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    Why in some job applications and interviews why they ask our mother and father profession?

    When we go interviews or in some job applications they will have a blank what's your father profession and in some interviews what's your mother profession why this question will be triggered from Interviewers mouth and in job application is there any special reason for it.What will they do the applicants with the father and mother profession? knowledgeable members can respond to this question.
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    By spelling out mother's and father's profession the interviewer can gauge the family position and thus he will have an idea. For example if the house is full of doctors and engineers, surely professionalism in the boy would also be seen. If the Mother is teacher and father is the government employee, the boy would have learned much from the mother and basics of human being would be highlight of his behavior. Moreover by knowing the professions of the father and mother the company also knows the economical back ground of the family. For some doing job is the must and for some job is the time pass activity to kill the time. All would be known in interview.
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    I donot understand why such wrong concept grown in our country recently that no job application is containing any personal information other than qualification and experience. Even in many companies the certificates are not verified but offering a good salary. The argument is their salary is only for their work and not for any other thing. In one company, where I went as a consultant,for conducting interview, wished to scan the applications and certificates but the MD intervened me no need of seeing his background except his education and experience only. I, as a consultant, told the consequences of not verifying the family background, and just left the matter. After a six months gap the MD called me to his office and told that the boy who selected by him caught in Police for some crime and since the family background anything not knowing we sent available details to the police and later known that the boy himself gave a wrong address in his resume. To avoid such things, resumes should contains family background.

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    The private companies may be asking about father's and mother's professions these days. I have never heard about that. As far as I know, such information is not asked by any Government organization.
    Antecedent verification of a prospective employee is entirely a different issue. In Government organizations, a police verification is carried out through the District Magistrate concerned. The private companies may also be having a system for checking antecedents.
    On lighter vain, we can hazard a guess about the reasons. The employers may be having a positive and a negative list about the professions of the parents. Though the children of high Government officials working in departments having something to do with the functioning of the companies may be in the positive list, the children of parents having a nuisance value like a police officer or a petty politician may be kept in the negative list.

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    First of all let me congratulate you for asking a great question.
    There must be divergent views on this question, some will justify this question in interview citing things like organization will have better understanding of the candidate's background etc etc.

    In my view, this question is totally un necessary and smacks of unconscious bias in minds of recruiters. Your mother or father's profession - what has it got to do with your job ? Actually nothing. There is no established correlation between parents profession and candidate's performance at job. A candidate may have humble background but crack an IIT exam, or become IAS topper. Or, a candidate may have a very rich background- but it may not gurantee good performance.

    In my view, recruiters must not have any bias with respect to candidate's background etc, and just focus on his qualifications, experience and capability.

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    Thank you Vinay Jain for acknowledging and appreciating this question.
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    Not all companies have these questions on their application forms. However I do feel it is unfair to have these kind of questions on the application form.
    I personally know of someone who was refused a job(campus placement) despite having qualifications and merit, simply because the company told them that they were looking for a candidate who could bring in business contacts from their personal life (they were looking for someone from a business class family), while the candidate was an orphan therefore didn't have those kind of contacts beforehand.


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    This is a very pertinent question and many aspirants get confused over this. In some cases, I find people hiding the fact with a misconception that they may not get the job if both parents are employed or in some cases, parents are illiterates.

    Parents earnings and qualifications are nothing to do with your selection. It is only to work out the data/census regarding the number of candidates applied and their backdrop. In interviews, such questions are asked to make you ease at the situation and to be comfortable. They can assess you very easily by the way of your presentation and body language and the family back drop.


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    Although this is a confusing and to some extent irrelevant question, the reply to this question provides a background of the applicant. On the other hand, for Govt. service, if the applicants parents (or any one of them) are/is in Govt. service, it is felt that the candidate, if selected, would be able to adopt the system of functioning in the Govt.
    The same logic is more applicable for armed forces personnel.

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