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    What are the disadvantages and hidden costs of Reliance Jio 4G LTE Network data plans? - active GD

    Are you trying to find the disadvantages and hidden costs involved in the Reliance Jio network services? Are you worried they will have some hidden costs? Follow this active debate to learn more.

    Reliance Jio 4G LTE Disadvantages
    Reliance recently announced the revolutionary data plans as part of its Jio 4G LTE Network services. According to the official announcement, mobile internet is becoming extremely cheap. Downloading movies, live streaming videos etc are going to be extremely fast and easy through the new 4G data plans from Reliance. No doubt, this is going to make our lives easy but isn't it coming with big threats on our eco system? Aren't out young generation going to spend a lot of time on mobile phones watching movies and videos? How will the other network providers like Idea, Airtel, BSNL etc survice? Can they afford to extend the service in long term?

    Let's discuss & debate your opinions about the disadvantages and cons of the new Reliance Jio 4G network services.
    Last date to participate in this active GD: 5th September 2016.
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    Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani said at the AGM of RIL at Birla Matushri Sabhagar in Mumbai today on 01.09.2016 that Jio is aimed at realising Digital India dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    Life is going digital. He remarked that the data is the oxygen of digital life. Jio will charge only for data, voice will be free. Data will cost 5 paise per MB, or Rs 50 per GB which is perhaps the lowest rates anywhere in the world

    To have a feel as to how data will be used, consider following -
    1. Jio TV will offer access to 300 plus channels.
    2. Jio Cinema will have a library of 6000 movies and 1,00,000 episodes of TV shows.
    3. Jio music has 10 million songs.
    4. Jio Money will allow the user to go cashless.

    The company has a goal to acquire 100 million customers as soon as possible and a capacity to add 1 million users per day. They will use e-KYC using Aadhar card which will give a working connection with in just 15 minutes. The students will be given 25 per cent more data on Jio's basic tariffs.

    Regarding its impact on the society, let us think positive and hope for the best only. The data may be used to transform the education delivery system as never before. Why to limit our vision to cashless financial transactions only. Let us think about paperless learning systems. The videos can contain animated educational lessons also replacing the conventional textbooks.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It was earlier said that Jio 4G data of 10GB will be offered at just Rs. 98/- . This was not rumor around internet but I have heard of it from the staff of Reliance Digital Store when I purchased Jio SIM preview offer. I have also written an article on How to get Reliance Jio Preview Offer. On seeing the tariff announced today by Mr. Mukesh Ambani, their tariff is not looking good (See the attachment below to refer their tariff). Yes, there is hidden cost. Look at the plan Rs. 499/- where only 4GB in the day is applicable and thus 1GB data costs more than Rs. 100/-. Airtel were also offering 1GB for Rs. 100/- when we recharge for Rs. 998/-. So there is NOT a big change in the data plan. The only advantage is FREE voice calls. But here I want to mention one important thing. As Reliance Jio uses both data and voice calls on the same line, we can't get connected immediately when we make call. Always it says the number you are trying is busy (Actually the number is not busy but the Jio network). I am experiencing it in the Jio previous offer presently I am enjoying. Though the calling is very poor, the 4G data connectivity is extremely good at all the times. Finally I conclude that their 4G data tariff will NOT be much impact on branded networks like Airtel.

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    See the Jio tariff below.

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    Currently Reliance jio providing trial offer, 3 month unlimited data and unlimited calls for specific customer, whom he has given SIM with some particular hand set like samsung j2 series, Micromax, LG, Sony etc.
    I have also got a Reliance jio free of cost because I am having one of the phone which ahs 4g enabled . But I am sharing my personal experience. I am from Odisha ( Bhubaneswar), I am not getting tower coverage every where, so my speed is not work always ( yes, as compared to current 4g service provider it is better). but some time my phone does not having permission to use call or internet, I complain to reliance digital express, they do changes some settings and it works again, so it clearly indicate that Reliance is going to cheat in future with higher charge from their customer.
    Also I saw a news regarding Reliance jio lunching price will be Rs 500 per month with unlimited data and calls.
    But there will be no impact of our young generation, as they are using free and will not ready to pay 500, whether it gives 300 or 3000 channels.

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    Well, the logic behind providing lower tariffs could have many logical reasoning. Reliance has invested in stronger and powerful network that can sustain the varying load for at least next five years. The long term strategy can be one of the possible positive in terms of the profitability.

