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    ISC gave me a chance as well as satisfaction to judge my political observation.

    In one of the thread raised by another member asking for the situation of state elections in TN where I have given my response and said before the results of Polls that the prediction of exit poll by some of the channels are wrong and only two exit polls by Times Now and a regional channel Thanthi TV that ADMK will win but even they have predicted that few seats would be gathered by other parties while I have told in my response that TN assembly will have only these two parties share as ruling and opposite parties.

    As it has come true that ADMK has taken a ruling party and DMK has taken as opposite party which a remarkable history for both the parties that ADMK has won a successive term after 1984 and DMK has more seats ever as an opposite party in TN.

    So I have to thank ISC that it gave chance to express my observation in politics and also give satisfaction many times when I participated in many political debates here and now the satisfaction is I have predicted correctly than any one in the media too.
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    Very glad that ISC members are good political observers and their predictions are better than the professional exit poll experts!

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    Nowadays mostly the outcome of the elections is not matching with the exit poll predictions. In the recent past, we are witnessing that the exit polls predictions are mostly getting reversed when actual results are announced. Delhi and Bihar assembly elections are typical examples.
    The exit poll predictions are generally based on the presumption that the voters coming out from the polling booth will speak their mind. But it appears that the voters have become smarter and often befool the surveyors.
    As being reported in the media, the voters preferred the reformed AIADMK leadership over the old patriarch with family infighting. When only either of the two options are available, then one has to be chosen in any case.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Even I had doubts to believe the exit pols predicting DMK rule and ADMK fall. As I have not visited TN during the election campaign time, I could not say for sure, but somehow was feeling that ADMK will come to rule again.

    I think Saroja could observe more closely.

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