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    When IAS is the best, most of us going for higher education. Why?

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    Normal degree qualification is enough to settle in government job. IAS is the most reputed jobs among all jobs that we have. To achieve IAS, normal degree is enough. Then why we are going for higher education, sometimes even to abroad? Is it lack of proper guidance or what? I am unable to find out, what lurk in this.

    Many students are not able to settle in their life even after completion of master's degree due to various reasons. For a normal degree holder, achieving IAS is 2-3 years of time (If utilized time properly). Many students don't want to choose IAS. Why?

    What will an IAS officer do after the retirement (In case, both wife and husband are IAS officers). Generally, how will be the Govt. officer once they took retirement? I mean they spend their time with work having all powers and they lost everything (powers) after retirement. How will they tune their mind for further happenings (whatever it may be)?

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    Well I do understand that IAS is the best among all the studies but still people opt for other streams and even go out for studies in foreign countries. Please note that getting through IAS is not that easy and it take lots of preparation and general knowledge along with reasoning to pass the prestigious IAS exams. I know many of my friends sons and daughters appeared for IAS and failed to secure ranks. Please remember that merely passing IAS does not mean and that does not matter. You must secure top ranks so that Government services at secretary level to the District Magistrate or the Collector is assured. By the way some are not successful even after attempting four times.
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    I would like to first answer the questions as to what IAS officers do after retirement. Getting selected to the IAS is not the end. Take the example of few former IAS officers like Yashwant Sinha, T. N. Seshan, Ajit Jogi, Jayaprakash Narayan (Lok Satta) etc. Many of IAS officer joined politics after retirement or resignation and later became ministers. Few of them became Governors of different states. Many others find gainful employment at top administrative positions in various MNCs and such other companies by virtue of their rich experience and understanding of the Government systems.
    This years topper of IAS examination Tina Dabi is a girl only 22 years old. She was able to compete with many fellow competitors having higher academic qualifications.
    Those students who are able to get some kind of exposure by having any family member or relative in IAS services get motivation to compete by putting in exceptional hard work without publicizing it too much.

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    The title question is one and the thread ends up in another question. So I have to answer both.

    Q: When IAS is the best, most of us going for higher education. Why?
    A: IAS posts cannot accommodate all who have graduated, and all graduates cannot get IAS. No one can be cent per cent sure of getting IAS at the first attempt itself or whether he will get at all. Hence a prudent person keeps options.There are many other jobs which need higher education levels as minimum. Higher education can give more knowledge and can help or ease in getting various jobs including selection to IAS.

    Q:What will an IAS officer do after the retirement ..and How will they tune their mind for further happenings ?

    A: IAS personnel are not people dropped from another planet. They are like any other persons. Generally depending on their knowledge, experience and exposure and also their rapport with politicians, mostly they get some remunerative or decorative position. As mentioned in one post above, some join politics also. Many take up consultancy, teaching, honorary posts in one or more organisations. Some others simply live as any other retired employee.
    They all know that one day they will retire and the smart and clever plan well ahead. Others leave it to fate and trust in God.

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    What makes you say IAS is best? All careers have their own pros and cons and people choose their careers on the basis of their aptitudes (or at least they should).
    If everyone in the country only wanted to become IAS officer then the country would come to a stand still as there would be no one to do other jobs.

    Secondly, coming to what IAS officers do after retirement. Retirement is a tough time for most people who have been in the same job profile through out their careers as your daily schedule of ages is suddenly gone. Different people deal with it differently. Some people simply go for a job in another or similar field. This is specially true for government officers, especially defense personal since they retire at an early age. Others simply welcome the freedom of retirement and take up their passions for which they didn't have time earlier.


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    An interesting issue for discussion! Many people don't consider IAS (or Indian Civil Services, for the matter) the best job. The Civil Services provide various new challenges everyday and these are 24-hour job. The Civil Services Officers enjoy tremendous (almost unimaginable!) power and influence, but the remuneration which a Civil Services Officer gets, is negligible when compared with other lucrative professions.

    So far as power after retirement is concerned, let me mention an interesting anecdote. An IAS Officer (1961 batch) became Secretary in one of my previous Ministries. He was a Bengali Officer from Punjab cadre. We used to be awe-struck by his aura, power and influence. He used to get police protection because of threat to his life from Khalistani militants, even inside the office. He retired on superannuation from the Ministry where I used to work at that time. One month after his retirement, I went to the bank located in the office building to withdraw money (at that time ATM was not available). When I was waiting in the queue, I saw the retired Officer going straight to the clerk who was disbursing money. The retired Officer went before the counter and asked the clerk to allow him to encash a cheque quickly and told him that he was a retired Secretary to the Govt. of India. The clerk listened to him patiently and rudely told him to stand in the queue. The clerk further told him that no additional facility could be expected by him on the ground of being a retired Officer. Many people present in the bank at that time (including me) who used to work under him or knew him very well, felt very embarrassed. So, power or influence is not a permanent phenomenon. Everybody must understand this truth clearly.