    Moreover, other operators provide you with 2G, 3G and 4G on the same base station (known as mobile tower in a layman's language). Maintaining all these different technologies on the single tower can have seriously higher costs. People have different connectivity options when it comes to other operators like Idea, Airtel or BSNL. You are forced to provide all the three technologies of connectivity together for a seamless connectivity across all kinds od devices used - beginning with the basic devices to the premium ones. Reliance Jio does not need to bother about those headaches. When you get a Reliance Jio SIM, you know that that you will be getting only 4G and nothing else. That can help bring down the costs considerably.

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    Jio has announced seven plans - S (small) to XXXL (XXX large). All plans have a validity period of 28 days. These plans come with access to Jio apps like JioPlay, JioOnDemand, JioBeats, JioMags, JioXpressNews, JioDrive, JioSecurity and JioMoney.

    In a nutshell, the plans are as follows -

    1. Plan Rs 149 - Data 0.3 GB + 100 messages
    2. Plan Rs 499 - Data 4GB + voice and message unlimited + 8GB data through Jio operated WiFi hotspots
    3. Plan Rs 999 - Data 10GB + voice and message unlimited + 20GB data through Jio operated WiFi hotspots
    4. Plan Rs 1,499 - Data 20GB + voice and message unlimited + 40GB data through Jio operated WiFi hotspots
    5. Plan Rs 2,499 - Data 35GB + voice and message unlimited + 70GB data through Jio operated WiFi hotspots
    6. Plan Rs 3,999 - Data 60GB + voice and message unlimited + 120GB data through Jio operated WiFi hotspots
    7. Plan Rs 4,999 - Data75GB + voice and message unlimited + 150GB data through Jio operated WiFi hotspots

    The plans listed at S.N. 2 to 7 come with unlimited night usage also.

    Being a non-technical person, I could not relate the above tariff plans with the announcement that Reliance Jio tariff starts at Rs 50 for 1GB.

    Will any knowledgeable person explain above to me?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Please not that this is an active GD. You can thus debate on what other members state to be a disadvantage as not necessarily being a disadvantage, bring out the possible benefits of it, whether the service does indeed have more disadvantages than benefis, etc.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I actually do not think the new service from Reliance has any disadvantages as such. The ability to use pan India connectivity ( the service is expected to seep into the rural areas soon), it should be the best when it comes to staying connected. The sheer planning and investment strategy has been quite instrumental in building a pan India network that is technologically quite advanced.

    Another advantage I would expect from the consumer point of view is that the data prices may spiral down. It is a wellknown fact that the three largest telcos in India - Airtel, Vodafone and Idea - have formed a cartel kind of group and have been working in tandem, thereby increasing the data tariffs by leaps. Entry of Relaince Jio can definitely help consumers expect a drop in pack prices.

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    Please remember Reliance has been joining the 4 G race well after Airtel and Idea, so many customers have already migrated to those big brands from Reliance. So this is the trick being played by the RIM to woo the customers back and surely customers opting for Reliance Jio must be careful and read all the offers with minute accuracy. Reliance is not going to offer this scheme without hidden agenda for future. So it is left to the discretion of every customer to chose Reliance and be with their preferred brand.
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    It is for sure that people are definitely attracting towards this new generations speed race. Earlier where only airtel and vodafone are meant to be the best but we all know that some day or the other it would be effected but we won't thought of this that it would be effected so fast then our thinking almost every cellular users are changing them in jio world of experiences, I have personally seen my friend who just brought a new 4G phone for jio sim because as we know that this sim will only work in 4G supported mobile, from this we can understand the craze of jio sim in all over India, just because of Jio sim people are upgrading phone to 4G phone. I think this company main motto is to bring more and more customers in very few times and after the customers gets addicted to it then I think that the company will increase the money for the data plans to, because I know that if someone gets to know about the fastest 4G speed then he/she will surely become addicted to it and he/she will not like to run internet on any other speed(2G, 3G) rather 4G speed. It is just all about marketing scheme, it has many disadvantages also and that are:-
    1) many students will be distracted from their studies.
    2)It will make people lazy as they will always be on net every time.

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    Let us see it from an entirely different perspective. It is not only the launch of Reliance Jio Infocomm company. It is the launch of Aakash Ambani also, the worthy son of Mukesh Ambani. Akash Ambani, now 22 years old has returned to India last year to intern in the family business after pursuing his undergraduate studies at Brown University in the US.

    Akash Ambani has joined Reliance Industries Ltd. and is involved in the ambitious 4G telecom venture. In this context, I don't see either any hidden cost or have any doubt about the sterling services to be made available to the Reliance Jio 4G users.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What a timely, relevant Group Discussion! Thanks to Tony John for initiating this GD.

