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    How do you see the election campaign reports from Kerala and Tamil Nadu

    Elections to Kerala Assembly and TamilNadu assembly are to be held on 16 th May,2016. The open campaign and meetings are going to end by tomorrow evening.
    Those who are from these states or anyone who are following or getting the election campaign reports from visual media, print media and social networks can tell:how do you feel about them?

    Did the campaign by the parties really focus on issues affecting the public? Or do you feel the real issues were hijacked by pre-planned clever tricks and people's attention diverted to useless issues and controversies?
    It is very interesting that 'Liquor Prohibition' has taken a central issue in Tamil Nadu, though that was an issue in the starting stages in Kerala and then abandoned without any trace.
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    Yes the campaigning to Tamil Nadu and Kerala assembly polls are going to end by 14th May evening and the focus would be on who will win the elections this time. I am not aware of Kerala politics which is always a fight between the LDF and UDF. But the interesting matter is about TN. The ruling party is heavily banking on its welfare scheme through which many people benefited. The opposition parties are on a mudslinging campaign to malign the failures of state government during recent Chennai floods. What ever it is the voters are well informed about the on going and they are the best judge. As per two surveys which came out by different organizations says that one favors for AIADMK and other for DMK. But the total prohibition is going to the key for success to the party and let us see whether the voter is really clever this time as we know TN voters always seek alternate governments to check the arrogance of ruling party.
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    The national news channels, particularly the Hindi news channels are not covering the entire election campaigning of the Tamil Nadu and Kerala states on day to day basis, as they used to cover the elections in other states like Maharashtra, Gujarat or West Bengal. The elections in the southern states have become sort of regional elections as the national parties like BJP and congress are perhaps not having much at stake. People are watching for the final outcome only. The prohibition recently introduced in Bihar has added a new dimension to politics versus prohibition.
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    The visist and speeches of PM ,Narendra Modi lends importance to the elections in Kerala.

    It seems that BJP is on the rise in popularity in Kerala now, especially with the new BDJS aligning with them. Probably it has sent shock waves in the other two alliances, as can be guessed from the strong words they use against BJP straight and NDA alliance.
    People's mind can be known only when votes are counted on 19th.

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    Nearing to the polls, in TN as usual both dravida parties are lead in fighting too and other parties are lag behind for some reason or other.

    But to be frank these two months really went as a good time pass and thanks to media for that with the direct news as well as hidden comedy type masala shows on politics.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    In Tamilnadu, it will be a tough fight between the Old man and the Bold woman. AIADMK is trying its best through cash while DMK is trying its best with its election manifesto, promising total prohibition in TN. JJ wants to impose prohibition step by step while KK wants to have total prohibition in one go. DMK released its election manifesto first, and the same has been copy pasted by AIADMK. All the promises of DMK are the promises of AIADMK.

    During the last five years, JJ has not done anything much except the freebies to the public. People of Tamilnadu want to have a change in governance. Hence, the election between the duo will be tough . Nothing can be predicted in advance.

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    The elections are over. We shall wait for 19th to see the results. That time we may see whether the exit polls got it right and whether we ourselves could get the pulse right.

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