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    I was born in a wrong decade!

    Music and songs,they aren't just rhythm or beats accompanied by subtle tunes. Songs sometimes act as a medium to convey profound and important messages.
    I am an 18 year old teenager. Usually people assume teens like me are interested in metal,electronic dance music,hip-hop,ETC..; Call me old school,but i still love the songs from 80's and 90's.

    Songs then used to contain meanings.They weren't just about rhyming and tones. I really miss those kind of songs today.
    Now raps have overthrown the conventional music. I am not against raps,but raps these days are worse than the nursery rhymes .
    I know that music-lovers are going to agree with me.

    Post your thoughts about today's music.
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    Old music is evergreen and music these days are nothing close to old music. These days everything is only fast beat and also same type of songs. There is no much meaning and also it doesn't sound good to hear. We listen to it and forget it. We don't feel like listening to it frequently. But old music will remain in our minds for long and when ever we listen to it, it gives us some relaxation for mind as it is melodious. Old music and music these days are non comparable.

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    Those were the days of Music to listen and enjoy, and the present days are of noise to bore and forget. The good old songs and their tunes were meaningful to hum forever. Sorry, I cannot remember even a single line of a song of the present, only to keep mum.
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    I always listen to old songs which are very pleasant and the music acts as backdrop. The old songs are meaningful and melodious. The present day songs are full of loud music. I stopped going to movies because of the loud music accompanying the dance and song. The volume is also increased to higher levels which is not good for the ears. Once I requested the theater manager to reduce the sound. He said that fan clubs want high volume during song and dance. When I was going out of the theater, the manager returned the ticket money and apologised. The modern music may be liked by many people but I love to ear old melodious songs. All the disks in my car are from old movies only.
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    Music is some what like mother cooked food. The people like mother cooked food as they become accustomed to same since childhood and thus gradually develop a taste and liking for the same. The same applies in the case of music also. People start liking the kind of music what they listen since childhood at home.
    Why to go far for western music.
    Incidentally today is the birthday of one of the great Bollywood music director R. D. Burman. I came to know about it through google doodle. He was fondly known as Pancham Da. I think his career was greatly influenced by his father the great Sachin Dev Burman.
    Let us pay our tribute to R.D.Burman by remembering some of his compositions -
    'Tere bina zindgi se'.
    'Rimjhim gire sawan'.
    'Tumse mil ke aisa laga'.
    'Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko.'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I agree with you and am happy that you like songs from the yester years. Thanks to Kailash Kumar sir for giving us info about the great music director.

    Today's music has no melody. It is filled with technical wizardry and therefore holds no appeal even to the youngsters. The shelf life is less than a month and people soon forget it unlike in the olden times when song books used to be published and the radio used to air songs which were learned by people of all ages.

    It was a pleasure to listen to such radio broadcasts and now it is replaced the silly television serials or entertainment based reality shows which are just facades.

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    I have been time and again insisting and supporting in various forum responses that nothing can match the melody, music, and lyrics value of past and old songs and these days the music is loud, concealing the lyrics and in the name of rap song, they are including words which is not connected to the scene, situation nor the the song. Just because a good music accompanies some times in a new song, we do give some hear for it. But sustaining the musical value and the value of lyrics, no one can match the old song which goes deep in to our hearts. "Mera Jeevan Kora Kagaz, Kora hi rehegaya" goes one song which testifies the helpless situation of the hero and from the lyrics it is quite understandable that the character faced love failure. Likewise "Is zindagi ko duven udathaa chalagaya" by Devanand testifies the casual manner of youth who gets to smoke for every reason and that becomes of habit of no return.
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