    Reliance deserves kudos to have come with this bold declaration. As usual, Reliance group (Reliance Jio at present) has taken the wind out of sails of competitors. Let us remember that it was Reliance communications(or whatever name it had then) who brought a healthy competition in the field of mobile phone tariff and brought bundled sets as pioneers. It was that act which set in motion a great change in the mobile phone communication in India and made it affordable even to an ordinary person. Reliance deserves the credit of making mobile phone popular and affordable to even a poor man in this country.

    Repeating that feat Reliance Jio has come with their present announcements. While admitting that no business functions for charity, we have to appreciate that no other provider has shown that boldness and even audacity to give practically free voice calls.
    I stand with the view that what Reliance Jio did is wonderful and worth our appreciation. They have taken the lead.
    I do not believe that there is any cheating by hiding something as of now. The choice is for the public to analyse, do homework and accept or reject the better or best from the market.
    Sure, Reliance leads, others will definitely follow suit.

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    Jio has advantages but there are some disadvantages too.
    1) Now a days, many people, especially students are using internet in a wrong way i.e. for time pass. If such a huge amount of data is provided for such a less cost, it may have a bad influence on such internet users.
    2) According to Mr. Ambani, Jio Apps will be free until December 31, 2017. After that, Reliance may increase the costs. As the Jio SIM is given after producing our Aadhaar card, nobody can take a second Jio SIM (this is what many other people are doing now a days) and we should pay as much as Reliance demands.
    3) As we will be used to 4G for about an year and a half, we will be used to high speed internet and we can't shift to less speed. So, we should adjust to increased costs.
    The costs are very less when compared to other companies. So, there is some plan behind all this for sure.

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    Krishna (#577711) - It is always better to weigh both pros and cons of any issue but I don't see much substances in your contentions.

    The students who are misusing the internet resources are doing so even at present though at a higher cost and at a slower speed causing wastage of both the time resources and money resources. Though I am not advocating misuse of internet resources but the Jio plan which is cheaper as well as faster will save the time and money resources of the students . As a matter of fact, the company has a special scheme for students offering 25% excess data. The critics have gone even to the extent of alleging that proliferation of the data may result in an increase in porn watching.

    The mobile number portability (MNP) system can be used for migrating from the scheme in case so desired by any user. I don't think that the instant eKYC Aadhaar card-based activation service offered by the Jio will be any stumbling block in such cases.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #577721 (Mr. Kailash Kumar) : I think what the critics are saying is true. As I am a student, I know what most students do using the internet. I have 35 classmates and only 2 of them (including me) try to use internet properly. Jio provides high amounts of 4G data for the same cost. It is a fact that most of the teenagers tend to spend all the money they have. So, most of the students won't save money. Instead, they will get more data for the same money. That gives way to what critics are saying.

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    Though, what Krishna has pointed out is quite true, I would guess that the issue needs to be looked from a wider perspective. In case of Jio, I would state that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

    The FUP scenario in India would definitely change with the introduction of Reliance Jio. I still remember the changes it brought when launched during the nascent stages of Indian mobile telephony. With 4G now, I would expect the same. The FUP rules followed by the existing operators is abysmally slow. I would expect 4G or Jio in particular making streaming of videos and music a great feature. We may even be able to get a no FUP unlimited data plan. With sheer capacity that Reliance has obtained, that should not be a remote dream.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I ended my first discussion post (#577685 )in this GD with the concluding words "Reliance leads, others will definitely follow suit.". I did not expect my prediction to come true so soon.

    Today BSNL has announced a plan with drastic rate cut to be implemented from Sept 9. 'If Autumn comes can summer be far behind?'. More providers will follow suit. That proves Reliance Jio is successful in its marketing and packaging of products.

    It may be that other providers want to taste the sweet, but do not want to take the lead and effort. Even during the first tariff war in mobile telephony in India also same pattern happened. Reliance introduced boldly. Others followed meekly. But they also reaped many benefits. While Reliance has to take the brickbats, others enjoyed the shade happily.
    If someone blames Reliance with hidden charges then that applies to BSNL now and to all other providers who may soon announce reduced tariff packages and products.

    I invite attention of participants to the very logical argument of Timmappa Kamat in his post #577653 above: and I quote".... other operators provide you with 2G, 3G and 4G on the same base station (known as mobile tower in a layman's language)........(while).. When you get a Reliance Jio SIM, you know that that you will be getting only 4G and nothing else. That can help bring down the costs considerably." Unquote. I also endorse that view.

