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    Was it correct to mention Balochistan in the Prime Minister's Independence Day speech?

    Balochistan is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. While responding to the Prime minister's Independence Day speech, Pakistan Prime Minister's adviser on foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz has reacted by saying that it 'only proves Pakistan's contention that India, through its main intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), has been fomenting terrorism in Balochistan'.

    The Prime Minister of India speaking about Balochistan from the rampart of the Red Fort on the occasion of the Independence Day signifies a level of political sanction and commitment to the issue.
    As far as POK is concerned, there is a parliamentary resolution that all of Jammu and Kashmir is a part of India.

    Was it correct to mention Balochistan in the Prime Minister's Independence Day speech?
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    Our good PM should have restricted his speech to the achievement, progress and development of our nation than touching the foreign land especially our neighbour who is bitter to us. It was an extraordinary speech towards the end of his speech from the rampart of Red fort.
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    The PM has talked about the greetings of people of Balochistan and people of Gilgit-Baltistan (which he has received) in his speech. India is now supporting the aspirations of people of these two places, and so, the eople of these two areas of Pakistan have expressed their gratitude. On Pakistan's Independence Day, Baloch nationalists hoisted the flag of independent Balochistan on the top of a prominent hospital at Karachi, Sindh, which has got world-wide attention. Balochis have observed Pakistani Independence Day as 'Black Day'. They celebrated 12th August as the Independence Day of Balochistan. 14th August witnessed major protests both at Balochistan and Gilgit. In this month of August itself, people of PoK witnessed violent protests against rigged election conducted there.

    Pakistanis must remember the last year warning of Mr. Ajit Doval, the NSA. He clearly stated that if Pakistanis foment trouble in J&K, they will have to leave Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan. I think the PM has done absolutely right thing talking about the hapless people of Balochistan and FANA (Federally Administered Northern Region, i.e., Gilgit-Baltistan), especially when Pakistan talks about Kashmir at every forum or platform.

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    When the Country is celebrating the Independence day, the PM should have spoken about his achievement so far, his progress card regarding promises made and achievement to that effect and also lining out his future plans. That was much expected but speaking something about other country and getting a immediate feed back is not solicited.
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    #575504 - Pakistan is a sovereign country and Balochistan is one of the provinces of that country. Is it proper to interfere or meddle in other countries internal matters that too from the rampart of the Red Fort. The status of Ajit Doval is much different than that of the Prime Minister of India.
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    If Pakistan utters about Kashmir, which it doesn't deserves; and we're hearing the same word since more than 60 years; then what's wrong in presenting Baluchistan in his speech when their local represents need helps from India and asks directly on media. I think there is nothing wrong by saying anything about Pakistan. Why should we allow them and interfere in each and every matter of us; where there is no point of view to discuss and reason / rights for them?
    Naresh Kumar
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    The world is not so innocent as we think. There are always strong biases in favour or against. We Indians should develop more self confidence. The more we obey or respect, the more we will be kicked. Hence it is time to say 'enough is enough, let us face whatever may come'. Why should we remain always in defence? Did our remaining silent and always on defence make matters any way iota better for us? Sometimes offence works as deterrent. Don't we have a right to celebrate our festivals without any feeling of insecurity?'
    Let us understand that Pakistan is always US's baby. US does have only commercial interests in India. 'Enemy of my enemy is my friend' is the only principle now working in international relationships. It is high time India kept in priority only its self interests.
    Tell openly to Pak that it has driven India to the state of helping Baluchis. Do it openly. Let us see what happens. It is better to declare and fight with courage than suffer meekly without able to openly say . Now at least we will come to know who is our friend.

    At least one Prime Minister (or team) has got a little guts to raise our head and broaden our chest and say, stop, or I will hit you back. "A coward dies many times before death, but the valiant dies, but only once". Our soldiers and civilians are not chicken to feed to Pakistan's evil deeds. Thanks, at least a start is made. If the nation stands united, we can keep Pakistan or even China in check. Let us say with one voice,"' we are Indians, we stand for India only, our interest are only safety and development of our country.We are selfish in that". Forget the rest.

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    I would definitely support our PM when he made that comment about Balochistan. A message was needed to be sent across and that was done in a right way.

    In case the thread author thinks it was improper to make a reference to a foreign country, does it not mean he needs to think of the references Pakistan makes about Kashmir? It is high time Pakistan needs to be taught a lesson in its own game.

    It should not be forgotten that India stood by Pakistan when a military school was attacked by militants in Peshawar. Compare it with how Pakistan described Burhan Wani who was actually a militant as a Kashmiri leader. It was indeed a great point that PM made by making reference to the human rights violations in Balochistan and other areas in Pakistan and POK.

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    Dear Members,
    It is not time for an Indian lion to roar from the rampart of the Redfort. The Indian lion should go to UN and roar with such messages to Pakistan for the world community to know. It is like a family member shouting at the neighbour by sitting at home. Go out and roar for others to hear and fear. The lion should roar every day, not only on the Independence day or Republic day or any other festival days. The lion should get into the TV every day and roar with a message to our neighbour Pakistan. I must say that it is the weakness of the lion to roar at home.

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    I don't think there is anything wrong with our Prime Minister mentioning Balochistan in the Independence Day speech. It is very minute when compared to what Pakistan is doing to our country. If we continue like this, Pakistan may dominate us one day. I completely agree with Mr. Sun in saying that Indian lion should go to UN and roar with such messages to Pakistan for the world community to know. Pakistan is only a fraction our Indian subcontinent and it is the major cause of terrorism in our country. Pathetic!

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