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    Health benefits of mooli (daikon)

    The vegetable daikon is known as 'mooli' in Hindi and Urdu languages. Its other names are white radish or winter radish etc. Many people simply use the word 'radish' which is often confused with the other varieties of the vegetables known as radishes.

    In north India, 'mooli' is used for many dishes the most commonly known being the paratha stuffed with 'mooli', the other options being sabzi, pakodas, salads, pickles etc.

    It is known to have beneficial health effects like it aids digestion and kidney functions, as a good decongestant and has anti-cancer and antibacterial properties.

    Let us share information about the health benefits of mooli (daikon) and also whether you like to eat it or not?
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    I like radish.It is an Antioxidants ,havefibers, riboflavin, and potassium, as well as good amounts of copper, vitamin B6, magnesium, manganese, and calcium. reducesCholesterol And Heart Diseases .Good for Liver And Stomach.It Treats Jaundice and Effective forblood pressure and diabeties .It Protects Against Cancer and Cures Piles.It is Very good fo skin and hair
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    Nothing can match the Mooli sambar or Mullangi Sambar which can be a substitute for the Onion. When onion was selling at peak high rate, there was heavy demand for Mooli and even i like it irrespective of its health benefits.
    K Mohan
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    Now a post on radish, which is almost abhorred by me! Radish is known as 'moolo' or 'moola' in Bengali. In West Bengal, we generally get red radish. However, with the development of roadways and transport system, white radish is also available in the state nowadays. Many people like radish and it is extremely cost-effective. It has various health benefits also. It regulates blood pressure and is extremely beneficial for diabetes patients.

    However, despite all these benefits, I can't stand the taste of radish, either red or white. My wife who is from Delhi, is extremely fond of radish like other 'Dilliwallahs/Dilliwalis', but my daughter follows my preference in case of radish!

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    Partha - Have you ever tried 'mooli paratha'? Its taste is likely to be liked by even those who don't like 'mooli' as such.
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    #578870: Mr. Kailash Kumar: Yes, my wife force-feed 'mooli paratha' during winter. 'Although 'mooli-paratha' is better than raw radish, I prefer 'gobi-paratha', 'aloo-paratha' and of course 'anda-paratha'.
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    Yes mooli has many medicinal benefits. My mother used to give the raw mooli juice to all our small babies (only one spoon through the paladai) for removal of kapha in them. As mohan sir told the mooli sambar is so tasty and drag many through its smell while boiling in the kitchen itself. Another one is mooli paratha is also good in taste to eat.

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