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    In response #577711 Krishna Teja Yeluripati says that "As we will be used to 4G for about an year and a half, we will be used to high speed internet and we can't shift to less speed. So, we should adjust to increased costs". Yes, it is true. But can Reliance be blamed for that? Crony capitalism, which is getting established intis country, and the lack of strong customer benefit laws help that. This is happening in all areas where unbridled private corporate play is allowed.. I am also concerned about that. But that is not a justification to blame only Reliance Jio.

    In another post he argues "Jio provides high amounts of 4G data for the same cost. It is a fact that most of the teenagers tend to spend all the money they have. So, most of the students won't save money". It is wrong argument and logic. Students arefar more clever and smart. They know where things are cheap and simply go for that. They will not be permanently loyal to Jio if another provider gives cheaper tariffs and better plans. So they will first save much money with Jio and then shift to at low cost. If 4G is not cheap by then they will revert back to 2G/3G also if they are cheaper.

    Please note that Facebook faced terrific challenge with whatsapp, and were forced to accept and amalgamate whatsapp to their family. Jio also will cater to customer preference and choice. Customer resistance can bring any one to be tamed.

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    #577736 (Mr. Venkiteswaran) :

    By saying "Jio provides high amounts of 4G data for the same cost. It is a fact that most of the teenagers tend to spend all the money they have. So, most of the students won't save money", I mean that students will spend the same amount of money even if they are using Jio SIM card.

    Suppose he/she is spending Rs. 100 for mobile data now, he/she will spend the same Rs. 100 even if he/she is using a Jio SIM card. While using a high speed internet, we automatically get habituated to watching YouTube videos etc,. But, that requires more data transfer i.e. more data. So, at the same price, we will get habituated to using more data. So, the same Rs. 100 (or more in some cases) will be spent even when using a Jio SIM card.

    Mr. Kailash Kumar said in his response #577721 that "Jio plan which is cheaper as well as faster will save the time and money resources of the students" but I think that there won't be any money saving and that is why I posted that argument. I don't say that all students are like that but majority of them are like that.

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    Krishna (#577711) - Regarding your point number 3 i.e. 'as we will be used to 4G for about a year and a half, we will be used to high-speed internet and we can't shift to less speed. So, we should adjust to increased costs', following two associated factors should not be ignored -

    1. Reliance Jio has set a goal to acquire 10 crores customers at the earliest. Also, they have the capacity to add 1 lakh users per day. In such a scenario, I don't think the company will have to resort to cheating tactics by raising the charges exorbitantly after one and a half years.

    2. Despite the might of Reliance Jio, there is the Government of India and regulatory authority Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

    The company has clearly announced that the voice calls and the roaming charges will be free for lifetime and the data charges will be about one tenth of the prevailing rates. They will require a minimum customer base of 7.5 to 8.0 crores to break-even which is likely to take 2 to 3 years minimum.

    I think their focus will be on broadening the customer base by attracting the existing customer base of the rival companies also, instead of increasing the cost in future.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In the beginning of nineties(1990s) there was a clamour commonly from Indian business and Indian industry to 'privatise and liberalise' business and industry from regulation and allow 'free play field for market forces'. Theat was a wrong mathematics of the Indian business and industry. The large industry and business in India then was in the hands or controlled manly by a couple of hundreds of private industrialists , a few well known groups and houses, and then some scattered individuals.
    Their calculation was to monopolise and cartelise the whole gamut of industry and business by forcing government to yield to their pressures. So they hired writers and campaignists from abroad and inside the country and planted articles in media and initiated debates and discussions. For this they roped in the pseudo intelligentsia and made it appear as if it was a popular aspiration.

    Things actually went beyond their control when the multinatonalists exploited the opportunity for their favour. So ultimately the floodgates were opened and 'equal playing field' was given for Indian and multinational business, in our country. Then the same industrial houses and business groups cried foul and started planting storis. But the multinational corporate had their way and they even swallowed a few internal groups and units by mergers and acquisitions.

    But Reliance saw opportunity then and entered into collaborations and ventures with foreign business houses and groups to have Indian subsidiaries with their control. From day one Reliance thus got an upper hand above all the Indian industry and business groups. They very cleverly manipulated strategies and maintained cordial and commanding relationships with any ruling party or coalition at Center as well as states. They do the same still. Probably now is the best time of Reliance group. That they are using to the full benefit.
    Naturally this creates business rivalry and some jealousies. Even individual mentality also is influenced. The current debate also stems from such a situation. Let us try to recall what the Maran 2G episode was. Then also someone tried to manipulate and favour some particular business house or group.

