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    Four year old boy becomes Pujari for a Hanuman Temple

    I was watching a video sent to me on social media where in a four year old boy attired with dhothi and angavastram was seen performing archana to the Lord Hanuman in a temple. There is no detail about what made the boy to take up this job at that young age. But my idea ran on this to share the same here so that our members can think the possible ways or the pressure the boy might have had to take up this job of Pujari at the age of 4 when he was suppose to be in the lap of his parents. What is your say on this ?
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    It is indeed great that a young boy has learnt the 'Stotras' and performing 'Pooja'. These devout followers are keeping the great faith alive, when the so-called educated ones are ridiculing this great religion, culture and civilization.
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    In my opinion, learning Shloka and Mantra etc. by mugging is one thing and understanding the underlying deeper philosophies behind the same is another thing. The children at a very young stage may not be able to comprehend the same. Such instances are more like learning music and singing songs what we see in the television reality shows.

    India has yet to evolve itself to not to fall prey to such commercial tactics even in the religious matter. It is better to learn multiplication table and enrich the language vocabulary at the age of 4 years instead of mugging Shlokas and Mantras. Few parents tend to use their kids as guniea pigs for such experimentations.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It has been read by me in stories and some news also that the sons of pujaris are llearning the practices by attending the temple work on free hours along with their father. And in the days where the father unable to attend the temple puja, this boy will do the same. In Bangalore I have seen in a Vishnu Temple near KG Road backside, a small boy was doing Archanas and pujas for the devotees, on asking he told that his father was getting fever on that day and when I went there in the evening he was sitting near the shrine entrance and chanting the slokas and mantras with perfect pronouncing and personally appreciated him for his attentiveness. In many places such things are happening but the thing is they should not have that work as profession without going to school. But learning the temple procedures, chanting Mantras, serving the pujari with supply of water etc., reciting slokas are really good to them instead of wavering their mind into television, computer games, cinemas. Through that the whole nation will get cherished as I read in one spiritual book that a seer was worrying about the youngsters not following their rituals and customs according to their own religions and thereby the country losing its status slowly.

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