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    What is your daily 'desi' health potion?

    When I was a child, the first thing I was given to munch, every morning, were seven almonds that were left to soak overnight in water. A heaped spoon of 'chawanprash' and a glass of warm milk were the last things that went into my belly every night. I continue the routine of almonds in the morning and milk and chawanprash at night. I believe they have some health benefits.

    A lady I met the other day mentioned starting her day with a handful of 'methi' (fenugreek) seeds soaked overnight in water. Some people swear by the benefits of drinking water kept in a copper vessel. Many people begin their day with 2-3 glasses of warm water. People use different ('desi nuska' or home remedies) restorative, therapeutic stimulants to stay alert, energetic and healthy.

    Do you have any such practice that you do routinely?
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    Well after having a tight meal, surely we feel like bulging stomach and probably ache also. In that regard having butter milk with some methi seeds will prove to give good digestive powers. And for those who feel like vomiting after taking food, Nendhiranga pieces, that is a type of raw pickle made from the big santra and that would arrest the vomiting sensation and gives great relief.
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    I do take almonds soaked overnight in water at the time of breakfast. Soaking overnight makes it easy to peel the skin which contains tannin known for inhibiting absorption of nutrients. Soaked almonds are a good source of antioxidants which resists free radical damage and thus decelerate ageing process. They contain monounsaturated fats, vitamin B17 and folic acid beneficial for health.
    However, being a diabetic, I take a spoonful of soaked fenugreek seeds (vendhayam in Tamil) also which contains an unusual amino acid (4HO-IIe) found only in fenugreek seeds which help in managing sugar level by enhancing insulin secretion and increasing insulin sensitivity. Besides, it is rich source of many beneficial vitamins, minerals and fibre.
    Fenugreek seeds are also known to be helpful in reducing cholesterol level, maintaining a healthy testosterone level, preventing cancer and increasing milk production in case of lactating mothers.

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    Surely all the indigenous formulaes such almond nuts soaked in water in overnight, Fenugreek - seeds to be used in the morning after being soaked the same over night works perfectly. My first attempt in the morning is to consume two glasses of hot water mixed with lemon - juices. Entirely half cut lemon is to be used in these two glasses of water in order to keep my metabolism active and such drinking of hot water eliminates the toxins from our body - system because of lemon being citrus in nature and at the same time it is inexpensive devotion. This has helped me to maintain my constant weight since 2009 and apart from it I take a cup of green tea in evening by immersing one sachet in the hot water for a couple of minutes. The antioxidants present in the green tea is definitely felt since I don't suffer from cough and cold apart from other health benifits such as plane belly and improvement of digestion since its consumption - way back to 2010.

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    I have been planning since time immemorial to start my day with some health drink mentioned by Mrs. Juana. But till date, I have not been able to start. I start my day with a cup of 'desi chai' with biscuits. Now I realise my food habit has become erratic since I left Kolkata after getting my first job in August, 1989.
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    This thread recalled my morning health regime too of my childhood, it being the same - almonds which were soaked overnight with breakfast and a glass of milk with Bournvita to end the day.

    I do still eat not just almonds, but a fistful of dry fruits daily, including pistachios, raisins and walnuts. However, I no longer soak the almonds & pop them as they are. I've been told they must be soaked as with the skin it causes acidity - is this true?

    On the recommendation of my Physician to boost my immunity against constant cold & cough when the season changes, I also regularly have an amla ( Indian gooseberry). It has worked for me! You just need to boil one daily and eat it. I have it at lunch to camouflage the slightly sour taste. Of course, I suppose that those who have digestive problems with sour food could avoid it.

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    Nuts contain a higher percentage of phytic acid or phytates which interferes with the ability to absorb the minerals in the mineral rich nuts and seeds. Soaking and sprouting nut and seeds unleash their full nutritional value by activating their enzymes. Activating the enzymes in the almond allows better digestion and access to its nutrients. If the almonds are not soaked to remove the skin, the phytates in the skin can interfere with digestion. The phytates can bind with iron and zinc and reduce their absorption into the blood.
    The roasting process kills the enzymes present in the almond.
    However, we are able to digest almonds with their skins and benefit from their nutrients. The almond skin is insoluble fiber that doesn't get digested. Instead, it travels to the colon where it feeds the good bacteria that supports the immune system. Also, the almond skins contain a combination of antioxidants and vitamin E, which help in protecting the cells from free radical damage.

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