    So if it was not Reliance Jio, then some other group would have resorted to similar business strategies. Reliance proved one-up above all. That is all.

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    Maran et al were perhaps the first to sense the potential of auctioning bandwidths and bargained for the ministry in lieu of extending support to the UPA Government.

    That way the congress party patronized Birla group, the wealthy industrialist family. Even Mahatma Gandhi used to accept their hospitality and stay in Birla guest house etc. They were nationalist. However, after independence, the ambassador car manufactured by the Hindustan Motors remained the only car which was allowed to be purchased and used by the Government departments/organizations.

    Patronizing industrialists and the wealthy business house is perhaps an essential requirement of the democratic form of the Government as funds are required for fighting winning elections.

    However, only Tata could win a Bharat Ratna, not Dhirubhai Ambani even during the tenure of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India. Morals and ethical practices of the Tatas paid in the long run.

    Coming back to the main issue, I see the Digital India dream of Narendra Modi in the Reliance Jio's ambitious plan.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Now the Jio has been officially got advertised by our country prime minister Modi as his digital India dream. Somewhere his digital India dream is going to be successful in the look of Jio, his announcement of free calls service are listened by millions of people India. Now a day every people has one word common in their mouth and that is Jio, this Jio has successful made a room in people heart, everyday it's increase popularity frightening the other cellular services, and we are also getting the news of loss which are made by Jio on other cellur services.
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    Though commonly spelled as 'jiyo' in the Roman script, the Hindi word 'Jio' means live (life).
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    In my opinion, there is absolutely no disadvantages of Reliance Jio because already top telecom operators are charging heavily for data services. Jio offering high speed internet with Pan India coverage is the best thing consumers can get now. There is 2G or 3G but only pure 4G experience with Jio makes them the best option now. Jio has coverage all over India and present even at places where even 2G signal was not present. Some of the advantages they will give are mentioned below:

    1. They are offering VOLTE which has more capacity that 2G and 3G calls. Thus, they can offer unlimited voice at cheap prices which would kill other operators.

    2. According to the present plans that they have launched on 1st September, they are offering data at almost equal rates without any unlimited plans, which easily tells that they won't provide cheap data or any unlimited plans. So, children becoming addicted of internet as said by one of our member is not going to happen.

    3. 4G means speed and now people can get their internet related work quite quickly which was not possible until now with 2G or 3G. It will be a boon for people who use internet for their business.

    4. No roaming charges is the best thing about Jio. This would help every Indian to feel free while travelling as all the voice calls are free as of now. No other operator offers it.

    5. After going through their terms and conditions, there isn't any sign of hidden charges as for now. Voice calls won't use data with basic plans which start from 149 rupees.

    So, in my opinion Jio will only improve our country's slow internet speed which has been the lowest in the world. If India has to develop, then 4G network at every nook and corner of India is required which Jio has done. Although, people must use the internet properly to get all the benefits. For now it is the best thing for business. There FTTH service will also be launched in coming months which can be the game changer for many people in India.

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    #577766 Yes, in comparison to advantage of Jio, the disadvantage are very less, people are usually seeing its bright positive sights because the way the facility has been provided by Jio is seen to be a profit for the user.
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    Some members are mentioning that Jio's advantages out weigh its disadvantages. It is true but we are supposed to discuss the disadvantages, right?

    The packages announced (attachment in #577564) show that Jio may not be as advantageous as everyone is thinking. Jio is offering 4 GB data for Rs. 499 and that's not a big change of price. Other companies like Airtel are providing 3 GB for the same cost. It is a bit advantageous as unlimited data is provided during night times. But, it should be noted that proper night times refer to the three hours from 2 AM to 5 AM. How many people will be awake during that time to use the unlimited data?

    In my opinion, Jio's primary target is to grab millions of users. Then, even a small change in cost will help Jio to gain millions. Just imagine the increase of costs by 2 rupees for all packages, which won't seem much to users. If there are 10 million users, Jio will earn 20 million more rupees every month.