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    Well, I don't want to dispute the argument put forth by the author. IAS is an all time prestigious service in Indian polity and definitely like scaling the Mt. Everest of one's academic career. Now, the aspirations have changed and the amount of hard work that involved in reaching the goal would pay more dividends, if invested in other areas of academics. IT, Business Administration and Journalism and Mass communication are getting more attention by the younger generation today as admission in a reputed Institute would assure them good placement with handsome salary per annum than an IAS officer under probation.

    Any graduate can appear for Civil Services examination and only 125 candidates at an average rate per year would be allotted to IAS cadre. Setting a target and reaching the goal is different but we can't cater all the eligible candidates to get into the train. Moreover, there is a tough competition to get a seat in various reputed institutes like IITs, NITs, IIMs, ISB etc., With intensive efforts and a planned coaching from an institute incurring more expenditure, people are getting berths in these institutes. Majority of the people plan their future to settle in a foreign soil and our premier institutes have become production agencies for foreign land.

    Thus IAS and other allied services have taken a second row in the present trend. As regards the life of a retired officer, it is common for everyone. In these days of selfish nature, you won't believe people won't care you when you are transferred and moved to another chair. Then why to talk about position after retirement? It is always better we should live as an individual and should not carry the position in our mind while moving with people, though the status carries some weight.


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    Getting into Indian Administrative Service not lucrative anymore. In the present political atmosphere, it is very difficult for an IAS officer to keep his self dignity. There are many incidents of IAS officers abused and even manhandled by the politicians. Any self respecting person cannot tolerate interference in the administrative duties by petty politicians. Apart from this the private sector has lot of good opportunities for the bright students. One need not necessarily go for IAS to have power in their hands. The preparation for the service requires lot of time and there is no guarantee of getting selected.
    After retirement not only the IAS but all others have ample opportunities to get employed depending upon their qualification and experience. After retirement any officer who had weilded power has to resign to the fact that they will be powerless after retirement.

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    #564851 – yeah, it is fact to believe. Attempting many times will not get rank until and unless there is no practice from our side with latest updates in addition to the outdated knowledge.

    #564866 – I too observe it. It is becoming a common factor. Many candidates aiming IAS and mainly those are from government employee background or relative to IAS.

    #564894 - At first, I was thought about why most of this generation choosing higher education instead of getting job and finance through graduate degree itself. Later, another question raise in my mind about what they (IAS officers) do after retirement having full of powers these years. So, instead of raising another thread, I added the matter related retirement here.

    #564900 – In our childhood, people used to say that IAS was the best among all but later we came to know that all jobs have pros and cons. I agree to the fact that if all of us choose IAS then what about other jobs? Even though we have many jobs member's first priority is IAS, mostly.

    #564917 - Thanks for including the real fact.

    #564964 – If we consider the time factor then we can strongly says that it has taken the second row. Still it was difficult to get this job and of course yes, India is becoming production country and our products (knowledge, skills gained by students) used somewhere else out of India

    #564970 - Paper pattern has changed and it requires lot of time for preparation. The way of asking question also changed. Earlier years, aspiring candidate can by-heart the concepts and the same can write in the exam like copy and paste but now-a-days, it was like application like we follow in other subjects. They become free from all job tensions.

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    At the end of the day, IAS is a government job and not everyone aspires to do a government job. There are some who have perhaps higher aspirations, for instance wanting to further their knowledge through higher education. Education opens doors to better avenues.

    The youth today aims for different things. Most youngsters look for jobs in the private sector after receiving a decent education. Some work for a few years and then proceed for higher studies. Goals youngsters set themselves have changed. They do not mind taking risks nor do they want a steady 9-5 job. They are willing to work odd hours in the hope of making it big.

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    Keeping in view of the standard of the questions set in different papers, it appears that the preparation for the examination needs a total clarity of the subjects so that one achieves this prestigious status. No doubt the aspirants going through this rigorous process, have to demonstrate their inherent potential. Only achievement of a degree is not the indicator of success in this IAS examination. One must be proud of achieving this glorious status if they have passion for it.
    But of late, inclination of the young aspirants are changing rapidly due to abundant offering from other prestigious sectors like MNC's, mass Medias and other prestigious service like Google, Twitter etc and these young generation are making a bee line for such respectable jobs.
    Government must do something to lure the young aspirants to retain them in this prestigious assignment to maintain the standard of the IAS post.

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    In a nutshell, if a person thinks that IAS is the best service in the country, he/she should also understand that all are not suitable for this best service. They will opt for subordinate services in Government.

    On the other hand, the people who think that there are many available option (sometime better) except IAS, they will try to go for these options. Such people/students will try to acquire qualifications required to opt for the alternate options chosen by them.

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    Although IAS is a respectable designation but that does not mean that everyone of us wants to have it.
    Just think what if all students will fight for IAS exams, who will be a doctor, who will be an engineer and who will be the scientist.
    If a candidate do justice with whatever he or she is doing, he/she will definitely get respect from others.
    When there is already a tough competition, why to worsen the condition.


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