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    Privatization of higher Education in India.

    There is no doubt that privatization of any commodity or products enhances it and increases its productivity and scope in every sector possible.
    And with the increase in privatization of education, owner of these private educational institutions have made it like a commodity they advertise it, sell it and also marketise it but education is not a commodity.
    How do you see privtisation of education system?
    Especially in case of higher education?
    Do you support it?
    Is it correct to give future of a country in hands of buisness houses who thinks more about business than education?
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    The author is requested to correct spellings of the words 'privatisation', 'business' and 'hands' by editing her post. It is more important in threads directly discussing education.

    Regarding the core issue, there is no harm in the privatization of education in case quality education is made available at affordable cost. The TIFR, Mumbai and IISc, Bengaluru are the private academic institutions in India which are ranked higher globally.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Kailash sir thank you for the correction i have now corrected spelling mistakes in the thread.
    But sir these institutes are some exceptions which are performing well and providing quality education. But what about the mushrooming colleges in every city which totally misuse their autonomy in various sectors like conducting of examination and distribution of marks.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Neelam you are hitting at right place but when we compare public and private institute we find that private institutes are far more productive,efficient, have higher facilities and have ample scope for its students.
    Lets consider the topic point-wise, first why even privatization is required even:
    1. India's population. It is so high that it is not possible to cover all youth in government colleges.
    2. Changes in courses available. Government colleges work on old traditional courses, they have old professors who have been in academics only while private institutes they bring many professors who also have field experiences.
    3. Expensive machines, laboratory, mostly do not get upgraded in government institutes.
    4. Another heavy expenses on government's pocket. Government has to give various scholarship, have to keep lower fees structure while not having enough staff.

    So we privatized it and benefit we got are:
    1. They make true professionals with required latest skills.
    2. Campus placement, many colleges has bond with different companies due to their common business dealing or owner's professional relationship. This help students in long run.
    3. No scholarship, they ask for higher fees and also afford higher lab facilities etc. These also do not have local rules as in government they have to follow certain university rules like having a particular percent of local students only. While there is no such rule for private colleges.
    5. Room for innovations.
    6. international standards.
    7. More consumption of youth in professional courses.

    Problems privatizations causing:
    1. No particular standard followed.
    2. No minimum or maximum fee structure is decided.
    3. Lack of authentic paper work, many colleges just apply for certification and keep running their college with even getting permission for it.
    4. Many colleges do not give placement which result to more frustrated youth as lots of money gone in their education yet they may not become a earning person with help of such degree.

    What can be the possible solution:
    Defined fee structure, fixing number of seats in every college as per NAAC regulations, Annual audit and progress report, Every college will have to give a copy of certificate to the student who is going to take admission, Scholarship or reservation of one or two seat for economically backward students.

    Chitra Rana

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    For that matter education from pre school to the high education has become commercialized. Thanks to the over indulgence of locals and powerful people who does not have any knowledge about education but by being a virtue of local person known to many and having high connections in the politics, it is easy to set up a school or college without even getting the due recognition from the government before establishing such a school. I have seen the correspondent of some schools are already working as government servant and they are running the schools in the name of their wife and in Railways office presence of a employee whole day in the seat is not necessary and thus they came running to the school and see the administration after making signature of their attendance at the Railway office. Now tell me what best we can expect from such person ?
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Privatization in education:- Now a days, In education privatization also included very deeply. Privatization influences higher education very fast and now increasing its very much. Privatization is not bad any where or in any field because they provide many facilities. But at some extent, privatization is not accepted by the middle classes of the Indian society because it is so expensive. So the people belong to middle classes are not able to afford more for such kind of privatization in the society. According to the present scenario, privatization is in demand in education. Because there are some private institute or schools which provide the better level of knowledge than public sectors. They provide more practical knowledge which is the demand of the modern era, that every body wants to become skillful in particular sector chooses by him. Instead of these positive points, it have some weaknesses too. As it is more expensive and only high class people can afford it.

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    There are outstanding colleges both in the Government sector and in the private sector. Similarly, there are below average colleges both in the Government sector and in the private sector. The profile of the students and their parents has to be matched with the profile of colleges. There are many examples of children of maids and tea stall owners getting admission in IITs through the dint of their hard work.

    One cannot have both the worlds i.e. eschew hard work and at the same time get admission in the premier Government college.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Inspite of many benifits, basically commercialization and privatization of education has made the quality education far from the reach of the poor and middle class of India who have talent but they can't afford expensive education.
    Isn't this our country and government's responsiblity to ensure that every child of nation gets quality education no matter what background he/she belongs to?

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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