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    Another major disadvantage is, Jio users are forced to pay minimum Rs. 149/- per month. No recharge of Rs. 10, Rs. 20 is not available. So one aleady spending just Rs. 100 or less will find difficult to pay for. Then next plan is hiked up to Rs. 499/-. Though voice calling is unlimited, majority of people are not going to sit and talk over phone. And voice call will not be immediately connected as like other operators. The reason is Jio uses both data and voice in the same line. It prefers only to data, not call connection. Then what if you pay for poor connectivity? Isn't major disadvantage?

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    Due to some heavy commitments in my office, I could not earlier participate in this extremely relevant GD. However, I would definitely post my comments on the much-discussed subject. I intend to do this in two parts. In the first part of my response, I would talk about the essential things which we should know about Reliance Jio:-

    (a) Reliance Industries has launched its fourth generation wireless broadband service under the brand name, Jio. The service is not just about offering wireless telephony service. This fourth generation (4G) LTE service will offer significantly faster data speeds.

    (b) Fourth generation technology standards allow the users to take advantage of more bandwidth and better output. So what has been done through wired applications can now be done on wireless devices at an equal speed. Consumers with 4G devices can access high-speed data, high-definition voice and do real-time video conferencing. The network also offers superior efficiency for gaming.

    (c) However, consumers will need to buy 4G-enabled handsets if they want to subscribe to the service. Since the high-speed data service runs on multiple frequencies, it would need a phone that can seamlessly function on multiple frequencies that are compatible with 4G network. For a full 4G experience, consumers would be better off if they buy future ready handsets that deliver these advantages. The important point to note is that most 4G phones currently available offer only data on 4G and depends on 2G /3G for voice delivery. But a VOLTE enabled phone will allow voice calls through the data.

    (d) Experts who have tested Jio's 4G network say they have experienced peak download speed of 70 Mbps during trials, and on most occasions in the range of 15-30 Mbps.This is much better than other available networks in Indian market.

    (e) Consumers using Reliance Jio's 4G service will be able to make voice calls on VOLTE (voice over LTE). Experts who have tested the network say VOLTE works perfectly well and interconnection with other mobile operator networks.

    (f) Now let us come to the suitability of handsets for the purpose of using Reliance Jio. Experts claim that Reliance Jio has recommended a list of about 20 handset models across vendors that support its VoLTE/4G service. These include its own 'Lyf' branded phones . The other brands include Samsung, LG, Lenovo and ZTE (specific models in each). The cheapest recommended phone is the Intex Aqua 4G ( around Rs 10,000/-).

    In the next part of my argument, I would discuss about the hidden cost or other disadvantages of Reliance Jio.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I am of the opinion that there are no 'special' disadvantages or hidden costs in the Reliance Jio introductory 4G tariffs and offers. Similar offers and promotional discounts and concessions are given by many service providers, manufacturers and vendors during the initial short period of introduction. That is a well established marketing strategy. There is no need to isolate and find fault only with Reliance Jio.

    Mobile telephony and other related services now stands in a different pedestal. As things have much stabilised, even the l cost of infrastructure for launch of a new service is also comparably less than many other ventures. After the initial infrastructural input, further variable cost is very very less. However the revenue increases with more and more client accumulation.
    Mobile service providers are bothered about ARPU or Average Revenue per user. However the Reliance strategy is to acquire maximum users and then very gradually increase tariffs or tweak the tariffs as per type and usage to enhance ARPU. As the variable cost is not very highly impacted by the enlargement of customer-user base, the addition each user will add to the total revenue. This is a very clever strategy by Reliance.
    Another strategy well used by Reliance generally and now Reliance Jio is that being a very large corporate house and having large client-user base, and political rapport, they can mobilise huge funds from public or banks easily and at very cheap cost. This enables them to offer lower tariffs and allow many discounts and offers.

    So what Reliance Jio has now announced is not a hidden gimmick, but a well thought-out marketing and costing strategy. It is only advantageous to the users and there is no disadvantage to users.

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    Well I think the biggest disadvantage is that the data coast are high and I think that if the data coast will decreases to rs 50 to 1GB and 100 to 2 gb and so on then I think it will be good for the user to do recharge for it. And one of the things which we are not mentioning only is that if we use 4G type of speed it is definite that the cut-off of data will be higher and our data will end so fast that we cannot realize only, because of its nature of speed which is 4G. It is seems that the company wants the user to get addicted towards it and use only this kind of service, so that they can earn lots of money form it.
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    A hidden cost of Jio is the cost of buying a 4G compatible smart phone. I went to a Reliance store yesterday and LYF phones are being sold there for prices starting from Rs. 3,500. There are very less number of 4G compatible smart phones in India when compared to the non 4G compatible smart phones. So, users should buy a 4G compatible smartphone before getting a Jio SIM card i.e. a hidden cost.

