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    Side effects of yoga without instructor, at home.

    We very well know how yoga is fruitful for a good health and gives positive energy to our body, mind and soul. The first international yoga day was also observed in 84 nations on 21st June 2016. Yoga is being taught by many Indian saints worldwide like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Baba Ramdev etc. Many people are highly benefited in health by practicing yoga. However, there are some side effects which everyone must know if they're performing yoga at home without any instructor or proper knowledge.

    Yes, there are a lot of side effects like back pain, neck pain, gastric, pulling muscles, vertigo, wrist pain, ankle pain etc. Some of the mental ailments due to improper yoga are like depression, panic attack, headache, confusion, pseudo psychosis, etc. Such pains occur due to yoga, when people perform by watching DVDs or Live TV Programs by Yoga Gurus, without any direct teaching. If you really want to keep your health good and / or have some physical problem and got to know that can be cured by doing any specific yoga regularly; then at first find & consult a local yoga teacher, take ample knowledge about that, do yoga in presence and instruction of him/her for at least 10-15 days. Then, you can continue at home for a secure & healthy life. What's your saying in this concert?

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    I fully endorse the views expressed by the author. I personally developed an interest in yoga in the year 2000 during my posting at Mumbai. There was a God Ayyappa temple on the road near my house. One day, I noticed a banner displayed there announcing the commencement of yoga classes inside the temple complex in a hall. After many days of contemplation, one fine day I mustered the courage to go there and joined the classes on a token payment of Rs. 50 as registration fee. However, I had missed 4 -5 initial classes and therefore could not pick up the lessons and became a subject of ridicule of other participants. Feeling embarrassed, I stopped going there, but after 2-3 months, I went again and joined the classes again since the first day itself.
    Though the course was completed in a month, but there was a provision to continue there for practice on a token payment. I continued to go there till my transfer from Mumbai.
    Since then, I am practicing yoga daily.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There is no such things like side effects in Yoga, I fully trust yoga but if we do wrong and uses the yoga posture to do it in a wrong manner then ultimately we are going to have some pain in our back or headache, it is obvious that if we do something in a wrong manner then we have to face the consequences. Yoga is also a thing which we should do in a right way to see its benefits otherwise instead of his benefits we will have to see his side effects it's common. let take an example of drinking a water, see everyone drinks water daily but if we start drinking water in a wrong way like drinking it very fast while standing everyday then it will cause bad effects on our nervous system, these are very sensitive things which we should concentrate on it a little bit.
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    The very frequently happened side effect of yoga is obesity. It's been seen among many people when they control their obesity level by practicing yoga for a long time and revive the same within a month after stopping yoga. The people are very must aware of the rules and taught by the yoga experts; then how obesity restored? It is also a kind of side-effect of yoga that causes knowingly and unknowingly with many people.
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    If we do something by ourselves, there is chance of making mistakes. Some mistakes may land us in trouble. If we practice yoga ourselves, when doing some particular postures, w may hurt ourselves by sprain, muscular strain and may have vertigo, suffocation etc. We may also feel fatigued.

    Some key areas like backbone, neck veins etc if hurt can cause not only pain , but may cause serious injuries also.

    Other than this there are no bad side effect for yoga ,

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    Any exercise which is undertaken without proper knowledge or without any proper instructor is really risky for life and it may give side effects to other problems.
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    Yoga is a way of life. though many people still believe that yoga is just a bunch of exercises, like the Western aerobics. People practicing yoga, do loose weight but it is not about just loosing weight. Yoga creates a harmony within the body. people can't become very skinny doing yoga alone and a very thin person may put on weight by following yoga way of life since exercise technics of yoga, that is asan is just 60% of it and the remaining part is all about right breathing techniques, eating right food, drinking water at particular time intervals, eating the right satvic food i know that many avid non vegetarians can not let go of their food habits all of a sudden nor do I say that all those who perform yoga must eat the no onion, no garlic food like the sadhoos but I mean that the food, that is less oily, spicy and salty, prepared fresh and not processed using several harsh chemicals and living a good and peaceful life free of greed, jealousy and hatred.
    yoga is like a slow flowing stream of life and you fall into it and get carried away with it, slowly getting better physically and mentally. I practice hata yoga and I am glad that I joined the long term yoga classes. I believe that the side effects or inefficiently of yoga does arise from people trying to learn the asans themselves to going for the crash course in yoga that guarantee to teach every move in a matter of few hours to days. the materialistic gurus see only their financial gains and try to rush the pupils through a string of asans and complete the course. people spend a fortune, join their classes and try to learn everything, buy an instructional video and jump in but within a few days forget the basics or attempt to do some complex asan at home, may fail and face consequences ranging from mild sprains, aches and insomnia to dangerous depression to mental illness.

    Yoga may be full of dangers and side effects to people who don't understand about the yoga way of life and jump in, hoping to fulfill their dreams. When one starts to learn yoga under an instructor or guru they start with minor asans and bring about the changes in life slowly tuning your body and mind according to your instructor and advance into complex asans as your instructor feels that you are ready for it. It will take several months and slowly you tune in with your body and the nature, without any problems or side effects.

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    A student can use his talent to the fullest if he/she has a good teacher. Similarly, yoga can be only helpful if there is a good teacher/guru. Some of the yoga asans might lead to severe injuries without a proper mentor. And what you said about obesity in one of the above responses is absolutely true. If we lose weight by doing yoga and later stop doing it, the weight increases to more than the previous case. Once started, it is better to do yoga regularly. If done properly, yoga can be very helpful.

    Let us continue learning.

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    An excellent thread. Yoga must be performed under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Only a few days ago, I raised a thread which indicated the danger of performing Yoga at our home without an instructor. The link of the thread is given below:-
    Have you ever got stuck while performing Sirshasana?

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