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    Important tips while buying a new article for our home

    We are all ready to buy additional articles for our homes but the important tips while intending so are:

    1.First of all we should think whether the planned article is actually necessary to our house.
    2.Whether there is required provision in our house for installing such article.
    3.The most important point to be noted here is the additional cost of installation besides the price of the article.
    A friend of mine bought an Air-conditioner from a reputed dealer in Chennai and got the article delivered. The person came for installing the same asked Rs.9000 for materials and his charges of installation. By thinking the amount was huge, he asked the mechanic to come on next day. He asked his office electrician about the installation. That electrician came to the house and seen the situation and he himself agreed to install the same and did well. On total the cost he met was Rs.6000 including his service amount. On verification the estimate given by the shop mechanic and the actual expense my friend got shocked. The cost of copper pipe asked by the mechanic was rs.300 per feet but the actual cost he paid was Rs.250 per feet. When my friend asked his known person who installed similar AC in his house and got the news that he also met Rs.9000 installation charges.
    So, while we are doing such works, collecting a second opinion is good
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    Air-conditioning units come with accessories required for the installation. In case of a window unit plywood or some other material would generally be required for blocking the openings. The expense for the material and carpentry work is borne separately. There is no requirement for copper pipes for installation purpose in a window AC. The unit is compact with everything fitted in it.

    Split ACs need copper pipes (for the gas) and plastic pipes for drainage of the water (condensation). However, these are supplied with the unit.

    I do not understand how an AC unit was sold/bought without copper pipes. Your friend might have been cheated by the store or the delivery guys. They might have removed the copper pipes from the package. Extra copper pipe would be needed only if the distance between the outside unit and inside unit is too much. Though maintaining an excess distance between the two is not recommended.

    Copper pipes, drainage pipes and stands and brackets are part of the AC unit and come sealed in the box, along with the indoor unit and outdoor unit. Dealers often provide stabilizers as part of the package.

    Let me add to your tips on buying stuff for the house:
    1. It is best to educate yourself before buying anything that you have no knowledge of - check the internet; speak to people who have the item etc.
    2. Ask the dealer on what the package will contain – fittings etc.
    3. Ask for free delivery and installation – most dealers do so willing, especially reputed names.
    4. Study the carton containing the item, especially the list of contents. Then check the actual contents when receiving the package.
    5. It is never wrong to ask questions – so ask the dealer whether you will have to buy fittings to install the item.

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    The incident narrated by the author is the real happening at many homes as people buy the things out of ignorance or out of sheer competition because others also own the same. It is imperative that we must know why should a thing must be purchased. if that is decided, then from where to purchase. There are some second hand goods selling shops in which even the branded items are also sold. For example if a family is moving to other place, they would sell the things at cheap rates and get rid of things. That way we can get the seconds at great offer. Once I purchased a ceiling fan of branded firm and it just costed me 400 rupees. If I purchase the same in the shop it is costing me more than 1200 rupees. Likewise when ever we want to purchase things, we must know the probable rate and where it can be brought at reasonable rates. For example the electric and electronic items can be purchased at cheap rates at Troop Bazar in Hyderabad.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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