    We all know about the side effects of Pokemon Go. Many people died/injured in foreign countries and some people died/injured in India due to Pokemon Go. The high speed internet provided by Jio may encourage people to play Pokemon Go. Case in point, some of my friends started playing it already. This can be considered a bad side effect of Jio.

  • #577901
    Krishna Teja Yeluripati vide his post#577894, considers the cos of the handset as a hidden cost. If you analyse it properly, it is not so. Yes, that is a clever marketing strategy. It is just as a tailor is attached to a textile shop. That brings convenience to both the provider and user. Moreover this is not the first time, nor Relance Jio the only provider doing so. Earlier many providers including Reliance and BSNL did same method of promotion. Just two months ago Reliance communications resorted to similar method as they wanted to discontinue the CDMA system. They gave free GSM SIM ad gave new GSM handsets offering to give hundred percent cash back as monthly fixed discounts in bill.
    I also had to buy such a new handset. The cash back(discount) has not yet started, but I am told that it will start from Ocober. I am waiting for that. Such promotional ways are used by many business enterprises. The electronics and home appliances sector give such 'exchange old' discounts for buying newer products. That has found a wide acceptance also.
    In fact when the bundled sets are offered, there is a better service expectation and repair service or replacement is given in deserving conditions.
    So it is wrong to blame Reliance Jio in this count also by attributing hidden charges.

  • #577904
    I don't think I would like to buy a Reliance Jio sim at present due to my past experiences with Reliance. I bought Reliance connection thwice in the past and was not satisfied by their services both the times (CDMA & GSM). Though at that time the company was Reliance Infocomm owned by Anil Ambani & this Jio is owned by Mukesh Ambani, still the lineage is the same, so can expect anything from either of them.

    Secondly, a 4G compatible handset is needed for Jio, for which anyone will need to spend upwards of 20 K for a decent handset. So, just to experience the 4G speed, spending something around 20 K is not worth it if one has an alternate Internet connection like a Wi-fi or a dongle etc. even if it is just 3G.

    Thirdly, if Reliance provides 4G, then would the other established players not also provide it? They sure will.

    Fourthly, if Reliance provides 4G at some particular rates, then would the other established players not also provide it? They sure will.

    Moreover, just to get free voice calls, about which there are doubts already, I would not like to commit my number to Reliance just because of my past experiences with Reliance.

    I will rather wait & watch. When established players like Airtel & Voda bring their prices down, I will buy a 4G handset without any commitments and try out the services of each player.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    World is advancing and 4G is the future. Operators all around the world are getting rid of outdated technologies like 2G as they have high operating costs and India still is stuck with 2G voice calls. 4G is the future if telecom sector has to survive. Already, Airtel, Idea and BSNL are on the verge of closing their services due to heavy debt. Entry of Jio has created bloodshed in share market for other telecom operators. This competition will surely help consumers and give then better options.

    As far as Sim is concern, from 5th Sep it is available to everyone who has any 4G phone which start from 3000 rupees. One can also buy a Jiofi which is a wife router for using it on computer if they don't have a smartphone. The best thing is Jio is world's largest 4G operator with maximum reach. They are new to telecom but they have already reach of 80% all over India covering 18000 cities. Even Airtel is behind Jio. Once, Jio launches their Broadband services like FTTH then they will be the best service provider because they own the best Fibre network across the country.

  • #577920
    I have some concurring views with that of Gypsy(#577904 ). I will also wait and watch. I also had mixed experience from Reliance group. However except one case my problems were properly addressed and issues solved by the company. I had been using Reliance services in Mutual Funds, Electricity, WLL telephony, Mobile telephone and internet.
    The only situation I felt bad and displeased with Reliance was when they emphatically told that they cannot unlock Reliance supplied modem / phone instrument when I terminated my internet connection /telephone connection. I stated that as I had paid them the full cost of the modem/telephone instrument, I should get back the instrument to be able to be used by me with any other providers. Other than this I had only good experience with Reliance.
    Among many private enterprises I dealt with, I found Reliance the most pro-active. That is why I expect Reliance Jio also will be efficient and pro-active. Moreover Relaiance Jio has the maximum 4G licences Pan-India. In circles where they do not have direct licences, they had tied up with Reliance Communications of Anil Ambani. So they can offer better and cost effective services to users, better than other service providers. They will be serving only $G unlike other providers who will have mixed bag.

