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    How and why people learn computers?

    When I was studying in the university way back in the early seventies, there were no computers in use. I bought my first personal computer only in the year 1999 for facilitating my son's studies who had entered class XI at that time.

    Incidentally, during that period only, the project of computerisation of functions of my organization was taken up by NIC and I was assigned the role to coordinate the same. I vividly remember that the project was least welcomed by the people in my organization and it was treated as a very casual and miscellaneous work. However, association and active involvement with the project enabled me to learn computers and I could contribute to the development of an online system for various functions of my organization.

    Nowadays, even the toddlers play with computers or smartphones.

    Let us share as to how and why we learned computers.
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    Yes having the knowledge of how to operate computer has become necessary now when it was luxury then. Who ever had a computer is considered to be rich and knowledge person. Now every home has either computer, laptop or smart phones to have access through internet. By the way I never gone to type Institute or computer Institute to learn. All I have learned through daily practice and today I have very good knowledge about the computer and even my typing also improved tremendously. But I must admit that my writing has become horrible as other people cannot read what I write.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Now a day, study means nothing if we haven't know how to run a computer. My mother also says that earlier there was no Computer in her days when she use to study in schools or in colleges, but now a day it seems that computer has become a compulsory subject which is to be learn by every students because computer comes in many uses from personal uses to professional uses, every institutions and big companies data are stored in computer whereas earlier it was only noted in fat copies. The biggest advantage of computer is that the data can accessed in a minute.
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    Computers have enabled the individuals to learn typing also. Earlier, only people working as a typists or stenographers and only a few others used to know typing. Many people type using one finger also without learning the typical typing work using both hands and all the ten fingers.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    And for the information purpose I wish to mention here that some people are even faster on the cell phones than computer as I have seen one girl having personal talking with other girl and seen typing the text without seeing the screen and that took me to surprise. Surely she may not be accustomed to computer key board that fast but in cell phones the keys are placed in close and the people are at ease to type very fast and that is really a thing to appreciate and applaud. When compared to me , my daughter can text faster without seeing the screen and mind it she has not gone to any typewriting Institute so far.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Well said Mohan sir. Even I am very much comfortable in texting the messages while operating my smartphone while I search for letters to type a text using laptop. Now, it is not necessary to learn type-writing as people used to go previously but learning type-writing and shorthand writing help to be more speedy and accurate. The excessive usage of computers and their necessity to apply everything online whether applying for an exam or a job made my generation a computer savoy.
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