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    Incredible India! Three interesting temples!

    Throughout this great country, there are many great temples which speak about the greatness of Hinduism. There are some interesting temples also. I am going to mention about three interesting temples of the country which are located at different parts of India.

    1. Chinese Kali Temple, Tangra, Kolkata: In Kolkata, there is a small locality called Chinatown in Tangra (located at the eastern part of the city) which got its name because of the Chinese population. The ethnic Chinese visit the temple and offer 'prasad' like noodles, chopsuey, etc. to Goddess Kali. Most of the Chinese who live here are devotees of Goddess Kali of the temple.

    2. Disappearing Temple near Vadodara: Yes, there is one such temple which disappears and then comes back to sight after a while. Around 60 kilometer from Vadodara (Gujarat), there is a Stambeshwar Mahadev Temple. The temple which stands in the Arabian Sea, can be seen only during hours of low tide, which clearly indicates that the temple remains under the Arabian Sea during high tides.

    3. Karni Mata Temple, Deshnok (Rajasthan):, Rats are worshipped in this temple! The temple is located 30 kilometer south of Bikaner. Here people worship rats because it is believed that the rats are the incarnations of the Goddess Karni Mata (who is an incarnation of Goddess Durga) and her four children. Rats are allowed to roam in the temple premises and also fed with milk and other 'prasad'.

    Incredible India!
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    The three temples mentioned by the author are seems to be rare and worth knowing and visiting too. Good to learn that even Chinese who are considered to be communist first and Buddhist next also worship Kali Matha and that temple is located in China Town in Kolkatta. And as far as disappearing temple at Vadodara is concerned, I have also seen the same in a video clip shared in the social media. Likewise the Karni Mata temple in Rajastthan which is famous and known as rat temple was seen in the Discovery Channel. How the devotees are having the patience and pray the rats there ?
    K Mohan
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    I have personally visited Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan long back. All over the temple premises, rats roam freely. There were few albino rats also. Generally, the rats don't interfere with the activities of the devotees.

    Regarding the Chinese Kali temple, perhaps the devotees are no longer Chinese except their facial features. They have become Indian following local culture of Bengal.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There is a saying that the God is universe and there is no difference in God but difference in worshiping way. It seems to be correct by seeing the posting of Shri Partha in respect of the Kolkatta Chinese temple of Kali. In South India there is a story about the Thinnan who turned to be as 'Kannappa'. A hunter named Thinnan who was very much inclined to the worship of Lord Shiva. One day he found a Shivalinga in the forest and by seeing that he overwhelmed and began to offer pooja for that Shivalinga. Daily before he started his hunting, he went to the place of Shivalinga and make bath by bringing the water from nearby waterfalls through his mouth. He offered some wild flowers from the forest. And after his hunting he offered the meat to the Lord. Actually a saint of that area also offering pooja to that Shivalinga and he saw the meat bits near the Shivalinga, he cleaned them out by thinking that was some animals work. Later one day he, the saint happened to see the offerings and pooja of this hunter and scolded him for his action and drive him away. But during his pooja a amanushya voice told him about the severe devotion of the hunter and asked the saint to watch by hiding on the next day. Next day as usually Thinnan came there with meat and did his abishek to the Shivalinga and when he ready to offer his food to the Lord, he found bleeding in one eye of Shivalinga. With much worry, Thinnan started to pluck his own eye with an arrow and patch there in the Shivalinga. Bleeding was stopped but immediately on the other eye also got bleeding. Thinnan without any second thought he started to plug his other eye and before that he put his leg on the bleeding eye of Shivalinga for mark. A sudden Akashvani came there with the words,'Stop kannappa, stop kannappa' Immediately Lord Shiva came before the hunter and told he was pleased of his devotion. Since then he became a sincere devotee of Lord Shiva with the name Kannappa as called by Lord Shiva. The hiding saint also came out and realized the sincere devotion of the hunter. The author's posting about the offerings at the Chinese Kali Temple as noodles etc., make me to remember the Kannappa Story and God will accept whatever be our offer which is given with sincere devotion.
    We can see the Kannappa's Temple opposite to the Sri Kalaththeeswarar Temple of SriKalahasthi of Andhrapradesh, even today.

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    Being a frequent explorer, I love to visit new places as soon as I get time. The three temples visited above seems to be truly incredible. Personally, I had visited Karni mata temple located in Deshnok (few kms before from Bikaner). The temple is full of rats. Also, the rats are not usual that you see in your home. They are big enough which you might have observed on railway platforms. These rats will not bite you or disturb you if you are in temple. However, they will give you a soothing sensation whenever they will come across your foot. It is believed that if you come across to see a white rat among those black rats, then you are lucky enough and your wishes will come true. Secondly, Stambeshwar Mahadev temple and Chinese temple seems to interesting one. I would visit this temple very soon in my upcoming trips.
    With regards,
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    I love to visit temples of India. Unfortunately, I never heard of the temples mentioned by the author except the temple where rats are present. Hope I will get time to visit these three interesting temples of incredible India during my life on earth.

    In south India, Tamilnadu is said to be the temple state of India. All Gods are present in this state. There are Nine Kailash temples , Nine Thirupathi temples , Six houses for Lord Karthikeya(Muruga/Subramanya), many Vinayaka temples in each and every street corner. Many temples for the nine planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupitor, Venus, Saturn, raghu and Ketu. There are eight Kaali (Atta Kaali) Mariamman temples with various names of godesses.

    I haven't completed visiting the temples of Tamilnadu. Really an incredible Tamilnadu, I must say and you would agree.

    No life without Sun

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