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    After Surgical attack by Indian Army, all the Service forces personnel are getting more respect

    In Hyderabad we have the training establishment for Army, Navy ,CRPF and Airforce and we would see the Armed forces personnel attending to their duties and they also move with the public during peak hours. Either too we would never notice them with importance. Now every passerby makes a habit to salute those Armed force personnel and that gives more satisfaction too. Surely the common man gets lots of security and feeling of safety just because these armed forces make sure that we live in peace. So next time when you see a Armed force person, salute him and shake hand with him.
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    "the three armed forces personnel" the words should be replaced by "All the three services(armed forces) personnel". It will be better meaning.
    The defense personnel is serving the nation i.e the people of India. The citizen should understand their sacrifice and must give their loud for these personnel.

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    N K Sharma thanks for the suggestion and I made the correction at once.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am not sure whether I should be feeling happy about the revelation by the author. It is an ongoing process. Members of the Armed Forces need to wait for a war or an attack to get respect from our citizens for whom they are guarding our borders. I remember the way the people in uniform was treated with respect after the Kargil war.

    I personally feel that we must give due respect to the members of our armed forces irrespective of any action on the front. We must remember their service which is much above the pay and perks they receive. Away from the family, in difficult terrains and in extreme climatic conditions, suffering so many hardships, they keep awake so that we can sleep peacefully. Let us never forget that!

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    Should we respect the personnel of the Armed forces only after a successful attack or after winning a war? NO. We are sleeping peacefully at night and living happily only due to the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen who are alert 24x7 to safe guard our border, sea coast and air space.

    Chant the words " Jai Jawan and Jai kisan "once while you raise from your bed in the morning and before going to bed at night. Our soldiers and farmers are the important people who provide us security and food. They are the visible semi-Gods. Always remember and respect them whenever you meet them 24x7.

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