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    Students lacking computer knowledge due to excess Smartphone & iPad addiction

    Before Smartphone, students usually spent their time on computer and due to which they're very much aware with several tools on Microsoft word/excel/PowerPoint etc. As Smartphone mobiles became an addiction among students, they rarely uses computers, due to which they're lacking lot of computer knowledge. One of my students, who was good in computer operating some years ago, now due to excess using mobiles, forgot several shortcut keys on computer and programming. Students except B.E., B.Tech, BCA, MCA, M.Tech, M.E. and other computer science are very week and many don't know how to operate computer perfectly. What's your saying on this topic; how this bad habit could be turned to good without stopping Smartphone habits? Please comment.
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    Smartphones are electronic gadgets designed and developed as an user-friendly device which can be operated by the common users like the way they operate other electronic gadgets like television, washing machine etc. The smartphones are not specifically designed for learning basics of the computers. Therefore, the computer operations are to be learnt separately by those who are interested in the same.

    The simplest and most common use of the computers is as a typewriter. The conventional mechanical typewriters have almost totally been replaced by the desktops. Even in the Government offices, people learn and use computers as typewriters. The advanced users like accountants etc. learn more operations accordingly.

    However, such users only learn the skill part i.e. how to operate and obtain results without knowing anything fundamental which is not required also in such cases. The students who study computer related subjects, learn the basic principles etc.

    It is totally up to the students concerned to devote due time in learning the computer operations. The teachers, parents and mentors can only guide them about such matters.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I don't know why students are getting diverted from main needs and path by adopting unnecessary habits. Smartphone and iPad are not so prime while studying then why they acquainted with such gadgets. Why parents allow their children to do so? In our days we used to go libraries for knowledge gaining through several books and magazines; nowadays no one adopts such habit of reading at library. All the time they spend their time with mobiles and Internet. Who's responsible for this?
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    I would not think the usage of smartphones makes the students weak in computers. In fact, that would give them more insight into the tools involved. I have seen it happening in my own family. My eleven year old son has been using mobile phones and such gadgets since he was five. He is quite easy with the operation of the laptop now - please note that it has been only six months that we have a laptop at our home.

    It all boils down to the interest one has in learning the concepts. You can easily learn new things if you have tendency to grasp the subject. No matter whether you are new to it or not, as long as you have the adaptive mind, you will definitely learn it.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Kamat Sir, why students are so keen to smartphone and less to computer. They need to go for more practices with computers as they'll do all operations through computer in their future, not with mobile phones. There are many things missing in smartphone as compared to computers. There are several side effects of using smartphone like excess discharge of radiation that directly affects to hands, eyes and brain. So parents must priorities more to computers, not smartphones.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Speaking exactly, smartphones are not the ones which are having effects on children. Instead, the social networking sites and games/apps are having effects on children. And, games and social networking sites can be accessed from computers too. If a child uses them in a computer, he/she can't learn any shortcuts etc,. So, a child must allot his/her time equally to computer and smartphone. A computer/smartphone can be used to become an Einstein or a fool. I spend half an hour in YouTube everyday and learn things (half education, half entertainment) which many people don't know. If used properly, a smartphone/computer can be helpful to anyone.

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    I do not think so. Now days students are much more aware about computers. As they are getting to used with computer from very early age. For which they are more aware. Yes if you are talking about some particular knowledge and function, that is different things. As I remember during 200 class 10 th students was learning about word, excel etc. But now days class 3-4 students also know what are the uses and they are acquainted with Internet ( they are making presentation, writing letter in word pad etc.
    Smart phone use is different , as they are learning downloads, editing images, sharing documents, mail etc.

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    While it is imperative to know the computer basics and other knowledge connected to Information technology, the students are taking it easy and not taking interest after the invention of smart phones. Students are under the impression that smart phone can function on the lines of desk top and hence they are not even attending the classes required as sure. While the computer knowledge has been made from the high school level, the students are skipping the computer class under the excuse that they know about computer as they have the modern gadget called smart phone. This attitude taking them to wrong route.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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