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    Stress in Ayurveda for non sleeping in daytime

    In Ayurveda we can read as follows in regards to the sleeping in day time. Though we have a habit of sleeping in the afternoons, it is not advisable according to ayurveda.

    Vyaayaamancha vyavaayancha dhaavanam baanamEva cha |
    Yuddhancha geethancha paaTancha muhoortham bhuktavaan thyajEth ||

    After intake of any food one should avoid exercise, intercourse, running, water intake, fighting, singing, teaching for a period of 48 minutes that is one Muhurtha period. It consists of the sleeping also. Sleeping in the daytime increases the khaba in the body and the areas like chest, belly and back (seating place) gets more flesh and thereby the body got unshaped. If one has to sleep in the daytime or night immediately after intake of food, he/she should walk for 100 feet and then going to bed is advisable.
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    Let us just try to compare the lifestyle of people during the period when Ayurveda was written with the lifestyle of people of the present era. Nowadays most of the employed people are not finding time even for eating and since taking food is essential, somehow managing to gulp down something for survival. I have myself experienced many situations when even visiting wash room during work time had to be postponed. Thus it will have to examined if the principles of Ayurveda can be applied or not these days. People are paying its price, but they are unable to find time to adjust themselves to any given schedule or recommendation. Only those individual who have nothing to do can follow the recommendations offered in Ayurvedic systems. In Mumbai we see many people taking breakfast in the form of vada pao while running on the road to catch local rain.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Ayurveda says many things which is difficult to follow these days. It is always said that sleeping in the noon and and immediately after dinner is not good and we gain weight. Also it is good to have dinner by 7.30 max. People can avoid sleeping in noon as most of us will be working but the hectic schedule these days will make people have dinner late night and go to bed immediately after that. The routine of people has changed and everything is done is hurry and people prefer going for fast food and frozen food to save time. We get rrady to eat things in market and people prefer this.
    If one follows Ayurveda, we can have a healthy life. Though time management is difficult, it is not impossible. Healthy routine leads to healthy you.

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