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    Why God is not visiting our rulers in person or in dreams and appeal for new temples?

    Dear Members,
    We have heard many stories of our old Kings who ruled our country. It is said that many big temples came up due to God's appeal to the Kings or Queens in person or in dreams. Now we are ruled by our own Prime Minister and Chief Minister. Why the same God who appeared before the Kings are not appearing in front of our PM and CM and not appealing to raise a temple for them. Does it mean that God is inactive these days? Does it mean that God liked only Kings, not the PM or CM?

    Where are the Gods now? Why new big temples are not coming up now?
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    Temples are not coming up because of appeals from Gods. Kings or other rulers construct temples to satisfy their ego. For those who believe in God, it is Omnipresent. One need not visit any temple to pray God. It is in the mind of the believing man. Those who do not believe, even visiting a temple will not make any change in him.
    People's need have resulted in the construction different temples, of course the respective rulers would have found out the resources for the same. Rulers have to satisfy the people's needs. In olden days (even now) temples are common places where all sorts of people join together. In earlier days there were no gardens or parks or any such meeting places. Temples were the only destinations for everybody, where they developed most of the art forms. Art forms develop in leisure time in common places. Now there are town halls, clubs, cinema theaters, play grounds, open air theaters, beaches, etc. where people can meet and spend their free time.


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    Good question raised by the author and it needs to be discussed thread bare. Gone are the days when the Kings used to be sincere towards the problems and apathy of their public and they used to visit the villages and town in disguise and get to know the problems themselves. Given this character the God's were also pleased at the behavior of Kings and thus they came in their dream for construction of new temples and thus many ancient temples are built for us. But now the rulers are not religious minded nor they have faith in God. They think that their popularity and luck would fetch them the vote and five year term is assured. Seldom they gauge the reaction of the voters in between and thus during next elections they fail. So Gods are not interested with those leaders and they are happy with present temples being revered and liked by the public.
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    Nowadays people themselves are constructing various worship places. In fact such worship places have become nuisance and trouble for God himself as each one declares owning Him. They make all types of quarrels and fights taking His name. So present day God tries to be out of reach and out of bound from all humans as far as possible.

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    Few PMs and CMs have not objected when people constructed temples in their name and started worshipping them by installing their statues. Political leaders started dreaming about having their own temples constructed by the people.

    The proposed Sri Ram temple at Ayodhya is a typical example of the relationship between God and the politicians.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Who is god? How does he/she look like? Where does he live? What is his/her duty? These were the questions that arose in my mind when I got knowledgeably matured and started to think on my own. The answers given by the people to these questions like God is the one who created this world, he looks like the images and sculptures shown in temples, he lives in heaven and his duties were creation, preservation and destruction and also punishing the evil etc did not convince me. The logic behind these answers were not sufficient for me to believe in god. Moreover, the killings in the name of gods, evils happening in the society in the name of religions make me wonder about his presence. If my mind says there is god, Hitlers (killed Jews), Rajapakshes (killed Tamilians), Abu Bakr-Al-Baghdhadhis (Founder of IS) etc stand in front of me and laugh at me. So, I firmly believe that Honesty, Truth and Love is god. With this perspective, I would like to approach this thread.

    In ancient days, kings lived luxuriously while common masses suffered and paid taxes to them. During wars, kings protected themselves safely inside the forts but the common soldiers died in the battlefield protecting the kings. But the exaggerated victories were recorded in the name of kings. Kingship became hereditary. Whether he is capable or not, if he is a son of the king, he will be the crown prince. These kings wanted their names to be inscribed in the book of history. So, they built large temples plundering the wealth from the people. In order to dissolve the discontent among the people, they lied that god came in their dreams and asked them to built a temple for him. People who were brainwashed in the name of religion and god remained silent and believed in all these lies.

    So stories like that God came in the dream and asked for a temple were utter lies and lack authenticity. If god asks for temple it means that he desires. How could god desire when desire is the root cause of sufferings? If a person has to lose all his worldly desires to reach god, how could god desire for a temple? Think! Similar to kings, most of the politicians, cheat people and plunder their resources. Kings ruined us in the name of monarchy and politicians are ruining us in the name of democracy. Kings used God as the ultimate way to cheat people. Politicians use government as the ultimate way to cheat people. Long live God and Democracy!

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