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    Why teachers are allotted for several election duties in India?

    My father was a teacher. Since my childhood I've seen many times during elections, he was allotted with various responsibilities as polling officer or presiding officer duty at far from my hometown. Many times he faced political threatens from party members during the ballot. Some of the party members are also my father's old students, but they don't know how to react with their teacher and behave rudely as per their political manners. What you think; what is the purpose of using teachers in election duties? How far it is good and bad of allotting teachers in voting; as there may be a lot of risk chances during voting? Put your valuable thoughts on this concert.
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    If we are going to solemnize a marriage for our daughter in our house, we usually request or entrust the works to our housepersons first and then to outsiders. Similarly the Government also. The election, survey works are related to Government's portfolio. so, the Government initially entrust such works to its employees and teachers are in the circle. Moreover such works are entrusted to teachers because of their virtue, patience and dedication and also the training time is less as they can grasp the things fast rather than others.

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    The Indian Constitution and the Election Commission rules expressly says that that those who are allotted with election duties they must take the same with determination and complete without any discrepancies and bias. Teachers are best lot after the government servants who can be given the bigger task of conducting elections as they are well versed with organizing and executing things in the class level. Moreover if every one shirks the responsibility and wont accept the election duty , then it would be difficult for the government to conduct elections in peace and fair manner. The election duty officers are free to make complaint with the police against the over powering politicians and the law will help them certainly.
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    Not even one political party works according to the rules/laws these days. Many political leaders distribute money to voters and get their votes. For this, the people should also be blamed. Government allots election duties not only to teachers but to almost every government employees. My father is working as a bank manager and he is allotted election duties during every election. Anyways, teachers can do the election duties better than other government employees because of the similarities between elections and their job.

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