expenditure to conduct an assembly election? Let us talk about Andhra Pradesh. What is the number of total voters in AP? What is the approximate total election expenditure?

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