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    Is it correct to write faculty or faculties with reference to multiple teachers?

    When editing I come across text in which members have written about the teaching staff. They write it in the plural as faculties. I was just wondering whether the word faculty does have this plural? I mean, can we not refer to more than one teacher as faculty only and not as faculties?

    So in terms of English, is it Ok and grammatically correct to simply write, for example:
    1: ABC school provides regular training programs for its faculty.
    2: The college has highly qualified faculty.
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    Faculty is a collective noun and can be used for both multiple teachers and single teacher. The word 'Faculty 'can be used while referring the teachers working in the same organization or university under specific category and the word 'Faculties' can be used while referring the teachers from different organizations or departments or universities.

    So, the sentence mentioned by the author can be written as

    1. ABC school provides regular training programs for its faculty.
    2. The college has highly qualified faculties.

    A school does not have various specifications while considering the teachers so the entire group of teachers working for a same school can be termed as 'faculty'. But the colleges have many departments and the qualification and designation of the teachers in each department varies. Some will work in a college as guest lecturers/professors and some will work only for that particular college or department. So while referring the entire group of teachers in a college, the word 'faculties' can be used. If a college does not have any different categories under teaching category then the sentence can be written as 'The College has highly qualified faculty'.

    Based on my understanding on the concept of collective noun, I have given my answers. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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    As far as I know the faculty stands for a department or the branch of studies in a University of higher education and the teachers representing that branch is called the faculty irrespective of the number of them taking charge.
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