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    Temple town of Kumbakonam: A must for the devotees and the History enthusiasts

    Tamilnadu can be called the 'State of Temples'. Many ancient Temples still exist in different parts of the State. More importantly, devout people of the state have maintained these temples in a proper manner. The ancient town of Kumbakonam is one such Temple Town which has preserved eighteen ancient Temples with historical significance.

    The town of Kumbakonam is located around 40 kilometer from Tanjore. It is really a great place for devotees as well as for the history-enthusiasts. If the tourists don't have time to see all the eighteen temples of the town , the Sarangapani Temple (dedicated to Lord Vishnu) is the most impressive, with a shrine in the form of a chariot. However, the twelfth century Airatesvara Temple is located 4 kilometer west of Kumbakonam. This Great Living Chola Temple is renowned for its Temple Art, particularly the exquisite stone carvings. It is smaller than the Tanjore Big Temple and Gangaikonda Cholapuram Temple, but the detail is more intricate.

    Kumbakonam is located at a distance of 278 kilometer from Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu.
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    By bringing this thread to focus the author reminded me my late father who belongs to this great temple town which is considered the most sacred place in Tamil Nadu as most famous temples in the list of 108 divya deshams are situated here. For the benefit of our members knowledge I would like to share that every 12 years Mamangam or Kumbh Mela is celebrated here where in one can have the darshan of all the 12 main temple Gods assembled there. That would be great site and must visit for every Hindu there. Like wise there is a temple called Opppili Appan koil. This temple is the Lord Venkateshwara temple and it is considered that the Lord is the elder to Tirumala Venkateshwara and those who cannot visit Tirumala for various reasons they can tonsure their hair and donate their money here itself. The food prepared here are without salt. The name of the God suggest that.
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    Mr. Mohan: You are really very fortunate that you originally belong to this sacred town of Tamilnadu. I sincerely thank you for furnishing valuable information about the customs, rituals and temples of the sacred town of Kumbakonam.
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    When talking about Kumbakonam, one cannot miss the navagraha temples in and around kumbakonam. Also, it forms the center point for all the temple visits in and around thanjavur, mayavaram and mannargudi. Kumbeswarar temple, by whose name, the city is called kumbakonam is a famous temple. Kumbakonam city is a mix of saivite and vaishnavite temples. It takes atleast a weeks time for one to visit all the temples in this city. Needless to talk about oppiliappan temple and nachiyar koil near kumbakonam. Also are the thirupampuram ( Rahu kethu sthalam) and Thirumeeyachur ( Lalithambigiai Temple) , Aadhi Ganapathi ( Ganapathi with human face) Thilatharpanapuri( Where lord rama is said to perform rituals to his father) are all famous places around kumbakonam. The list of temples in and around kumbakonam goes to pages.... We do make a point to visit kumbakonam once in a year and plan the temples for every visit, it is depressing that we have still not covered half of the temples........

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    You said Tamilnadu can be called as 'State of Temples." It is not can be, it is being called or known as 'State of temples' from time immemorial. To update, I add that there are many groups of temples in Tamilnadu. There are Nine Tirupathi temples known as 'Nava Tirupathi'. There are Nine Kailash temples known as 'Nava Kailayam." These Nava Tirupathi and Nava Kailayam are located in different parts in the district of Tirunelveli of Tamilnadu. It takes a complete day to visit the Nine temples from Sunrise to Sunset. Also, there are six abodes for Lord Karthikeya spread around Tamilnadu. There are temples for the five super natural powers, Bhoomi, Akash, Vayu, Agni and Jal.

    I do not think any other states have such temple group.

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