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    Should there be center and state elections simultaneously?

    Every five years there is elections for central and state governments.Now we see that there is every three months election in any part of the country. Country is always in election mode. Honorable PM Modi and central govt wants the simultaneously elections in centre and states to save the country from election mode. Is it possible? and what will be the hurdles in this regards.Express your views in detail.
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    I have heard that during initial days of Indian democracy, Union and State election were held simultaneously. The trend started changing when the Central Govt. or State Govts. could not complete stipulated 5 years term. The different timings of Central and State elections started since late seventies.
    There is no doubt that simultaneous elections of Central and State would save crores of rupees and man-days. But the law-makers and the Election Commission may also have to consider the possibility of dissolution of Lok Sabha or Assembly before the stipulated tenure while considering holding simultaneous elections.

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    The other day when I was watching the Interview of PM to Network 18 channel he opined that there must be wider discussion in having simultaneous polls to states and Parliament so that so much spent on elections now and then can be saved. What i suggest that those states which are having more time to go to polls must be brought under President rule automatically till the time of general elections and then conduct polls for all state in one go along with Parliament elections. This is definitely possible from the center as it has all constitutional rights and implement my suggestion.
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    Holding parliamentary elections and assembly elections simultaneously is likely to save resources which are consumed while conducting an election. The security arrangement will remain same whether it is a parliamentary election alone or an assembly election alone or both held together. The voter will enter the same booth, undergo same routine procedure but press button on two EVMs instead of one. The manpower deployment and logistics will remain same.

    However, practically we have to follow the law of the land and have to act in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution which is the supreme law of India. In my opinion, proposing to dissolve assemblies duly elected following constitutional provisions, or imposing the President's rule just for holding the elections simultaneously is an immature and innocent suggestion, to say the least.

    The various states of India are being ruled by many regional parties, few of them being a coalition of more than one parties. Such Governments are precarious and their shelf life is not certain. Initially, immediately after gaining independence, it was possible because at center as well in the majority of the states, only a single party i.e. the Indian National congress used to rule.

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    I think it is very difficult to have simultaneously elections in centre and states. Because many problems will come into the way such as huge staff of EC and paramilitary, more EVM. election duty staff and micro observers.Many state will not be ready whose term is left more than 2 years.Even after election(say 1/2/3/ years) if in some state there isa failure of constitutional machinery, will you wait for 3-4 years for election for next simultaneously election.
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    K Mohan sir, do you think the chair lover ( The chief ministers) will agree to bring President rule in their state till lok sabha election.
    There is no further solution. As due to any reason past Government has dissolved tehir Government before completing five year, so there is no way to bring Lok sabha and State election at a time in future. As there are many regional parties are ruling in many states, like BJD , BSP, SP, TMC etc and they will never agree with either NDA Government or UPA Government to dissolve tehir Government before their time completed to do election with Center at a time.
    SO Only One solution is if we will have only two party in future like other developed countries. then only we can have same election ( Lok sabha and State election).

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