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    When in computer key board and cell key board we find U and I together then why not in real terms.

    Sometimes we gets lots of inspiration from certain things when we see them with the naked eyes. For example the alphabet letter U and I are fixed side by side in computer key board and also on the cell phones which indicates that total cooperation between the people is must and that would facilitate major changes we required and want. But often we indulge in see saw activities. develop hatred and be remain as enemies for ever against some persons for obvious reasons as if we are going to stay in this world for ever. Shun hatred, be humane.
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    Well, it is easy to quote something circulating on the social media, but difficult to emulate it. Why do we not learn from the computer keyboard keys U&I – the answer to this lies in the way we think and in our old-fashioned, dogmatic views.

    Let me cite an example. It is an excerpt from your - views posted here.
    "…what is the need for Inter caste marriage ? is there any dearth or shortage of opposite sex in a particular religion." "… So that kind of culture we cannot continue nor agreed in the present circumstances."

    The point I am making here is that we need to accept people. We need to change the way we view others from different religions, communities, social status, caste, colour, countries. We need to shun preconceived notions we have of those who do not belong to the groups that we created. We need to put the human race before everything else. After all, we are all creations of the same Almighty. Once we realize this, everything else will fall in place. There will be no hatred towards one another.

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    What about the arrangement of letters in Hindi or Telugu keyboards?

    There is no connection between the arrangement of letters presently on the computer keyboards and previously on the typewriter's keyboard. Even before the developments of keyboards hardly hundreds of years ago, there existed humans since millions of years and they behaved the way they could.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Who said I and U don't remain together in real terms. I won't be there if you are not there with me. You won't be there if I am not there with you. Just understand this logic. If you really understand this, you would not have raised this thread.

    In real life too, I and U go together as in the key board of typewriter, computer or cell phone, also they behave in the same way as they remain and behave.

    No life without Sun

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