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    Many people doing voluntary service ('sewa') in Golden Temple

    During my visit to the Golden Temple, I was astonished to find that innumerable number of people are doing voluntary service ('sewa') in the Temple complex. Some people are keeping shoes of the devotees. Some are serving tea, some are cooking, some people are chopping vegetables. Many devotees are cleaning huge number of utensils. Many people are serving food at 'Guru da Langar'. Earlier also I have seen many people are doing 'sewa' in various Gurdwaras. They include both Sikhs and Hindus. I have visited various temples all over India, but I have not seen so many people doing voluntary service in any other temple.

    I would like to know from other Members whether there is system of voluntary service in any other temple of India, or not. If yes, then how many people do voluntary community service in those temples.
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    Many engineering students opt to volunteer in things like these so as to get a good impression from the interviewers in campus interview. Some are purely here by heart.
    Golden temple has been offering langar from past 300 years efficiently and has never let anyone go home hungry. It is only possible because of these volunteers' toil.
    Serving man isn't serving God. Serving a fellow human is far more greater than serving God.

    As for Golden Temple's volunteering service, Temple allows almost anyone to serve food. They even allow volunteers to repair the ceiling of the sanctum. You can also approach Temple with several NGOS' help.

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    I too liked this thing that there people were not just showing off as if they are in 'sharan' of God but we're ving this in their heart. They have least ego while doing 'seen' there.
    Only one thing I didn't like at that time that everyone has to buy receipts for buying 'halwa' for offering to God. And then will get some of it in return.
    Later I come to know that they give receipt because they pay Income tax for it. So all the money they get, goes accounted, unlike other temples, God houses, business dealing God and prayers which never disclose how money come and used in what.

    Chitra Rana

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    I am interested to know whether people )devotees) do such voluntary community service in other temples of India, or not.
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    I am yet to see a temple like Golden Temple of Amritsar, Punjab. I think, it is only the Punjabis do the sewa to the public, not the others who visit the temple. I like the way the temple is maintained in a very neat and tidy manner. I like the way food prepared and served to the public without any inconvenience to anyone. I think such a sewa can be seen in Gurudwaras present in other states of India. People undertake this sewa as a punishment to self too.
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    Since you are in Delhi, you may visit the following temples in addition to all the major Gurudwaras in Delhi and you will find the devotees doing the karsewa their"-

    1. Guruji's temple near Ghitorni mines in Chattarpur
    2. Sai Mandir in Lodhi Road

    At Guruji's temple near Ghitorni mines in Chattarpur, should be around 35-40 Kms from your place, everything from the queues to the free lungar is managed by devotees. A temple worth visiting! Check out the timings before going there as it is not open in the evenings some days of the week. Also, avoid Thursdays as there is lot of rush on Thursdays and it may take you hours to have a darshan.

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    Yes, people do, almost in every city I lived, and in almost every religion but in different ways and in different names.
    I have lived for 6 years in Agra, there a big "Ramayan" is organised by big business group of the city. A grand "Ram Barat" (world famous) is organised, a person take responsibility of all the development in his area which is named as "Janakpuri" and person named as "Janak"(father of Sita ji). People do participate on grand level, they help in everything from arrangements to food for all those who are working in it. In this not only Hindus participate but Muslims also, as they take it as a city affair, not just religious.
    In Muslims, During "Tajiye", even Hindu people and Muslim people participate in distributing "Sharbat" to all people.
    I have lived Meerut(U.P) for more than five years, there during "Sawan" (Hindi calendar month), people do "Kawar yatra", and normal people make all arrangement for "Kawariyas"(People who travel a long distance by walking) food and staying arrangement.
    Other than this, in Rajasthan, there is a temple nearJodhpur named, "Sundha Mata ka Mandir", there too people can have food as much as they want and to any number of people by paying Rs. 10 as token money. And unlike Golden temple, they are open for 24 hours of the day! They also offer bedding for the people who stay there for night. No offerings are accepted there in money. Just coconut can be burn as offering, that too at a particular place only, which is in temple open campus.

    Chitra Rana

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    And I am sure there must be many more places where people are doing good, not in return of any money.
    Chitra Rana

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    Gypsy: Although I have not visited the temple at Ghittorni mines mentioned by you, I do visit Sai Temple at Lodhi Road occasionally. In fact, I met my wife there. But I have not noticed anybody doing 'Sewa' on normal days. I don't know about the days when special pooja is performed.

    Mrs. Raghav: Thanks for your informative response.

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    When I visited the Sai temple, there were devotees doing the sewa. Maybe it was a Thursday and they do the sewa on Thursdays only.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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