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    Do you have an anti-virus software installed on your computer and smartphone?

    Want to know if it is necessary to install anti-virus software on your devices? Check out the feedback in this forum thread to know the necessity if any of anti-virus software installation on laptops and smartphones.

    I would like some thoughts on the anti-virus software which most people install on computers and smartphones. I was wondering whether it is really necessary to install such software. Recently when our laptop was giving trouble, we uninstalled the Quick Heal software and found that the laptop did not give any problems. The service engineer told us that since the laptop does have Windows Defender, it is not really required to install any additional security software. He said such additional software would be necessary only if we are watching movies online regularly.

    So I was would like feedback from members if any of you are working on a desktop, laptop or smartphone without any additional anti-virus software, making do with whatever comes pre-installed.

    I have also posted a query in the AE section & members who are knowledgeable about it are requested to post their answers to it there when the question gets approved: Is it necessary to have a cooling fan within a laptop?
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    Yea it is necessary to save your smartphone and laptop from viruses. If one is using iPhone or MacBook then it's not necessary as it's already having security features. If you don't hv anti virus then please don't carry online transactions of high amount

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    Yes I have in motion the 360 anti virus total security for my computer which protects my computer from data hijack or virus. I shall regularly cleanse the entire files once in two or three days.
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    Does, anyone here know which is the best antivirus for android phone, I have CM security installed in my android and does we can have CM security and one other antivirus like AVG installed at the same time.
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    I do use avg free version on my laptop but nothing on my Android phone. However I never allow anyone else to touch, download or upload anything.
    If one's phone is shared among many people, friends and among those who have habit of clicking on every unknown link, they must have some antivirus software.

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    Recently I bought a Mobile smart phone which has installed Security anti virus application. When I downloaded a battery saver application the screen started hanging. With different ways I tried to set right the issue but unable to do it. Then with great difficulty I downloaded Avast anti virus from net into mobile. Once I run this application, immediately my hanging screen started moving. Then I realised the importance of this great Anti virus.

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    My take on the issue of installing an antivirus despite of Windows defender on a system - It depends on what antivirus one is installing. Windows defender is a basic version of antivirus and does not give total security. So, if one is replacing a basic version of an antivirus with another basic version then it is useless to install another software. On the other hand, if one is installing a better version than the basic version then it makes sense to install the other antivirus.

    Now it depends on certain factors why a system would not run properly when say Quickheal was installed on the system with Windows 10 with built in Windows defender. The most basic issue it creates it that the already installed version of any antivirus would not allow another antivirus of some other company to be installed. It will create a conflict between the two antivirus thus creating problems on the system.

    The solution is to uninstall the already installed antivirus from the system before installing a better version of a software of another company. I am not sure whether Windows defender can be uninstalled from a genuine Windows 10 or not, but it can certainly be turned off if one wants to install a different and better antivirus.

    Coming to the point of whether it is at all necessary to install an antivirus on a system, I would like to say that yes, it is absolutely necessary to have an antivirus on a system. Otherwise, one would need to get the Windows formatted every 2-3 months. I did post a similar answer few years back on ISC. Some similar & related queries:-

    Antivirus - Do you suggest free version and licensed version
    What is the cost of a computer with good configuration?

    Regarding the service engineer telling that it is not needed- It is the job of a computer mechanic to make fool of the gullible & the naive since computer mechanics have to feed their families too.

    Hope it helps!

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    Due to the multiple problems created by Windows 10, including not getting the WiFi connectivity, we put back the previous Win 8.1. We also tried turning off Windows Defender and installing the Quick Heal anti-virus software, but problems with the Asus laptop persisted even when the engineer tried it with his hard drive. Hence now we are using it with the Windows Defender only with no anti-virus software. Since the laptop has been giving us perpetual problems any way whole year through, we will likely sell it off. We may get a good price for it at least now, it being in still working condition otherwise, with no anti-virus software installed. Later, if it causes further grief, we may not get a good deal!

    Would also like to have a response from ISCians about the query posted by Babu Saroj in #584472.

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    It is totally rubbish to say that an antivirus, other than Windows defender, does not go with Windows 10 and creates problems. I have a McAfee antivirus installed on my lappy which has a genuine Windows 10 and touch wood, have not faced any problem till date.

    Moreover, " multiple problems created by Windows 10" ?! I am very much surprised to hear that, to say the least! I have been using a genuine Windows 10 & a pirated Windows 10 on my lappy & desktop respectively. Moreover, I have been using McAfee's Total security on both of them. I have not faced any issue till date on any of my systems.

    There is a possibility that the Asus laptop is a refurbished one & does not have the minimum required hardware for Windows 10. Another possibility is that the Windows is not a genuine version and is not getting the updates. Or, even if the Windows is a genuine one, then its updates might have been turned off accidentally by someone.

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    I answered that query of yours regarding installing two antivirus simultaneously on any device in my response #584795

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    I don't think I talk rubbish! Just because you don't have problems with Win 10 does not mean it is hunky-dory for everyone else. I am not stating things out of thin air, but have stated what problems we are actually having, namely that installing Quick Heal caused issues with both Win 10 and Win 8.1, that uninstalling it from Win 8.1 did help and that Win 10 has created problems ever since we switched to it from the previous OS. The laptop was not a refurbished one and has constantly hung or gone totally off ever since we put the genuine Win 10 and the updates are not turned off. We were told too Win 10 would be compatible with it.

    Anyway, as of now we are not going to put back Win 10 and are using it for basic work only. At the most we may try installing another anti-virus software, if at all we decide not to sell it.

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    When did I say that you were talking rubbish?! You were forwarding the rubbish told to you by the computer mechanic without thinking logically. When I am not facing any issue with Windows 10 with an antivirus other than the Windows Defender, then logically speaking you should also not face the problem. Now, if you are facing a problem, then it means that the issue is with the hardware.

    You just believed in the rubbish told to you by different people and forwarded it like another WhatsApp message . That is it.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    First we have to know what is virus !
    virus is a program, script or macro designed to cause damage, steal personal information, modify data, send e-mail, display messages, or some combination of these actions.

    So, to protect PC, laptop from virus we are installing Anti-virus . Antivirus monitors, detects, and cleans any computer viruses by looking for virus signatures. Antivirus doesn't offer a perfect solution to the problem of virus, but it is a critical first step to securing your PC or laptop. To help prevent viruses infecting your PC you must install antivirus, and then regularly update your antivirus software. Antiviruses suites have also URL filtering capabilities which provide secure browsing.

    Window defender is also a good antivirus but many antivirus are there in market which provide more security than window defender.

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