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    Why ATM's are becoming more crowded than before?

    Last few days in most of the places in AP & TS at ATM's where money has kept are becoming more crowded than before. Most of the ATM's 90 percent are closed. As the time by passing (33days) is not easing as told by government. I think government is wanting to reduce circulation of currency so that more people can turn to digital transactions. Yesterday our PM is talking that if we turn to digital currency all problems of currency will be over and he asked other parties to propagate the matter.Similarly Mr.Jaitley also talked in the same way few days back. This clearly indicating it is not the replacement of new currency notes which eases the situation after 50 days but it is turning ourselves to the digital money. What do you think folks?
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    The fact is that the government which decided to go for cash less regime seems not interested to re caliber the ATM's to accommodate new currencies of 500 and 1000 and below denominations in future and the cost of such calibrations is going to be high and have lasting effect on banking expenses. Thus the government is slowly putting the cash less transactions in the mind of people and even volunteers are recruited to give training and awareness program to the general and rural public on cash less transactions and how safe and easy it would be. So ATM's will be in fact closed in near future.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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