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    Why students and teachers search Independence Day speech every year? Go simple for best.

    Every year I'm seeing students and teachers are preparing for Independence Day speeches. They start searching in internet, roughly prepare in paper, and then learn by heart. The things are same; there is nothing new. Everything since British rule is known to us. Everyone knows about the freedom fighters, their roles, story behind India's Independence Day very clearly. Why they don't go very simple? Many students are by-hearting a speech of 4-5 page; speak very fast that is unclear to everyone. Why such speeches are trained by teachers, I don't know?

    What kind of speech on 'India's Independence Day' should be prepared by the students and teachers? Please put your valuable information here.
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    The contribution of the freedom fighters who sacrificed even their life for securing independence for us can never be underestimated. However, revolving the whole independence day speech around paying homage to them is not justified in my personal opinion.
    After so many years of getting independence, we should now become serious about the progress we have made so far and the contribution which we ought to make in this regard in coming years.
    Significant contribution made by the present generation people should also be highlighted and future plans should be discussed.
    Only achieving independence is not sufficient. We have to become totally self dependent in terms of science and technology also. We should become able to eradicate poverty, diseases and crimes.
    How can we be said to become independent when the women are not safe while travelling on public roads?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    You have given me an opportunity to display my old article in this thread. ISC too asks its members to prepare an Independence day speech and awards prizes to its members. Just have a look at my Independence day speech which won the first prize.

    CLICK here to view the great inspiring Independence day speech of SUN in the year 2011.

    No life without Sun

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    I also feel sorry the students and teachers rushing for the Independence day speech every year as if they do not know the past and cannot speak orally. If some knowledge about history past through whom we got the Independence is known, one can speak without any prepared speech. They need not tell about any body, just remember about Gandhiji and his main contributions in achieving the Independence. Now do not ask about Gandhi and his history. The name itself is the simplicity and his attitude was spell bound to tame any stubborn person.
    K Mohan
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    Its because everyone wants a speech in English but not in a regional language. Even on our independence day, we are using the language English, the one left here by our invaders. I get frustrated whenever I think about this. In my opinion, a student/teacher must be randomly called to the stage and he/she should be asked to express his opinions in his/her mother tongue. We all can express our opinion on anything in our mother tongue but not in any other language. It is not necessary to completely stop prepared speeches. Prepared speeches in regional language can be allowed.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Even after independence of Independance, the value of English has not diminished and some how or the other, we like its continuance almost in every field. The speech made in English would influence the audience and as such, even if one is not master of the same, one would like to get a ready made draft in English though the same is not the reproduction from one's end. We need to change our mind - frame and one should encourage the adoption of the native Languge in expression of thoughts. In that way, one would be able to put forth one' s feelings in true form.
    Independance - speech should also include the significant contributions made by different professionals having made outstanding contributions in their fields apart from rememberance of our old heroes who contributed significantly in achievement of our Independance. Such highlights would make speech all the more effective.

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