  • #577922
    As per the different packages (attachment in #577564), Rs. 149 package provides 300 MB of data which is very less. So, the next package of Rs. 499 for 4 GB data should be considered. I heard that there is an Airtel package for which Rs. 1498 must be paid as an advance and from then onward, 1 GB data will be provided for Rs. 51. If we use 4 GB every month, the Airtel package saves about Rs. 2000 every year.

    Also, the need for customer care services increase with the number of users. Reliance has a history of bad customer care service and some people believe that it will repeat again. Already, it is being said that there are some activation problems for Jio SIM cards. In my opinion, Jio is not as advantageous as it looks.

    I would like to thank Mr. Tony John for conducting this GD. I think this thread is being read by many non ISCians. Search for 'disadvantages of Jio' or 'Jio disadvantages' in Google and this thread is the first result.

  • #577932
    Let me talk about the real deal here. I come from a town from where Reliance tower had disappeared a few years ago. Now when Jio has arrived, we do not have any Jio services in and around our vast town area. Most Jio 4G data plans from 4GB and onwards, they have lured customer for certain or almost double the amount of recharged data being provided by their JioNet hotspots. Even if we manage to get a JIO tower in our surrounding, we may never get any JioNet hotspots anytime soon. In that case, the customer will be fooled as good as he has been fooled by other companies as well. What can be a badder disadvantage of Reliance Jio? Where should the customers go to use JioNet hotspots? to another city or state? Perhaps to major cities like Delhi or Mumbai?

    Despite of Reliance Jio along with PM Modi ji heavily advertising Jio services on television, giving hopes to small villages of being connected with the Digital India, I feel it is totally opposite so far. We have 4G connectivity for Idea, Vodafone and Airtel in our town but no traces of JIO. We are a town, leave the thought of villages aside.

    It seems, in the absence of Jio towers, Jio services will not be accessible by us. And in the absence of JioNet hotspots, there will be no big difference in the costs we already spend for similar amount of limited data. Apart from that, even their Unlimited night internet service is for just 3 hours, from 2 AM to 5 AM. Ultimately, there is no big relief for customers, despite of the big buzz that Jio has created.

    Perhaps, this is how other operators are going to survive well enough once the Jio preview offer period ends. (I even expect another rate cut or slightly more affordable plans by other operators by the end of this year, to strongly compete with chargeable Jio, that is from next year.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

  • #577933
    Ank Arya, I support Jio only for coverage. It has Pan India coverage. Though you can't see Jio towers, it works well for data connectivity. Other operators like Airtel / Idea / Vodafone are lacking in this case. Jio uses different technology for which they don't need to install tower in each and every city.

  • #577940
    In my previous response (#577830), I mentioned various basic features of Reliance Jio as announced by Mukesh Ambani. Now let me discuss some disadvantages and shortcomings of Reliance Jio.

    Although it is too early to note the disadvantages, the following points are required to be mentioned:-
    (a) One of the misconceptions which we have is that Reliance Jio may have a vastly superior network. But this is not so. The telecom equipments and the spectrum are standard in nature.
    (b) It is very doubtful that people will overnight change their present service providers. However, Reliance Jio's business model is based on this proposition of switching of service providers.
    (c) Reliance Jio's target of 100 million customer at record time is simply not feasible.
    (d) It is not like that Reliance Jio has something to offer other than the cheapest price. Other big players like Airtel and Vodafone can also offer lower tariff and free voice calls. The price war is going to start very soon in telecom sector and I feel that smaller players would cease to remain in picture due to the oncoming price war.
    (e) This price war may cause unemployment of some employees when the telecom companies will initiate cost-cutting measures.

    I re-iterate that the all the hidden costs and disadvantages of Reliance Jio will be understood better with the passage of time. I conclude my argument wishing very best to the other participants. I also thank Mr. Tony John, Webmaster, for organising GD on this extremely relevant topic.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • #577963
    I conclude by saying that there is no special disadvantage and hidden cost in the Reliance Jio 4 G offer. It is a marketing and promotional business strategy ,"early bird catches worm".
    4G licences were issued not yesterday. Every provider who got licence had enough time to have their own strategy. A few providers launched quite early. There were litigations against Reliance Jio
    But clearing all Reliance Jip came with attractive offer. That means the earlier launched providers were either taking huge profit, or they do not know business strategies.
    The present case of Reliance Jio offer is again proving that Reliance HSS better professional smartness and they know business. They just stole show by using right opportunity and attitude. Reliance leads;others follow.

    Thanks yo all particopants

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