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    Which is best and what we choose

    what are the best music albums and how we what to related it in the same thing ?
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    How any other person could decide what music is best for you?
    As far as music concerned, I think it is totally about personal choice some people like old songs of singers like Kishore Kumar, Mohmad rafi some prefer songs of singers like Arijit singh, Mika singh, ankit tiwari and many more in case of bollywood music.
    Some people likes gazals while some prefer foreign music from bands like one direction and singers like Taylor Swift,Selena golmz,Justin bieber.
    I think author should have mentioned what kind of music is preferred by him, without this information this question seems incomplete.
    Other than songs music preferences can be based on musical instruments some people like guitars,flutes , haramoniyam, voilen and this list goes on increasing.

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    Music is purely the subject matter of liking of a person. I may like old golden songs, my wife may like only Bhakti songs, my daughter likes songs of present films and my son likes varied songs of all languages. What I mean to stress here that in one home there are four different tastes of music and there cannot be particular album selection. During 1970's there was a craze for Boney M music and even I had for fortunate to listen to those songs in the old HMV record player. So music hype is created with best BGM and also lyrics that fall in line with our liking and thus it becomes instant it.
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    The choice of best album and best kind of music is purely a matter of choice.
    Some may like hindi music while some may like english songs while some may like regional music. Some prefer devotional songs while some prefer instrumental. Sometimes it also depends on our mood.
    So it totally is a matter of choice.
    But if you are asking about best music album as per the top charts declared as per rankings then that is a different thing.

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    No one can exactly tells that this album is best or that album is best.It totally depends upon ones own personal choice and his personality. Some likes to hear old melody songs or gazals while some like to listen new rock songs. Some like Romantic songs while some like devotional songs. The choice of individual changes with time and age. It also changes with the change in ones current condition. Old albums are best as it gives relax to both mind and heart and the songs were also very meaningful.

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    Absolutely a personal choice.
    Infact you tend to like different types of music, as per your moods too.
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