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    What are the health benefits of burning bay leaf (Tejpatta)

    Is it a myth or a genuine fact that there are health benefits of burning bay leaves in the house? Find out the answers from this avid forum discussion.

    Bay leaf, known as 'Tejpatta' in India, is a common ingredient in Indian cooking. It is generally used as fragrance enhancer. Apart from preparation of food, it has amazing health benefits, some of which are mentioned below:-

    (a) Burning 'Tejpatta' inside home cures several ailments like fatigue, painful joints, varicose veins and viral infections.
    (b) Burnt 'Tejpatta' also helps calming the nervous system and boosting various mental activities.
    (c) It also strengthens human immune system.

    So, let us also burn some 'Tejpatta' at our residence regularly in addition to using it in preparation of curries.
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    The bay leaves have many volatile components like a-pinene, b-pinene, myrcene, limonene, linalool, methyl chavicol, neral, a-terpineol, geranyl acetate, eugenol and chavicol etc. Such compounds are known to have antiseptic, antioxidant and digestive properties. The lauric acid found in the bay leaves has insect repellent properties.

    The compounds found in the bay leaves also have medicinal value and are used in the treatment of conditions like arthritis, muscle pain, bronchitis and flu symptoms.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Whether we know the importance of bay leaves or not, that has been widely used in preparation of Famous Hyderabad Biryani and surely that enhances the looks of the famous eatable too. But previously I was not aware of the benefits of this great leaf.
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    A couple of queries: are the fumes emanating from burning the bay leaves harmful for inhaling? Are they toxic or semi-toxic in nature? Would they be safe to burn in homes with asthamatic family members?
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    #578274: Under normal circumstances, burning Bay leaves won't cause any problem. If a person doesn't have any problem in taking food prepared with bay leaves, he/she should not have any problem with burnt bay leaves or fumes. However, for asthma patients, it is advisable to consult a qualified physician.
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    Bay leaf is a generic term and doesn't refer to any specific plant leaf. Instead, it indicates aromatic leaves of several plants which are used in cooking. Therefore, there are several varieties of bay leaves, some of which are as follows -

    1. Indian bay leaf or malabathrum (Cinnamomum tamala, Lauraceae).
    2. Bay laurel (Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae).
    3. California bay leaf (Umbellularia californica, Lauraceae.
    4. Indonesian bay leaf (Syzygium polyanthum, Myrtaceae) ).
    5. West Indian bay leaf (Pimenta racemosa, Myrtaceae).
    6. Mexican bay leaf (Litsea glaucescens, Lauraceae).

    Leaves of the visually similar plants - mountain laurel and cherry laurel have leaves that are poisonous to humans and livestock.

    Burning leaves of Cinnamomum camphora or the camphor tree produces significant amounts of many chemicals believed to be toxic and even carcinogenic.

    I would personally not recommend burning of bay leaves in absence of full scientific data about the same.

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    The benifits associated with the bay leaves are manifold and when a few pieces of the same( say three to four leaves) boiled for ten minutes and if the same is ingested after partial cooling, it can reduce the sugar level. The other areas of its application are headache,digestive disorder, cough and cold, Arthiritis etc. In Aurveda, it has gained tremendous importance in varieties of diseases and the Rasayans such as chawanya Prash Awaleh, Madanand Modak etc invariably contain bay leaves to enhance metabolism.
    However, I doubt the fumes emanating from the bay - leaves by burning it would create any benificial effects. The chemicals present in the leaves would combine with the oxygen of the air to form toxic compounds detrimental to human - health. However, no much headway has been made in this regard but I am sure such burning would have carcegenic - effect.

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    "However, no much headway has been made in this regard but I am sure such burning would have carcegenic - effect."-Mr. Jha (#578312), this is not factually correct!
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