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    Interesting but true - you forget new songs when you play Antakshari.

    It is interesting if people noticed that you can't depend on new songs to play Antakshari musical game. Just think and recollect when you played last time, how long you kept singing new songs? Soon you start this musical game, you will be blank to remember new songs! And then what you will sing is all old songs which are easily remembered. The same Lataji, Rafi Saab, Mukeshji, Asha ji and Kishore Da will keep reminding you their unique songs and voice.

    I often find blank when playing Antakshari and to remember new songs, not only me even the youngsters too will start singing old songs.

    I find it really interesting, what about you?
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    It's exactly true as I rarely remind a new song while participating in Antakshri like song competitions. I even unable find out the phrases and words of new songs as many of them are complicated, fast and music based. However, old songs are forever and never let omits from my mind. Even still the end of life one can easily remember the very melodious and meaningful-lyrical songs.
    You're rightly said as even today's youths too like to sing more old songs instead of new ones.

    Naresh Kumar
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    It's long time since I played Antakshari. Last time I play during chennai flood time as we not had access to tv , mobile and laptops. So with neighbors we spent 4 days by playing this indoor games. And I know I was not able to recollect any song wether it was new or old. Only those songs each and everyone singing which we used to sing 10 years back while playing Antakshari. And I remember in childhood this was one of the game which we played very frequently. While playing this game I feel like a short term memory lost person. And as soon as game over I suddenly remember all songs which I could have sung.

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    The role of Annu Kapoor in popularising Antakshari has always to be acknowledged. He hosted the show aired on Zee TV for more than a decade.

    Annu Kapoor is a good singer himself and has a capability to dance the songs. He immortalised the Antakshari and used old numbers in continuing the legacy.

    I think we remember old songs more because of their melodious music than the depth of meaning of the lyrics.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I used to play Antakshari with my family and friends during festival time and vacation. Whenever I play Antakshari, only the old songs strikes my mind first. The sad part is I don't even know the exact lyrics of some old songs but still I will try to manage and sing the song with my own lyrics. This is not the case with me alone, even my sisters and cousins who are younger than me and the people who always listen to the trendy new songs also sing the old songs whenever Antakshari is played. This proved us that old songs are always evergreen.

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    Truly agreeing with the author that while playing antakshari we invariably miss the new songs and heavily depend on the old songs. The reason being in todays songs the lyrics is not given the important and only loud music can be felt and no reasonable lyrics with meaning can be ever expected, Old songs are rich in lyrics, good at music and above all the composition of music is natural and we still remember the olden Goldies without any prompting. The films were good, the songs were good and above all some songs coincide with our life happenings and hence we immediately connect to those good songs.
    K Mohan
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    Old is always gold. The old songs pleased us and will remain in our heart forever, and the new songs are refusing to get into our heart to stay forever.
    No life without Sun

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    (#579278) Mr. Sun,
    What do you mean by Old is always gold?
    Old songs are very melodious and the lyrics are far nice and easy to remind for ever. That's the reason why most of the people remember old songs more than the new ones.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    I agree. Those which we repeated many times comes to our recall easily.

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    Antakshri or no Antakshri, the lyrics and music of the new songs compel us to forget these modern/current songs within a period of maximum two months or so! In this regard I earlier raised a thread, the link of which is given below:-
    Shelf-life of present-day singers and modern songs

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    The main difference between Old songs and news song is the old songs were composed mostly based on Ragas. That is why these songs are touching and natural to remember easily. Wherein, most of the songs today's are made for commercial purpose, just to earn money. That is why news songs are easily forgotten, it has no connectivity with nature. However, it is not that news songs are not melodious, it is but comes out less in quantity. Unfortunately, the quantity has overtaken on quality.

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    Antakshari is played among all sections of society with no age bar. One thing what I have found that teenagers normally resort to new songs. There may be one basic reason that they are not accustomed of older songs. But if you compare older songs with that of newer one, one thing is very clear that older songs have good lyric with deep meaning which easily got attached to individual. Newer songs have much to do with blend of different music and less to do with lyric. When people feel attached to the meaning of the song it becomes easier to remember. That's why old songs come to mind more often than newer one. But time is changing and I have felt that as the songs of forties are vanishing slowly, the time will come when young generations will start forgetting fifties and sixties songs too.

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    Being a descent singer, I used to play Antakshari most often with my relatives whenever we meet on festive occasions. As the author stated, it often happens. We used to sing only those songs which belong to 90s or older than that. Hardly 10-20% of the songs are latest ones. This is because, earlier songs were focused mainly on lyrics so we know from what word or letter they are getting started. Now a days, songs are containing lot of music, rap which would not look descent if we sing them in a community among relatives. Also, it is little harder to remember the word from which the song is actually getting started.
    With regards,
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    Oh this is definitely something that I relate to. I love music and that too all kinds. I have also noticed the fact that when we play antakshari, everyone sings old songs. Everyone enjoys those old songs as well.
    When it comes to new songs what happens is that we do not know where the song starts mostly because songs always consist rap these days. Its so hard to learn those lyrics. Old songs are really easy to remember while new songs are definitely not.
    Another thing I noticed is that, most of the songs start with same word. For instance, Tum Bin , there are so many songs that start with same word. It is so tough to remember which song we actually are singng because most of the times they create a remix version of old songs by changing some of the lyrics.

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